5 Ways to Optimize Your CQL Queries

You’ve finalized the development of your twitter-killer app. You heard of NoSQL databases and decided to use ScyllaDB for its sub-millisecond writes and high availability. The app looks also great! But then, you get an email from your colleague telling you there are issues with the load tests. ScyllaDB Monitoring Dashboard: CQL The above screenshot … Read more

Model Quantization for Edge AI

Deep learning is witnessing a growing history of success. However, the large/heavy models that must be run on a high-performance computing system are far from optimal. Artificial intelligence is already widely used in business applications. The computational demands of AI inference and training are increasing. As a result, a relatively new class of deep learning … Read more

Programming Habits a Web Developer Should Embrace

Technology evolves. And programmers who don’t grow professionally get left behind. Naturally, they must have the hard technical skills required of a programmer, such as the languages ​​involved. But having a firm grasp of data structures and algorithms and web development is just the minimum. Standing out from the competition takes a lot more, including … Read more

Build Data Pipeline on AWS With Kafka and More

There are many ways to stitch data pipelines: open source components, managed services, ETL tools, etc. In the Kafka world, Kafka Connect is the tool of choice for “streaming data between Apache Kafka and other systems.“ It has an extensive set of pre-built source and sink connectors as well as a common framework for Kafka … Read more

How policy-as-code can simplify API security

Most organizations today use hundreds of applications in their environment, and with that they employ hundreds of APIs to connect these to the necessary web servers. Due to the flow of sensitive information, it’s crucial to manage policies that ensure controls are in place to only authorize appropriate access, as well as actions that can … Read more