10 Best Instagram Story Viewers [Anonymous And Free]

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the favorite social media platforms for people worldwide. It works as an online photo and video sharing app and has been growing in popularity ever since it was launched.

instagram story viewers Storiesdown

One of the chief features of Instagram is allowing users to share photos, videos, posts, etc. as stories that stay for 24 hours. Now, if you want to view another user’s stories without letting them know, there are several tools like StoriesDown out there to help you out. In this article, we’ll give you some of the best Instagram story viewers that will leave you with a satisfying and positive experience.

Top 10 Instagram Story Viewers (Anonymous And Free)

Given below are the best apps and web services for anonymously viewing Instagram stories. Check them out:

  1. Qoob Stories
  2. StoriesDown
  3. Instalkr
  4. IGStories
  5. InstaDP
  6. mSpy
  7. Dumpor
  8. Infact
  9. InstaStories
  10. Hoverwatch
qoob stories insta story viewer

Qoob stories are quite phenomenal when it comes to picking a tool for Instagram story viewing. Besides being a mass social media downloader, it also allows you to download anything you want to from Instagram. You can also automate the process of saving Instagram stories. All you need to do is add any username and you can anonymously watch any account’s stories. You can either get Qoobstory’s free starter plan or its other paid plans.

storiesdown to view instagram stories anonymously

This is a tool that allows you to view Instagram profiles without having to log into your Instagram account. Hence, it is ensured that the account owner won’t know if you have viewed their stories. Besides serving an easy-to-use interface, it lets you do a lot more than simply watch Instagram stories.

You can access all information a person has shared on their public profile simply by entering the username of the profile you wish to access. Moreover, you can download photos and videos in original quality.

instalkr instagram story viewing app

This app allows you to access anybody’s public account even if you don’t have an Instagram account of your own. Yes, this is a rare feature that you won’t find in many Instagram story viewers. With this kind of app, you can go through other people’s stories without them noticing. In fact, you can also pick a profile and watch its deleted stories.

instagram story viewer igstories

IGStories is included as a part of the social media marketing tool known as upleaf. This is a great tool that can focus on anonymous story viewing. All you need to do is paste any Instagram account and you will be able to view the stories of the accounts you need to watch. Moreover, you can also watch and download the content in high quality. And the downloaded content can be shared across all other social media platforms.

view insta stories with instadp

This is yet another free platform that allows you to view Ig stories and public posts anonymously. It does need you to provide a username and give you access to a public account by that name. It is a web-based service with a user-friendly UI that also allows you to download reels, videos, etc. with a click. Moreover, it is very easy to use, works fast, and comes for free. However, we would suggest you use it for only research or marketing. Misusing people’s content and stalking profiles can get you in trouble and will be deemed as cybercrime.

mspy parental phone tracking app

mSpy is more of a parental control app that is used to keep a tab on their children’s Instagram profiles. It is downloaded to the kid’s phone and then, all of their Instagram conversations, shared links, etc. can be tracked and viewed by the parent. There is no app icon for this app placed in the phone and is invisible on the child’s phone. Other functions include providing access to browser history, Skype, Snapchat, and so on.

dumpor insta story viewer

Dumpor opens with a text box that requires you to type in the username and then, it works to give you access to that Instagram account. You can anonymously view stories and download content from that profile.

It has a neat and organized interface and is quite easy to use as well. Besides allowing you to watch Instagram stories anonymously, it also allows you to analyze the account in terms of likes, comments, and follower count. So, it can be used for social media strategizing and marketing purposes.

inflect for instagram story viewing

Ingramer is one of the most effective tools when it comes to viewing Instagram stories. It allows you to download content from Instagram easily and also enables reusing the stories. So, you can use all the information of other Instagram accounts, especially your market competitors to know who their clients and influencers are.

You can use this app to build a strong customer and follower base on Instagram. It gives you features like AI-generated hashtags to ensure high interaction with your viewers. In addition to all that, it also allows you to download photos and videos from Instagram along with post-making and messaging features.

Instories to view stories anonymously

Instastories allow you to watch stories posted via public Instagram accounts, and all you need to feed it is a username. It comes with a simple interface but is good at what it does. Besides, it offers you easy access and allows you to use its features without having to register. You also don’t need an account to use it.

Moreover, you can also add and view stories, photos, highlights, videos, etc. without working too hard on them. All the content you get on this app is of high quality. However, the functionality and user interface can be quite challenging and cumbersome to some users.

hoverwatch social media monitoring app

This is yet another go-to mobile tracking application that can track social media apps like Instagram, chats, SMS, and calls. It is well credited for being an excellent SMS and call tracker but comes in handy as well if you want to watch someone’s Instagram stories anonymously and their chats too. Other than that, it allows you to track the target device’s browser history, GPS location, WiFi, etc. Needless to say, this app needs to be downloaded on the target phone and remains hidden there.

Note: We would recommend you to use this app only to monitor your children’s activities online and not for stalking or spying on someone. Gaining access to someone’s chats and other digital information is illegal and will get you in much trouble.

Final Thoughts

The above article summarizes all the top Instagram story viewers currently available in the market and various other insights about the same. There could be many reasons why you want to check out an Instagram account’s stories anonymously. Perhaps, you want to understand some influencers’ reach or maybe, supervise your child’s online activities. We hope the above list has helped you find the right Instagram story viewer that fits your requirements.


How does Instagram rank story viewers?

Instagram ranks your story viewers based on its algorithm. The algorithm collects your activity and interaction data to decide the profiles you are close to and based on that it

Can someone tell if I stalk their Instagram?

Instagram users cannot tell if you are stalking their profiles unless you like their posts by mistake. Also, they’ll be able to understand that you are stalking them if you view their stories regularly.

Can you tell if someone screenshots your Instagram story?

No, Instagram doesn’t have any in-built feature to notify account owners if you screenshot their stories or posts. But, if take a screenshot of any disappearing photo or video from the chats, Instagram does inform them of the same.

Can people see how many times you viewed their Instagram story?

No, Instagram users currently don’t have any option to see how many times someone has viewed their Instagram story. However, Instagram does show you the total number of views of a particular story. And if it is more than the actual number of viewers, then you’ll know that someone has viewed your story more than once.

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