10 Fixes For Anteater Destiny 2 Error In Bungie Destiny 2

Bungie’s Destiny 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter video game that is only available online. It was first released for PlayStation and Microsoft as a pay-to-play game in 2017.

10 Best Ways To Fix Anteater Destiny 2 Error In Bungie Destiny 2

Anteater Destiny 2 error code frequently follows other Destiny 2 Error codes. Users had little luck correcting the issue code until Bungie released a patch that temporarily fixed the problem.

Causes Of The Destiny 2 Anteater Error On PC?

Wired Connection: A wired connection can be a brilliant idea if you want to get rid of the Destiny 2 Anteater Error. Use a cable connection instead of a Wi-Fi connection since it is less sensitive to interference from other electrical devices.

Router Issue: The router you’re using to obtain your ISP connection could be the source of the Anteater Error in Destiny 2. It won’t be able to handle the extra bandwidth.

Corrupted cache: The cache used by the application or the internet connection may have been corrupted, resulting in the Anteater Error in Destiny 2.

Firewall: It’s conceivable that the firewall on your computer prevents the Destiny 2 game from connecting to its servers properly. To repair the Destiny 2 Anteater Error, temporarily disable the Firewall or enable Destiny 2 to pass over it.

UPnP: Nowadays, games employ the UPnP option to get beyond security precautions implemented by routers. If this is disabled, it may cause the Anteater Error in Destiny 2.

Solutions To Fix Bungie Destiny 2 Anteater Error Code (PC, PS4, Xbox, Playstation)

  1. Use A Wired Internet Connection
  2. Clear Cache On Console
  3. Enable Universal Plug And Play Option (UPnP)
  4. Increase Network Bandwidth
  5. Disable Windows Defender Firewall
  6. Change Internet Provider
  7. Fix Packet Losses (Command Prompt)
  8. Restart Your Console 
  9. Contact Internet Service Provider
  10. Upgrade Router

1. Use A Wired Internet Connection

Use A Wired Internet Connection

Using WiFi or a mobile data network to play, you should switch to wired Internet service and see if the Anteater Destiny 2 problem persists.

After switching to a wired connection, users playing the game over WiFi noticed that the issue had practically vanished. Now check if Anteater Destiny 2 error has been fixed or not.

2. Clear Cache On Console

A cache is unused memory data stored or concealed, and cleaning it can help improve efficiency by removing flaws and addressing various issues.


  • Open Steam on the computer and go to “Settings.”
Steam settings
  • When you open Settings, there will be a “Download” icon on the left side; click it to open Download.
Clear steam cache
  • There will be a “Clear Download Cache” option on the bottom left corner in the Download section. It will remove all of your PC’s download cache when you pick it up.
clear steam cache
  • Now check if Anteater Destiny 2 error has been fixed or not.

Play Station

  • Begin by turning off your PlayStation entirely. To drain the power from your PlayStation, disconnect the power cable.
  • To thoroughly drain the remaining power in your PlayStation, press the Power button a few times.
  • Restart your PlayStation by plugging in the power cable.
  • Now check if Anteater Destiny 2 error has been fixed or not.


  • Select “System Settings” from the “Settings” menu by clicking the guide button.
System Settings" from the "Settings"
  • Select “Storage” in the System Settings window.
System Settings" from the "Settings"
  • To access the device options, highlight “Destiny 2” and press “Y” on your controller.
  • Select “Clear System Cache” from the device options menu.
 select blue ray option
  • Finally, a notice confirming storage device maintenance will appear. Select “YES” with a click.
clear persistent storage
  • Check whether this has resolved the Anteater Destiny 2 issue.

3. Enable Universal Plug And Play Option (UPnP)

A bad connection causes the Anteater Destiny 2 error. To fix this, enable Universal Plug and Play on your console and connect it directly to Destiny 2. (UPnP). Other devices can interfere with UPnP and use a necessary piece of the network.

When you enable UPnP, ports will be forwarded directly to your router. You must create a new firewall.

  • In the Command Prompt window, write “ipconfig” and hit Enter to open your router’s settings.
  • Under Ethernet or WiFi, scroll down to find the “Settings” option for the default gateway.
  • Find your router’s IP address, then type it into your browser’s search bar and hit Enter.
router ip address
log in to router
  • Open “Toolbox” and choose “Firewall” from the drop-down menu. Then choose “New Firewall.”
  • Change the name of your Firewall’s custom level to “Destiny 2.”
  • Return to the “Toolbox” tab and select “Game and Application Sharing” once you’ve finished with Firewall.
go to advanced section
  • Disable other choices such as “Extended Security” and the options under “Assigned Games and Applications” while enabling UPnP.
enable UPnP option
  • To save the updated settings, press the “Save” button.
  • Now check if Anteater Destiny 2 error has been fixed or not.

4. Increase Network Bandwidth

Request an increase in network bandwidth from your network provider. A more significant bandwidth connection will result in a faster internet connection and hence a faster download and upload speed.

You can play games more smoothly because there is less ping and fewer packet losses when you have strong download and upload speeds. For Destiny 2, a minimum bandwidth of “5-8mbps” is suggested. Now check if Anteater Destiny 2 error has been fixed or not.

5. Disable Windows Defender Firewall

Although Windows Defender is a vital anti-virus component, it can also generate this problem. As a result, while playing Anteater Destiny 2, you should try to turn off Windows Defender.

  • Open your computer, go to the Start menu, and choose “Settings.”
  • Select and open “Update & Security” in the Settings window.
settings then update settings
  • Click “Windows Defender” on the left side of the screen, just below the Windows Update option.
  • Once Windows Defender is launched, switch off “Real-Time Protection” and check whether the problem still exists.
switch off "Real-Time Protection"
  • Now check if Anteater Destiny 2 error has been fixed or not.

6. Change Internet Provider

If your bandwidth isn’t meeting your needs, consider switching to a better ISP. A variety of ISPs causes the high ping.

Not all ISPs are suitable for gaming; seek reviews before switching to another provider. The gamer’s motivation is ruined when the ping is consistently high. Now check if Anteater Destiny 2 error has been fixed or not.

7. Fix Packet Losses (Command Prompt)

Packet losses can also be corrected directly from the Command Prompt. Packet losses can also be caused by an outdated router, insufficient bandwidth, or a faulty ethernet cable. To avoid packet losses, follow the methods outlined below.

  • In the search bar, look for the “Command Prompt” window.
  • Then pick “Run as Administrator” from the context menu.
  • Type “ipconfig /release” in the dialogue box and press Enter. Because your present IP configuration will be released, it will terminate your network connectivity.
"ipconfig /release"
  • After that, type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press Enter once more. This command will provide your connection with a new IP address.
  • Finally, press Enter after typing “ipconfig /renew.”
ipconfig /renew
  • Now check if Anteater Destiny 2 error has been fixed or not.

Google DNS

  • Type ” Control Panel ” from the search box near the Start menu, type “Control Panel.”
  • Find “Network and Sharing Center” and click on it to open it.
  • Click on your “Adapter” once you’re in the Network and Sharing Center window.
  • Click the “Properties” button in the left corner.
  • Look for “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” in the Properties tab.
  • To open a new tab, click “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and then “Properties.”
  • Select “Use the Following DNS Server Addresses:” from the drop-down menu.
  • In the Preferred DNS server, type “” and “” in the Alternate DNS server.
  • Finally, press the OK button to see if the error has been eliminated.
  • Now check if Anteater Destiny 2 error has been fixed or not.

8. Restart Your Console 

Ensure that all of your games are synchronized and backed up online, as this process may delete them from your Xbox One’s local memory.

  • Tap and hold the button on the Xbox console’s front until it completely turns down.
  • Remove the power brick from the Xbox’s back.
  • To clean the cache, press and hold the power button on the Xbox multiple times to ensure there is no remaining power.
  • Connect the power brick and await for the light on the power adapter to change from white to orange.
  • Restart the Xbox in the same way you did before.
  • Now check if Anteater Destiny 2 error has been fixed or not.

Xbox One

  • Go to your Xbox One settings and select Network >> Advanced Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down to the Alternate Mac Address section and select the Clear option.
  • Because your console will be rebooted, you will need to confirm that you want to do this.
  • After the console has restarted, open Destiny 2 and see if the Anteater Destiny 2 error code still appears.
  • Now check if Anteater Destiny 2 error has been fixed or not.


Because the PlayStation 4 does not have a cache clearing option, use the steps following to hard reset it:

  • Turn the PlayStation 4 off completely.
  • Unplug the cord from the console once it has completely shut off.
  • Allow at least 2-3 minutes for the console to be disconnected.
  • Reconnect the power cord to the PS4 and turn it on as usual.
  • Now check if Anteater Destiny 2 error has been fixed or not.

9. Contact Internet Service Provider

This error code is created by those who haven’t replaced their Internet connection equipment in years and have faulty equipment. The majority of gamers who played the game used cable Internet, and it turns out that merely replacing these solved the problem.

If you’re utilizing any type of Internet connection and you notice a decline in performance, contact your Internet service provider right once.

10. Upgrade Router

If you’re still using an old router or wire, it’s time to upgrade. Also, check if your ISP uses optical fiber, which is superior for network performance.

Your router may be the source of a slow network connection if it is relatively old. Upgrade your router to get stronger wireless signals and faster internet speeds. Now check if Anteater Destiny 2 error has been fixed or not.


While playing Destiny 2, one may encounter anteater errors. It could be a problem with the internet, a problem with gaming, or something else entirely. To resolve this problem, use the options listed above.


Why Can’t I Connect To Destiny 2 Servers?

Many individuals are likely connecting to the servers at the exact moment, causing the systems to overload. You are unable to link to the server and receive an error message. Furthermore, the error may be caused by network issues on your machine.

Why Do I Get Error Code Anteater?

Bungie describes the Anteater Error Code in Destiny 2 as a “common networking issue.” It could be due to a case with an internet provider, a problem with the internet connection, or an issue with the Destiny 2 servers.

Why Do I Keep Disconnecting From Destiny 2 Servers?

A malfunctioning or outdated network driver is most likely to blame for the problem. You may require additional drivers to enable your network card’s advanced functions if you have a gaming motherboard.

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