10 Best Online Free Flowchart Software (2022)

Imagine factory workers working without a proper picture of what machines they are supposed to build. That situation is stressful, risky, and dangerous, the workers don’t have a proper process of guiding them on how to carry about with their work or it might lead to a lot of confusion and some fatal errors.

10 Best Online Free Flowchart Software Of 2021

To avoid this problem in today’s world, flow chart software is an application that has been built to ease confusion and have a clear picture of a process. We made a list of the ten best free flowchart software that a company will need for several reasons. Thank us later!

Flowcharts are useful management tools because they may be used to communicate ideas, spark thoughts, organize your activity or information flow, or map a product from ideation to deployment.

A flowchart is a graphical representation that shows how a procedure works or a step-by-step procedure for accomplishing a project.

The flowchart depicts the processes as different kinds of boxes, with arrows linking the boxes in a logical order. A solution model for a specific issue is depicted in this graphical model. Flowcharts can be used in a variety of industries to analyze, create, record, and manage an operation or program.

Features of a flowchart software

Flowchart software gives you a complete picture of the project you are working with. The features provided by the software enable the user to map out and isolate each activity. This is done by processing, analyzing, and formating the flowchart without having to change the entire flowchart. Below are some features of flowchart software:

The shapes bound to be used by the user are uploaded in a sheet in an editor format. The editor form allows the user to format shape styles, text font, size, etc. On applying the required formats to the flowchart, the editor then resizes all shapes according to the editing done by the user.

Time is saved as a user can enter data without the need to manually capitalize the first letter of each sentence, as sentence capitalization is a feature that is automatically added to the flowchart.

This feature lets the user pre-design the flowchart information on a spreadsheet before converting it to a flowchart. The flowchart wizard allows the user to apply designs to the flowchart by formatting the shapes, applying styles, inserting automated route connectors, and allowing the user to insert links.

A good flowcharting tool can help you not just to visualize, but also analyze and improve. Editable flowchart designs are the ideal tool for helping your team understand and explain procedures within your company, as well as identifying and eliminating inefficiencies and needless stages. The user can capture even the most complex processes in minutes using a comprehensive set of features and straightforward diagramming tools.

Using real-time collaboration, keep your team involved while you develop and amend your flowchart online. Even if operating in the same place isn’t possible, you can collaborate on the same sheet with others at the same time.

Advantages of a flowchart software

The motive of flowchart software is to provide users with a platform with a common language when creating a process. Creating a flowchart in flowchart software makes a process easier to describe and plot without the use of technical words. Here are a few benefits of using flowchart software for any sort of project:

  • Debugging is simple, and testing is quick.

To debug the flowchart, most flowchart applications have a debugger. We can inspect the flowchart, set thresholds to discover mistakes, and examine the flowchart’s parameters.

Using flowcharts to construct diagrams might assist you in graphically identifying difficulties. A flowchart of a procedure can reveal operational constraints and possibilities for optimization. You might learn, for example, that some employees can report to several managers by analyzing your organizational chart. As a result, you might restructure your company to promote responsibility. 

Consequently, developers might find irrational patterns that cause inefficiency and problems by graphically analyzing their work. On detecting a possible problem, developers can determine when they need to make changes in their coding.

The user will often gain a better understanding of the situation and its probable remedies by making a graphic depiction of it. Encouraging participation also allows other parties to input into the diagram, allowing the user to gain a more complete picture of the situation. The user also has the opportunity to brainstorm solutions.

Flowcharts can assist the user by ensuring that they have included all relevant information. The user will be able to see if they have overlooked any crucial operations.

  • Efficient and effective communication

When designing, and evaluating flowcharts, collaboration is automatically encouraged. Many programs have comprehensive commenting and note-taking tools that enable user interaction without switching displays.

The diagrams themselves can facilitate the interaction of processes and workflows, particularly when a production line is being modified. Enhancing communication amongst personnel is done as they format flowcharts.

For eg: Home Builders, can use a flowchart to set up the whole diagram of how the building is a diagram. When programmers see their workflow in a visual style, they can simply follow in on it.

Many facts about the company’s internal operations and structures can be found in written papers. People, on the other hand, rarely have the time to study and interpret lengthy documentation and work procedures. Flowcharts can help people understand things that are otherwise difficult to comprehend.

The user may not only swiftly construct visual representations of complex systems with the correct flowchart tool, but you can also link numerous diagrams together. As a result, people may readily investigate and comprehend different processes, as well as their interactions and sequences.

Flowcharts’ visual clarity, of course, makes it a lot easier for anyone to explore complex, interconnected systems. People can quickly locate locations of interest without having to comb through reams of documentation.

Applications of a flowchart software

A flowchart software is flexible and can be applied in any field of interest due to its easy way of being used. As technology is evolving, so is the flowchart software, this evolution helps the software adapt to it being applied in different industries. Given below is a list of industries where the flowchart software is used:


  • Curriculum and academic responsibilities should be planned.
  • Make a lesson plan or give a public presentation.
  • Organize a project for a group or an individual.
  • Demonstrate a legal or civil procedure, such as voter registration and plan and organize creative work, such as poetry or songs.
  • Indicate the flow of algorithms.
  • Recognize a scientific process.
  • Draw a diagram of an anatomical process like digestion.
  • Diseases/disorders should be mapped out in terms of symptoms and treatment.


  • Recognize the ordering and acquisition procedures.
  • Represent the tasks or normal routine of an employee.
  • Recognize the paths taken by people on a website or in a business.
  • Create a business plan or a strategy for bringing your product to market.
  • In preparation for an assessment, record a procedure, emphasizing regulatory compliance.
  • In anticipation of a transaction or amalgamation, document a procedure.

Sales and marketing

  • Draw a diagram showing a survey’s flow.
  • Make a sales strategy.
  • Make a research strategy.
  • Show how the registration process works.
  • Equitably distribute communication guidelines.


  • Indicate an item’s physiochemical composition.
  • Show the entire manufacturing process from start to finish.
  • In a production or acquisition system, find and fix bottlenecks.

How does flowchart software work?

  • The phases or concepts of the procedure you want to visualize in the flowchart should be brainstormed and written down, the initial phase will necessitate conversation and consent on the topic’s sequence and stages.
  • Place the very first notion in a circle once the processes and flow of information are complete.
  • Begin linking the very first step to the subsequent stages using arrows pointing in the flow direction and make a rectangle for each of the steps that follow.
  • Write the query in a diamond with labeled arrows pointing in different directions to distinguish pathways if your system has one.
  • End each route with a statement or summary in a circle for an incredibly simple flowchart.
  • Analyze the flowchart by going down each path and making sure there are start and end locations.
  • The flowchart can be utilized to walk team members through a process, evaluate possible difficulties in the workflow, and obtain a fuller insight into it. 
  • Before placing the procedure into a software program, rethink it. Questions that elicit information from the user about what could happen next must always be asked. 
  • Start by sketching the extended circle and labeling it “Start” if everyone has agreed on the critical parts and movement of the chart. 
  • Follow through the entire procedure, sketching the proper shapes and captions in the sequence they appear. 
  • Connect the components with arrows, and draw arrows to a judgment diamond for each potential result, adding in the specifics of the possibilities as you get further. 
  • Connect the components with arrows, and draw arrows to a judgment diamond for each potential result, adding in the specifics of the possibilities as you get further. 
  • Create an extended circle after the flow chart and title it “Finish.”

The final stage in using a workflow chart is to put it to the test. Examine it for duplication procedures, areas for development, and to guarantee that individuals are doing the work that perfectly serves their capabilities.

How to select the right flowchart software?

Flowchart software is an effective means of simplifying an entire process by displaying detailed steps. Among the list of flowchart software, the user must look out for the perfect fit.

Flow charts can be confusing and misleading if they aren’t arranged properly. The main target to look for is ease of use. You would want to consider the following factors before selecting the right flowchart software:

The user should look out for flowchart software that consumes less time which is time-saving. The user’s flowcharts should be created as he types and it should have the feature of assigning certain keywords that bring up specific symbols. In this way, the user can save time by not drawing out the entire flowchart manually.

The flowchart software must be able to have a wider reach in a single canvas and allow the user to perform some formats on their symbol of choice.

  • Flowcharting is several a pleasant atmosphere

The flowchart software must be user-friendly. Or in other words, the software must have an environment in which the flowcharts created can allow users to have a clear picture. Frag and drop steps must be eliminated. The flexible tool to generate a flowchart by copying a process from a Word Document should be available.

  • The majority of the flowcharting stages should be automated.

Flowcharting is simple when most processes are automated simply by inserting specific keywords. This makes the whole process more efficient and effective.

  • Remodeling a flowchart is simple.

A user should be able to edit certain points in a flowchart without having to change the entire flowchart. Small events like creating rows and columns, shifting symbols with arrow keys, toggling between shapes using tab keys must be prevailing in the software.

This is a list of the simplified steps:

  • Conditions to be met- Comprehend, evaluate, and schedule the conditions that have to be met according to the flowchart you designing.
  • Shortlist the software- Based on product features, pricing, reviews, and experience, the user can shortlist his software choices.
  • Select the software- The user can now select software that matches his requirements according to the industry that is being worked with.

Top 10 Best Free Flowchart Software

Flowchart software makes it straightforward to generate visual representations of the design and development of workflows, technical schematics, organizational charts, etc.

The finest platforms include a large library of flowchart themes along with the capacity to utilize numerous document kinds and technology that makes it simple to create and distribute excellent demonstrations with people 24x7x365 anytime. 

Let us look at the list of free flowchart software for both windows and mac.

Best free flowchart software (free) download for windows 10


Gliffy flowchart maker software(free) is a drag-and-drop flowchart builder that allows the user to quickly create and share their flowchart ideas. Designs and themes are available for quick start-ups, and the option to save and track changes ensures you never lose crucial information.

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  • This tool includes guidelines for creating a precise flowchart and graphics.
  • It enables users to alter the color of the canvas in the zone where you create graphics.
  • Dia can be launched from a USB stick.
  • It enables you to introduce additional drawing shapes that you can quickly acquire from Dia.


Available for free. Visit the Dia website for more download information.is

yEd Graph Editor

Yed is a powerful flowchart program that allows users to create professional-looking diagrams. One could use this technique to create diagrams by hand or by importing data from another source.

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  • It includes a user interface that allows you to arrange enormous data sets with just one mouse click.
  • It has a large number of layouts to help you visualize your designs.
  • Using an intuitive user interface, Yed Graph Editor allows you to construct flowcharts.
  • Content from an Excel worksheet can be imported.
  • It automatically organizes the pieces in your flowchart.
  • It can be saved in PNG, PDF, SWF, SVG, and other file formats.

PRICING POLICY: Available for free. Visit the yEd Graph Editor website for more download information.


Think Composer is a free flowchart software used to create deep graphical documents, flexible and multi-level designs, flowcharts, and mind maps.

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  • Using strong connections, link concepts.
  • At several levels, compose thoughts within ideas.
  • Visual components should be customized to suit your company.
  • Definitions/types can be used to generate ideas, allowing for reuse.
  • Display or hide pertinent information.
  • Broadens thoughts by providing knowledge.

PRICING POLICY: Available for free. Visit the ThinkComposer website for more download information.

Pencil Project

Pencil Project is an open and free graphical user interface modeling application that allows you to install and utilize practice tests on a variety of desktop operating systems.


  • The pencil tool comes with a variety of built-in forms that can be used to create many aspects of user interfaces.
  • Flowcharts and graphs, for example, can be connected to a specific page inside the same text.
  • This flowchart application comes with several constructed Shape Collections.
  • It enables you to export the drawing file in a range of formats.
  • It aids in the discovery of clipart for your task.

PRICING POLICY: Available for free. Visit the Pencil Project website for more download information.


For word processing, worksheets, slideshows, and even graphic diagrams, LibreOffice is undoubtedly the greatest free program to Microsoft Office. You can quickly add shapes, characters, lines, links, and more using LibreOffice. It is quite adaptable.

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  • It shows an all-in-one graphic design program.
  • It is spreadsheet software that roughly corresponds to Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.
  • There are hundreds of add-on tools to meet almost every corporate demand.
  • It provides presentation software that allows you to make slideshows.
  • A formula editor for creating complex formulas.
  • A stand-alone program for creating and editing visualizations.

PRICING POLICY: Available for free. Visit the LibreOffice website for more download information.


PlantUML is an open-source program that allows users to generate UML diagrams using just text.



  • With PlantUML’s scripting language, the user can define objects and connections.
  • Several diagram kinds are supported, including series, use case, class, and others.
  • Diagrams can be saved as PNG, or LaTeX files.

PRICING POLICY: Available for free. Visit the PlantUML website for more download information.

Diagram Designer 

Diagram designer is flowchart software used to create flowcharts, UML class diagrams, slide displays, and drawings using simple vector images.

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  • Template object palette that can be customized
  • The compact file format is used to reduce the size of the drawing file.
  • Images in EMF, GIF, and PCX formats can be imported and exported.
  • To visualize mathematical equations, use a graph data plotter.
  • Equation solver and sophisticated “pocket” calculator.

PRICING POLICY: Available for free. Visit the Diagram Designer website for more download information.


MyDraw is a powerful diagramming program that allows users to easily construct a variety of diagrams, such as flowcharts, organizational charts, and mind maps.



  • An internet connection is not mandatory to use this program.
  • It has been shaped for a variety of diagrammatic applications.
  • It can be used in a variety of languages as it is Multilingual.
  • There are almost a hundred templates available with this program.
  • Work can be saved in a variety of file formats, including PDF, PNG, and BMP.


Available for free.

MyDraw’s pricing range starts from $69.40. Visit the MyDraw website for current pricing details.


Draw.io is a website that allows you to create flow charts, and ER diagrams, among other things. It is free and open-source. The tool comes with a large library of forms. It may be used on both computers and mobile devices. It works with all web browsers.


  • This was one of the greatest flow chart creators, with a large collection of forms.
  • Flowcharts and other diagrams can be created and edited by users.
  • This software comes with a large number of layouts.
  • For safety reasons, it does not save the database server.
  • This software can be used to create many sorts of flowcharts both online and offline.


Available for free. Visit the Draw.io website for more download information.

Lucid Chart

LucidChart is a Mac-based online diagramming tool. It is used to create both modest and sophisticated flowcharts. It works on every platform and any internet browser. It has awesome properties for collaboration, such as group conversations and feedback.

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  • Collaborates with your team on a variety of devices and platforms.
  • It makes it easy to integrate real-time data into your flowchart or upload the data to automatically generate organization charts.
  • This charting software allows you to improve encryption and administer user profiles more effectively.
  • It’s compatible with Microsoft Office, and other programs.


Available for free.

LucidChart’s pricing range starts from $95.40. Visit the Lucidchart website for current pricing details.

Best free flowchart software(free download) mac


Creately is a SaaS visual interaction tool featuring modeling and design features that is available for free.


  • It’s simple to sketch.
  • Linkers and Smart Shapes
  • Anyone can cooperate with you.
  • Thousands of templates are available online, on a PC, or on a network.


Available for free. Visit the Creately website for more download information.


Diagrams.net is a platform for graph creation that is free and open source. Its user interface is used to generate flowcharts, schematic designs, and UML diagrams.


  • Importing and converting diagrams and files.
  • The Bring Forward and Send Backward buttons allow the user to move shapes and connectors forward as well as backward in the z-order hierarchy.
  • The marked shapes can be grouped, selected, hidden, or displayed by the user.
  • To link connectors, the compact waypoint shape was devised.


Available for free. Visit the Diagrams.net website for more information.


miMind is a strong mind mapping application for creating and sharing ideas and activities like program development and brainstorming.

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  • It has a user interface that is simple, adaptable, and intelligent.
  • Jpeg/jpg, png, pdf, text, and XML files can all be exported.
  • There are no adverts, no sign-up is necessary, and it is free.
  • It contains various layout methods, like multi-level, logical, hierarchical structures.


Available for free. Visit the miMind website for more information.


ClickCharts is excellent software for presenting data and information clearly and concisely. Users can make the best flowchart with the themes, icons, and inventive tools.

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  • Collaboration Tools for Brainstorming and Charting
  • Templates that can be modified
  • Import/Export and visualization of data
  • Drag-and-drop document embedding s
  • Modeling and Designing of Processes


Available for free. Visit the ClickCharts website for more information.


SmartDraw is a free program that allows you to create and organize flowcharts, mind maps, project charts, and other business diagrams. It is one of the most popular flow chart creators, which is used by organizations and businesses to record operations, and projects.

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  • The user may quickly generate flowcharts for your software by using pre-constructed extensions.
  • SmartDraw is more user-friendly than the default design tools in G Suite and Microsoft Office.
  • It has tens of thousands of layouts and characters to choose from.
  • REST (Representational state transfer) API can be used to link SmartDraw.
  • The user may use the software to make flowcharts and graphical representations.


Available for free.

SmartDraw’s pricing range starts from $1. Visit the SmartDraw website for current pricing details.


Visme is a visual storytelling platform that allows you to share strong visual stories through infographics, flowcharts, graphs, and other visual information.

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  • Representation of data
  • Templates for projects
  • Templates for documents
  • Mode for use when you’re not connected to the internet
  • Drag and drop capabilities
  • Confidentiality and security


Available for free. 

Visme’s pricing range starts from $14. Visit the Visme website for current pricing details. 

Sensus Process Modeler 

Sensus Process Modeler is a simple flowchart program for Mac that emphasizes a polished experience for users. Users can easily drag and drop files of their preferred shape onto the canvas from the menu on the left.

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  • The software handles and visualizes the different inter-process interactions automatically. 
  • Checks for homogeneous process structures on a large scale.
  • The user can convert to PDF after exporting procedures. A standard report is also generated. 
  • MS Word can be used to export an organization program utilizing a complete manual or just one specific process. 


Available for free. Visit the Sensus Process Modeler website for more information.

Edraw Max

Edraw Max is a flowchart desktop program for Mac OS X that comes with a large library of symbols.

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  • The user can design a flowchart, a blueprint, electrical layouts, and schematics, among other things.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that is identical to Microsoft Word.
  • Edraw Max allows you to share creations with others at any time and from any location.
  • This program incorporates 280+ of the most recent schematic and graphic alternatives.


Available for free.

Edraw Max’s pricing range starts from $99. Visit the Edraw website for current pricing details.


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  • This free flowchart program aids in the creation of flowcharts, which make complex operations simple to comprehend.
  • Flowcharts can be directly added to Jira tickets and Confluence documentation as linking with Jira and Confluence is quick and easy.
  • Gliffy’s flowchart creator makes it simple to produce high-quality drawings.
  • Other people can see your flowchart.


Available for free.

Gliffy’s pricing range starts from $8. Visit the Gliffy website for current pricing details.


OmniGraffle is a Mac-only desktop diagramming software that may be used to create diagrams and flowcharts.

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  • Layers and Objects are available on the Artboard as it is a useful tool.
  • Text and lines can be converted to shapes.
  • The user can make interactive prototypes by assigning Actions to objects.
  • Writing is made easier, by displaying object IDs in the sidebar.
  • It supports AppleScript.


Available for free.

OmniGraffle’s pricing range starts from $99. Visit the OmniGraffle website for current pricing details.


A good flowchart builder may make the whole process of creating workflows simple. Given the enormous number of flow chart producers competing for your focus, choosing the perfect software can be daunting as a result, a study on the top ten software for Windows and Mac has been performed and suggestions have been made.

Have a look at the list of recommended software above to understand and have a clear picture of the application that would be suitable for your project.

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