11 Fixes For Failed To Add New Steam Library Folder (2022)

When you try to install a game using the Steam client to the default Steam library or the new Steam library to a different disk, Steam displays the message “Failed to add new Steam library folder” and the installation fails.

It’s a fairly normal problem on Windows, and it’s usually caused by a problem with an app. This post will guide you through the process of fixing this problem and enable you to use Steam without errors.

Failed to add new Steam Library folder

The Steam client is downloading an update for one of your games or a new game, which is causing the problem. When the Steam client downloads or updates something, it appears to interfere with the process of creating a new Steam library, resulting in the “Failed to add new Steam library” issue.

Solution to Fix “Failed to Add New Steam Library Folder” Error

  1. Pause the download
  2. In Steam settings, add a library folder
  3. Use some other folders
  4. Restart your computer
  5. Restart your network devices
  6. Temporarily disable your antivirus
  7. Update your Windows OS
  8. Update your driver
  9. Clear Steam Cache
  10. Add the Steam client to the antivirus exception list
  11. Take ownership of the Steam library folder

Here are some options to resolve the Failed to Add New System Library Folder error:

Solution 1: Pause the download

Pausing or stopping any existing downloads or updates on the Steam client will quickly and efficiently remove this issue. Then try adding a new game to your Steam library again. At this point, you should be able to proceed without seeing the problem notice.

Pause the download

Solution 2: In Steam Settings, add a Library folder

  • Select Settings from the Steam menu button in the upper left corner of your screen when Steam opens.
  • Go to Downloads > Steam Library Folders > Add a Library Folder in the Settings box and follow the onscreen instructions.
Add a library folder
  • To get started, go to the folder you created in the previous step and double-click it.
  • Then press the install button.

Solution 3: Use some other folder

  • Create a folder anywhere you want. The challenging game will be downloaded to this folder, so make sure you have enough space in this location before you start the download. Make sure the read-only attribute is disabled.
  • Start by selecting Run as administrator from the Steam client context menu, which may be located on the desktop or in the Start menu.
Run as an admin option for Steam
  • Next, at the top of the client window, go to the Steam menu and choose Settings from the drop-down menu. To activate Steam Library folders, go to the Download section of the Settings window and click on Steam Library Folders.
  • By clicking on Add Library Folder and selecting it from the drop-down list, you can choose the folder you created in the first stage of this method. Every time you try to download and install a game, you will be given the option to choose an installation location.
  • Uninstall the game by heading to the Library area, finding your game in the left menu, right-clicking on it, and selecting Uninstall from the popup that appears.

Try reinstalling it from the library this time, and make sure you choose the new install folder. By right-clicking on the game in the library, you can install it. Check to see if the problem is fixed.

Solution 4: Restart your computer

Many people doubted that restarting the computer would solve the problem, but it did, despite the fact that it seems like the simplest solution that never works. Make sure to restart your computer regularly as problems may appear after running the system for a long time, and restarting the system can help remedy the problem.

Reboot the computer

To go to the Start menu, press the Power button, then choose it. Wait for your computer to restart once you have chosen to restart. Check to see if the issue is currently addressed.

Solution 5: Restart the network devices

If your problem is network related, you may also encounter this difficulty, so reset network settings to solve the problem:

  • Turn off your computer, modem, and router.
  • Disconnect all wires from the router and modem.
  • Wait a few minutes until the battery is completely discharged.
  • Connect the wires again.
  • Wait for the modem and router to boot up successfully.

Solution 6: Temporarily disable your antivirus

This issue could be due to a conflict with a third party antivirus app so be sure to turn off any antivirus software you have installed.

Select the option to disable your antivirus by clicking the antivirus icon on the taskbar. Check to see if the issue is fixed after deactivation.

In this case, you should either contact the antivirus support center for assistance or switch to another antivirus product.

Solution 7: Update your Windows OS

It’s possible that the reason for the Steam error not adding a new library is an outdated Windows operating system. As a result, make sure your Windows operating system is up to date:

Follow the steps below to upgrade your Windows operating system:

  • Press “Update” after clicking the start button in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • In the list of results, select Check for Windows Updates.
Windows Update
  • Windows Update will check for required updates and display a list of those that need to be installed.

Solution 8: Update your driver

You may not be able to run some games and programs on your Windows PC due to an outdated driver, and you may encounter problems

So, go to the manufacturer’s website and update your driver. Also, download the latest drive that meets your system requirements.

Solution 9: Clear Steam Cache

If the above remedies don’t work for you, your Steam cache may be corrupt, preventing Steam from adding new libraries.

  • Clear the cache of downloaded files. Steam > Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders > Right-click on the folder > Repair Library Folder How do you fix it?
Library Folder Repair
  • In Steam, check the integrity of game files. Files on your local hard drives and devices may get corrupted from time to time. Steam can verify this and, if necessary, make the appropriate changes.

Solution 10: Add the Steam client to the antivirus exception list

Your antivirus can sometimes prevent Steam from accessing your game data. To add Steam to the list of blocked applications in your antivirus, follow these instructions.

  • Type “firewall” in the search box. Now select “Windows Defender Firewall” from the context menu.
  • Select the “Allow an app” option from the top left corner.
  • In the Applications list, check the Steam.exe box, then click OK to keep the change.

Solution 11: Take ownership of the Steam Library folder

If the “Steam installation folder is currently unreadable” issue persists, it is possible that you do not have permission to read and write to that Steam folder. Consider getting the rights from TrustedInstaller to allow you to easily read and write to the Steam folder to solve this problem.

is contained

I hope the solutions presented here will help you solve Steam unable to add new library error.

Make sure you follow each of the fixes carefully until you find the right one for you. I appreciate the time you took to read this article.

questions and answers

How do I move my Steam library to another drive?

Go to the Settings menu in your Steam client. From the list of downloads, choose Steam Library Folders. By clicking on the + option, you can check your default installation path and also create a new one. All future installs can be placed after the new path is set up.

What Causes “Failed to Add New Steam Library Folder”?

As discussed above, the Steam client will download an update for one of your games or a new game, causing the problem. When the Steam client downloads or updates something, it appears to interfere with the process of creating a new Steam library, resulting in the “Failed to add new Steam library” issue.

Why can’t I access the Steam folder?

New Steam games are automatically installed in the same area where you installed Steam, usually Program Files >> Steam >> SteamApps >> Common. When trying to create a new Steam library, some problems arise, especially if the library is stored on an external SSD or HDD.

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