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Acquisition of the Vanguard VSP-16 Tablet press with B-tooling

Littleton, MA, May 14, 2014 -NAT complemented its solid dose formulation lab with an acquisition of the Vanguard VSP-16 Tablet press with B-tooling. It will allow producing round and irregular-shaped tablets (up to 22 mm in diameter) from various types of granular material and enabling both pilot and batching production compliant with the highest quality standards up to 30,000 tablets/hour. The press is operated via touch-screen control panel and permits measuring the ejection force as well as data parameters batch printing.

NAT Has Presented at the Nanomedicines Alliance Industry Symposium 

Rockville, Maryland, March 6-7, 2013 - "Nanomedicines: Charting a Roadmap to Commercialization" symposium has addressed topics related to desigining nanomedicines, preclinical pharmacology, chemistry, manufacturing & controls, toxicology/ADME, and clinical studies through podium presentations, breakouts sessions and poster sessions. The scope of Nanomedicines Alliance includes nanomaterials and nanotechnologies involved in the discovery, research, development, testing, manufacturing, marketing and disposal of pharmaceuticals, biologics and medical devices, including imaging and diagnostics.

NAT Presented New Research Data

Boston, MA, November 5, 2012 - Dr. Tian Hao from NAT team delivered a presentation entitled “The Myth of Powder Flowability” at the recent Massachusetts Biotech Council Formulation and Drug Delivery Committee meeting “Solid Dose Formulation Challenges”, November 1, 2012. He shared the latest experimental results achieved in improving power flow properties for the clients tablet formulations via application of the weak external electric field to the vibration feeder. The results that will be published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences can be extended to a wide range of applications in solid dose formulations and allow for a time and cost project savings.

Neo-Advent Technologies Offers New Service

Littleton, MA, September 26, 2012 - NAT extended a range of services to coated tablets and capsules by installing a bench-top pan coater Vector Hi Coater, model HCT-30 with a 12" diameter perforated stainless steel pan that allows processing the batches of up to 4 pounds of material. It complements existing company’s capabilities in capsule coating by dipping techniques that have been so far offered based on the Torpac assembly and supported a wide range of clients’ preclinical studies in rodents and dogs.

Neo-Advent Technologies Opens BioPharma&Chemical Materials Storage Suite

Littleton, MA, February 12, 2012 - Neo-Advent Technologies opens a Material Storage Suite that offers a cost-saving opportunity for the client’s reagents, raw materials, chemical intermediates and non-GMP lots of the preclinical drug candidates including an ambient (15-30oC) and low temperature (4oC) controlled storage, as well as -80oC freezers. Complementary to the standard storage services, the facility is uniquely integrated with a chemistry and analytical lab. Per clients requirement and schedule, the materials can be repacked, (re)labeled, sampled/analyzed, supported by designing and issuing a certificate of the analysis (COA) and shipped to the designated third parties. In-house analytical options include but not limited to residual moisture (Karl Fisher), FT-IR, metal analysis by AA, particle size analysis, thermal analysis (TGA, DSC), HPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS and head space analysis, optical microscopy, and ICH stability studies.

Neo-Advent Exhibits at MassBIO 2012 Drug Development Symposium

Boston, MA, January 19, 2012 - Neo-Advent Technologies will exhibit at the “Accelerated Drug Development Symposium” organized by the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council CRO CMO Committee, to be held on March 6, 2012 at LaCava Conference Center, Bentley University.

The goal of the symposium is to allow attendees to evaluate the best alternatives that have evolved in shortening time to market. A series of case studies, interactive panel discussions, and networking sessions will explore the various techniques and approaches being used by both virtual and established companies. The program includes case studies by start-ups early stage and large pharmaceutical companies doing breakthrough work in discovery, development, and manufacturing that are utilizing the valuable external resources provided by local CRO/CMO firms. An exhibition area will facilitate direct contact with companies providing a variety of services, from research to commercial manufacturing.

NAT Launches Micronization XPRESS

Littleton, MA, December 12, 2011 - NAT launches the Micronization XPRESS, an accelerated development program to rapidly micronize the client’s API for enhanced solubility and bioavailability. Significant number of the drug development candidates display low solubility and bioavailability and thus present significant challenges in achieving desired therapeutic effects. Micronization allows for a dramatic increase of the API’s surface area and may lead to substantial improvements in pharmacological properties. The streamlined Micronization XPRESS program offered by NAT aims to quickly provide testing sample formulations for subsequent validation in the clients’ in vivo studies using small (1-5 g) quantities of the API that is often in short supply at the early stages of the preclinical development. Based on our extensive experience in the wet and dry milling, we developed a panel of highly effective approaches leading to a quick optimization of the milling conditions to low-micron or often sub-micron sized particles. The program is supported by a short-term stability study to confirm integrity of the API using HPLC or other methods provided by a client, or additionally helps to develop these methods. Critical features of our pioneering Micronization XPRESS program:

• Unparalleled speed with a 7-day completion time

• Delivery of a ready-for-testing formulation for in vivo studies

• Small amount of the API required for the full study

• API stability control

Press Releases/Archive