10 Solutions For PlayStation Network Sign-In Failed (2022)

Are you coming across the PlayStation Network Sign-in Failed error? In such cases, it’s better to wait around for a while and try signing in again. Usually, the error resolves on its own.

PlayStation Network Sign-In Failed

But, if the error stems from your console or wifi router, then you might need some solutions to fix it. There could be various reasons for the same. It is possible that PlayStation network services are down. Or your system needs an update. Another reason could be the connectivity issue. 

So, you can fix the error by ensuring that these things are in check. To keep it simple for you, ahead are some easy solutions you can try on your own. Check each one of them, and if you are in luck, you might fix the error.  

Solutions For PlayStation Network Sign-In Failed Issues

  1. Check Network Service Status Of PlayStation
  2. Check Your Connection
  3. Enable Automatic Login
  4. Reset Your Password
  5. Update The Software System Of Your PlayStation
  6. Customise DNS Settings
  7. Rebuild PlayStation’s Database
  8. Set The MTU Settings To Manual
  9. Change Your IP Address
  10. Remove Your Account And Add It Again

Fixes For PlayStation Network Sign In Fail Problems

1. Check Network Service Status Of PlayStation

PlayStation Network Service Status All Services are up and running

Almost every online platform goes under maintenance every once in a while. These are the routine check-ups that are important to keep the services up and running.

Likewise, Sony performs the maintenance task on the server of the PlayStation network. The common hours when the maintenance begins are usually 10:30 to 12:30 pm. 

Keep in mind that these are routine tasks, so the dates are specific throughout the year. This does not interrupt your activities on the PlayStation. Only the services of PlayStation video stores and account management are down.

But, if the maintenance team is trying to fix a bug, it might cause some delays in the network.

To check the network status:

  • Visit the official website www.playstation.com/en-us/.
  • Click on the Support tab. Two options: Support and PSN Status will display. Click on PSN Status.

The page will let you know about the current status of their services.  If the server is not down, it will display “All services are up and running.”

Also, if you want to play games while the site is under maintenance. You can do so by activating your primary console. Follow these steps to activate it:

  • Open Settings.
  • Now go to PlayStation Network and select Account Management.
  • From there, you can activate your primary PlayStation console.

2. Check Your Connection

Network Connections Available For Connectivity

To know that everything is fine at your end, you need to check your connectivity. The list below provides you with the things that you need to check:

  • Ensure that your Wifi router is providing a strong connection. Keep the devices in the close bandwidth to ensure that there is no obstruction in the way.
  • Try unplugging then replugging the router and the modem. After that, connect the devices again.
  • You can also restore the network settings, only to be sure that there is no possible network glitch.
  • Check whether the credentials you are providing are correct or not. This might be a slight mistake that you are making while typing. So, be careful while you type in your email and password.

3. Enable Automatic Login

PlayStation settings  for network and account management

Now that you have checked the PlayStation network services status and your connectivity. It’s time for you to move on to the actual solutions, as it’s evident that something else is causing the issue. You can start by enabling the automatic login of your PlayStation.

Doing so will make your console sign-in on its own with your credentials. In other words, your console will look after the log-in process. And as it’s automated, there should be no mistakes. So, to enable the automatic process of singing in, follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings.
  • Select the User option.
  • Go to the Login Settings and tick the option “Log In PS4 Automatically.” Doing this will enable the feature.

It would be better to reboot your console once you have enabled automatic logic. Try signing in again to check if the error is still there.

4. Reset Your Password

Sign In Playstation Network

Usually, resetting a password comes in handy when you forget the password. But, sometimes, for unanimous reasons, resetting the password works with the login error. So, you can try resetting your password to stop this error. To do that these are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the official website’s login page.
  • Open the option, “Trouble Signing in.”
  • Select “Reset Your Password.”
  • The site will prompt you to provide your email address. So, type it in.

PlayStation Network will send you an email that will include the instructions. Follow those instructions to reset your password. After resetting it go back to your console and try signing in with the new password

5. Update The Software System Of Your PlayStation

PlayStation System Software Updates

If the methods mentioned above do not fix your problem, then the cause of the error is serious. Sometimes, using the outdated version can result in a network error. The reason is quite simple.

Once the version gets outdated, it is no longer compatible with the tools. As a result, technical bugs start to cause several errors. Thus, you need to make sure that you are using updated software. Here are the steps to update the software:

  • Switch on your console and go to the Settings.
  • Select “System Software Update.”
  • Tap on the Update Now option to update it.
  • System Software Licence Agreement will appear on the screen. It will ask for your confirmation to accept the terms and conditions. Tap on Accept to confirm.
  • Now to save your information, press the “X” icon.

After updating the system software, reboot your console. Once it’s switched on, sing-in with your credentials. Check if the PlayStation Network Sign-in Failed error is still there.

6. Customise DNS Settings

Network Settings in Playstation 4

The quick solution to the PlayStation sign-in failed is to modify the DNS settings. This is usually done to unblock the blocked IP address. Also, the process is not as complicated as it sounds. It will only take a few minutes, and you will be good to go. Follow these steps to customize the DNS settings on your PlayStation console:

  • On your console, open Settings.
  • Choose the option Internet Connection Setup.
  • Go to the Use Wifi settings and connect to the internet connection. Now, select the Custom option.
  • Tap on the Wifi network that you usually use to play games. Enable the Automatic feature for the IP Address settings.
  • For the DHCP Hostname, choose the Do Not Specify option.
  • Enable the Manual button. You will find it under the DNS settings.
  • Now you will need to provide DNS. Use the Google DNS for that. Fill in the details like below: (For the primary DNS) (For the secondary DNS)

  • Select Test Internet Connection to check that the networks are strong. 

After the test finishes, try to sign in again. The error should not occur this time.

7. Rebuild PlayStation’s Database

safe mode rebuild database in Playstation

The database consists of the information and files that your PlayStation stores. Rebuilding the database will reorganize the files and information in the hard drive. You can fix any type of performance issue of the PlayStation by doing so. 

Make sure to have plenty of time before starting this process. It might eat up a lot of your time as it depends on the size of the data stored in your hard drive. Besides, you can rebuild the database for the fast functioning of your console as well. Steps to rebuilding your console’s database are:

  • First, you need to restart your PlayStation in a safe mode. To do that press the power button on your console for about 3 seconds.
  • Press the power button again for about 7 seconds. Release your finger on the second beep.
  • Connect your controller to the USB port in the front of your console.
  • Go all the way down till you reach the Rebuild Database option.
  • To start the rebuilding process, tap on the X icon.

Wait for the process to complete. Sign in to your account to check if the above steps have ended the error or not.

8. Set The MTU Settings To Manual

MTU settings automatic manual in Playstation 4

This may come as a surprise, but MTU settings have something to do with your login process. Since it’s related to the network service, the reason is self-explanatory. So, you can stop the error by switching the MTU settings to manual. The process is so simple. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Go to the Settings menu of your PlayStation console.
  • Navigate to the Network option and tap on “Set up Internet Connection.”
  • Select Use Wifi. 
  • You need to configure your connection to the Custom option to enable the manual option.
  • Choose Automatic IP address.
  • Tap on Do Not Specify.
  • For the DNS settings, select the Automatic option.
  • Set the MTU settings to manual.
  • Input these digits 1473 in the MTU value option.
  • Click Next to process and choose “Do Not Use Proxy Server.”

Go to the login page and try again. The error should not exist now.

9. Change Your IP Address

Setup internet connection IP address on PlayStation 4

You might be encountering the PlayStation sign-in failed error because of blocked IP. This happens when the PS network blocks a particular IP address. If that has happened, then your IP address will never be unblocked again by the PS network services.

To overcome this situation, you can only try to change the IP address of your device. Keep in mind that here we are talking about your public IP. Also, instead of changing your public IP address, you can try connecting to other devices.

But, not everyone has various public IPs. So for that, here are the steps to change your IP address:

  • Open a browser on your PC and type “What is your IP” in the Google search box.
  • Now log in with your router.
  • Go to the Address section of your device.
  • Change the address of your device. But keep in mind to only change the last number. For instance, if your address is F0:97:98:52:5D: C4. Change it to F0:97:98:52:5D:C3
  • Once you have carried out the above step, plug in your modem and router for a while. Plug it back in after a few minutes.
  • Power your devices back on.
  • Now only to be sure, open the tab again where you searched for your IP. Type “What is your IP” in the search box and check if it has changed.
  • If you have successfully changed your IP address, you can try signing in again. This time the error should no longer be there.

10. Remove Your Account And Add It Again

User management option in PS4 settings

It is possible that your profile is corrupted. So, to end this error, you will need to remove it from your PlayStation console and re-add it again. Before doing this, save your credentials and profile information somewhere.

You will need them to add your profile again. Also, your saved data, such as videos, screenshots, etc., will no longer remain. Steps to remove your profile are:

  • Open Settings and select the Login Settings option.
  • Scroll downwards and stop when you see the User Management option. Tap on it.
  • Tap on Delete Use to start the deleting process.
  • Ensure to select the User that you want to delete.
  • Tap on Delete and then on Yes to confirm.
  • To re-add your profile, follow these steps:
  • Open New User
  • Select Create a User. Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Open settings and navigate to Account Management.
  • Click on Sign in To Playstation Network
  • Now type your password and email address that you have saved earlier.

You can skip this step as it will delete all your saved data. Instead of following this method, you can find the corrupted file or run an antivirus scan.

Last Resort: Perform Factory Reset

Initialize PS4

This method is for the time when nothing else works. Performing a factory reset on your console will reset everything. It will go back to the default settings of the factory. The perk of doing it is that it will stop every unwanted activity on your device.

Keep in mind that it will wipe clean the data saved in your internal drive. Thus, before proceeding with it, make a backup of your important data. Follow these steps to restore your PlayStation to its default settings:

  • Open the Settings of your console.
  • Select “Initialization.”
  • Now again, choose Initialise PS4.

You will need to provide all your information again. This is because now the settings are back to when you bought this console. Thus, you will require to re-add your account. You can check the previous method for the steps to re-add the account. If the error is still there, you need professional aid to fix the issue.

Conclusion – Can’t Sign In PlayStation Network

These are some of the quick fixes for sign-in errors. So, if you are encountering a PlayStation Sign-in failed issue, you can fix it now. Usually, this issue gets resolved on its own.

Try to wait it out till the services get restored. But, if you still come across the same problem, then seek help from the solutions provided above. Ensure that you are using the verified credentials for your PlayStation account.

Sometimes the credentials provided are not verified. Thus, users can’t log in to their accounts. Nonetheless, if nothing works, contact the service providers. They might know a thing or two to rescue you out of this crisis. 


Can You Use VPN With The PlayStation?

In any case, you can’t set up a VPN on your PlayStation. The reason behind it is simple. Sony doesn’t allow VPN services to connect on its platform. Thus, many of its devices do not support applications that offer VPN services. But, there are still some workarounds that users use to enjoy VPN services on the PlayStation. For instance, they set up a VPN on their Wifi router. 

What Kind Of Network Connection Do You Need For PlayStation?

Any kind of network connection that you can connect with a gaming console would work. But, a Wifi connection is the preferred one when it comes to gaming. You can also use a LAN cable. Be sure that the network you are using is strong enough to load games and stream videos.  

Does The WiFi Speed Matter For PlayStation Network Server?

There has been no statement made about the internet speed requirement from PlayStation. Thus, it’s evident that the speed of your Wifi doesn’t matter. But, bear in mind that playing games online requires a strong internet connection. Also, the general speed needed to play games is 16 Mbps. 

How Can I Contact The PlayStation Customer Support?

If you want to contact PlayStation customer support, you can visit their support page. Or you can open the About SIE option. Doing so will navigate you to a new page to get their contact information. Keep in mind that the contact information works based on the region you live in.

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