10 Best Solutions For Samsung TV Black Screen Of Death Error

The Samsung TV Black Screen of Death is one of the most annoying issues you can come across. You expect your TV set to provide impeccable performance and stunning graphics. Suddenly, it is an entirely black screen. The sound is still audible, but there’s no visual. It almost feels like a hardware problem, but there can be many reasons for this.

Before you contact support, let’s try to diagnose the problem. There are enough fixes available here for you to get rid of this issue. Whether it is a loose cable, input source, or something else, you will know what to do.

So, if your Samsung TV is giving you a black screen, it is time for you to fix it. Let’s do it ourselves with this guide:

Samsung Smart TV Black Screen Of Death Error

What Causes Samsung TV Black Screen Of Death?

There can be many reasons for you to see the black screen. It could be a loose input cable. Maybe there was a software error in the android TV or something along the lines. If you can still hear the sound, don’t discard the problem as a hardware failure. There might still be some hope. The issue could be:

  • There could be a power save mode active on your TV. If you set sleep time, or something similar, that could happen. Some of the latest TVs come with a feature to shut down the display while you receive sound input.
  • Maybe the HDMI port of the TV isn’t connected to the input device correctly. The input device can be a set-top box, PC, or anything. So, you might have to check there.
  • Make sure that the power supply to the input device is intact. It could be that you switched on the TV but forgot about the input device power supply. For instance, the DVD player or set-top box does not get power.
  • There could be a problem at the end of the source device. If you’re using the Android Samsung TV, it could be an app issue. Your internet could be posing a communication issue. There could also be a problem with the set-top or cable box not providing the input.
  • If you have a Samsung TV connected to a PC or laptop, make sure the correct display screen is set. Make sure that your Samsung TV also has the right settings for any device that you’re using with it.
  • Outdated TV firmware is also one of the leading issues for the problem. You could go ahead and check for the updates or contact support in this case.

You will diagnose and solve various problems below. But if none of the solutions work, you could mark it as a hardware problem. There could be a damaged component in the motherboard or the display of your Samsung TV. In that case, you will have to take it for repairs. But before that, let’s get down to business.

Solutions For Samsung TV Black Screen Of Death Fix 

  1. Check The Cable Connection And Use Signal Information
  2. Use A Stabiliser Like UPS For Power
  3. Check The Input Source
  4. Set The Correct Input Device
  5. Check The Energy Saving Mode
  6. Disable The Sleep Time Settings
  7. Picture And Backlight Settings
  8. Check For The Smart TV Firmware Updates
  9. Try The Factory Reset
  10. Check The Store Or Demo Mode 

Solutions For Samsung TV Black Screen Of Death

1. Check The Cable Connection And Use Signal Information

Samsung cables lose connection

There are plenty of cable connections that support your Samsung TV. You have the power cord, the input cable, and the other ones like DVR cables. So, it would be ideal for checking each cable:

  • Check for any damage to the cables. See if they are working correctly.
  • Sometimes, the port or the lead on the cable gets damaged or loose. Make sure that it is not the case with your cables.
  • It is a good idea to unplug all the cables, wipe off or blow off the dust and reconnect them. Make sure to connect the cable to avoid any loose wires firmly.
  • Check if you are using the rightfully attached cables. Don’t forget to check it from the input’s end, either. In other words, check your Set-top box, DVR, cable receiver, and such.
  • Don’t forget to check the power cable and plug in the socket.

Once you finish up the above-given checklist, turn on the TV and follow these steps:

  • Once the Samsung TV Loads, go to the Settings. Find the ‘Support’ option in the list.
  • Navigate to the Device Care and select the ‘Self Diagnosis’ option.
  • There will be a ‘Signal Information’ option. Click on it, and it will help you check the strength of the signal.

This will help you see if any cables aren’t working correctly.

2. Use A Stabiliser Like UPS For Power

Samsung TV display screen app

Fluctuating power supply is the leading cause of many hardware problems. It can cause your Samsung TV to heat up or the display to malfunction. As a result, you can end up with a black screen of death. Excessively unstable voltage supplies lead to many other similar problems.

Try to use a UPS to provide a balanced supply to your TV. A UPS or Stabiliser helps in maintaining the power flow. Thus, you reduce the chances of ups and down in the power supplies and keep the connection stable.

3. Check The Input Source

Amazon Fire TV Stick

An input source is a device you use to watch something on your Samsung TV. Some examples of an Input Sources are Set-Top Box, Roku TV, Amazon Fire Stick, etc.

Why is this important? Because the problem could be at your input source’s end and not in the TV. Go ahead and check the connectivity to the input device. Make sure that it hasn’t sustained any damage or lacks connectivity.

It could be that the device’s cables aren’t working correctly. There could also be a lack of connectivity. For instance, if you use Amazon Fire TV Stick, make sure you have Wifi connectivity.

This step will help you narrow down the problem if it is not on your Samsung TV’s end. As a result, you can take respective steps.

4. Set The Correct Input Device

Samsung External Device Manager option

Your Samsung Smart TV probably comes with a fantastic feature of selecting an input. It allows you to keep various input devices connected. Then, you can choose one as the source of entertainment.

You might get the black screen of death error if the wrong input is selected. In some cases, the settings changed automatically. It could happen if another input device went active and then powered down. Either way, you can fix this issue by following these steps:

  • Your Samsung TV remote will have an ‘External Power Source’ button, press on it.
  • This will open options on your TV Screen. Go to Input Settings. See if all the correct inputs are enabled.
  • If there is a device you no longer use, disable it from the list.
  • Make sure to save the settings.

Now, go ahead and see if the error persists.

5. Check The Energy Saving Mode

Samsung TV General Settings Eco mode

Almost every appliance comes with an Energy Saving Mode. This goes for your Samsung Smart TV, as well. If you’ve ever used the mode before, it might still be active. As a result, you’re receiving the Black Screen. Maybe the feature came enabled, or some children activated it. Either way, you might want to make sure to disable it.

  • Go to the Settings of your Samsung TV.
  • Find an option related to Energy Saving Mode.
  • Once you navigate inside it, see if you can change the settings individually. This would be better if you still want to save some power without affecting the performance.
  • If you don’t want to customize the plan, go ahead and disable the Energy Saving Mode.

See if this solves your issue.

6. Picture And Backlight Settings

Samsung TV Picture Settings

The backlight in your TV is responsible for illuminating the screen. Many TVs come with an option to modify this backlight. This solution mainly works on LG Smart TVs. But, it can also be available on Samsung. It is worth giving a try to:

  • Open the Settings of your Samsung Smart TV and find the option related to Picture or Display.
  • Find out if there are Picture Mode Settings in the option. Set the display to the Standard (Picture Mode)
  • Also, check for the Backlight range and see if you can change it. If there’s an option, try to increase or decrease the backlight to see if this solves the black screen.
  • Make sure to check the brightness and contrast settings of your TV. Keep it at least 50 so that your screen will be bright.

7. Disable The Sleep Time Settings

Samsung Sleep Timer Settings

The Sleep Timer is another brilliant feature. It allows you to set a time for the TV to turn off automatically. As a result, you save excessive power consumption. Maybe you get the black screen because your TV shuts down. Thus, the Sleep Timer feature could be the one to blame. So, you can fix it:

  • Press on the Home button on your Samsung TV Remote.
  • Next, select Settings and then go to the Time. See if you can find the Sleep Timer option in the list.
  • If there is one, select it and make sure to turn off the feature.

This should help you take care of the issue. See if the error persists.

8. Check For The Smart TV Firmware Updates

Samsung Software Update Now Firmware TV

If none of the options worked so far, the firmware could very well be responsible for the issue. The display settings could impact the performance of your Smart TV. It all breaks down to having outdated firmware. If you don’t have a continuous black screen, you can give this step a try:

  • Go to the Settings on your TV and find the Support option.
  • You will see a Software Update section there. Access it.
  • Click on Update Now for the TV to check for the updates.
  • Remember, you need an active Wifi connection for the TV to find and download the updates.

In most cases, your TV will reboot by itself. But, if you have a continuous black screen of death, you might have to upgrade via an external device. A USB flash drive works very well. You can also try to take it to a professional for quick help.

As a general tip, it is a good idea to check for updates at least once a month. Like that, you won’t have to run into these problems. The firmware updates often come with security perks as well. So, keep that in mind for the next time.

9. Try The Factory Reset

Reset option in older Samsung Smart TVs

So, nothing worked for you, not even updating the firmware. Then there could be some internal setting. Maybe the firmware got corrupted somewhere during an update. A third-party app could also be causing the problem. One of the surefire ways to fix any software issue is through a Factory reset.

This can help you solve a lot of problems. It is a quick method as well. But remember, this option will restore the TV to the factory settings. You will lose preferences and any stored data. So, only use this step if you’re sure you want it. You can also back up the data on your TV:

  • Once again, access the Settings of your Samsung TV via remote controller.
  • Find the Support option and go to the ‘Self Diagnosis’ area. You will find the Reset option there.
  • If asked for the security pin, use the one you have set up. But if you never used the pin security, try 0000 or 1234. One of these often works.
  • You might get a prompt asking if you’re sure that you want to reset the TV. Click Yes.

Now all you need to do is wait. Your TV might reboot, and you will have a fresh new TV to make changes to. You will have to carry through with the setup process again. So, make sure to provide the correct configurations.

If you have a Samsung Account, you can backup the data before Factory Resetting. Thus, when you reset, you can log into the account and restore settings and data if you want.

10. Check The Store Or Demo Mode

Store Demo option

Most Smart TVs come with a Demo Mode. The vendors use it to display various qualities of the TV. If you use it at home, there’s a possibility that you could get a black screen. Either that or a repeat of the demo where nothing else works. So, you should try to fix this issue:

  • Go to the General Settings in your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Find the System Manager and see if you can find the Usage Mode.
  • If asked for a pin, provide the same old 0000 if you have not set one.
  • There, you might find the Demo Mode and Home Mode. If not, just find and select the Home Mode or disable the demo mode.

This should fix the Black Screen Of Death Error in Samsung TV. It happens because of the corrupted communication between the device and the input.

Conclusion – Samsung TV Black Screen Of Death With Sound

The factory reset should be the final solution. If that doesn’t pan out, you can always go to Technical Support and contact the staff. Another method that users have shown to work is replacing the remote batteries.

As silly as it sounds, the solution seems to work for many users. That could be due to the syncing issue of the remote with the TV. So, you can try and replace the batteries of your remote. See if this fixes the black screen of death on your TV.

You can also change the power socket and the wall mount. The problem could be in the area you’re plugging the TV too. See if this solves the issue.

Either way, we hope you found some valuable solutions here for the Samsung TV Black screen of death. 

FAQs – Samsung TV Black Screen Of Death Reddit 

What Is The Samsung TV Black Screen Of Death?

The black screen of death is a popular term driven from the blue screen of death. The Blue Screen of death is a popular error on Windows PCs. Similarly, the Black screen of death is when there’s no display, picture, or video, but you can hear the sound. In some cases, there might not be sound. It refers to a condition where Samsung TV’s screen goes black.  

What To Do If I Get Samsung Black Screen Of Death No Menu Error?

If you can’t see anything, the best bet is to use an external device to reset your TV. You can also try connecting to another display and browsing the TV. If none of these are options for you, visit the tech support center. They would know what to do in these cases.

Where Can I Check My Samsung TV Warranty?

Most electronic appliances from Samsung have around one year warranty. You can also contact customer support for help. They will inform you about the security. You probably have the warranty certificate that you can use. Remember, if it is a manufacturer warranty, that will be applied from the manufacturing date. 

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