12 Best Code Editor Software For Windows, Linux, And Mac (2022)

A slew of new Code Editors is released every year, making it difficult for developers to choose one. The following list the top 12 best code editor software for Windows and Mac.

12 Best Code Editor Software For Windows, Linux, And Mac

For easier and faster coding, “best code editors” include auto-completion, syntax highlighting, and indentation. For example, WordPress users can change the code of a page or post using the built-in code editor, which includes the features stated.

What Is The Best Online Code Editor?

Best Code editors, often known as source code editors, are software meant to assist programmers with their coding. These are text editors with extra features for managing and editing code.

Code editors are particular to a programming language. Some editors only back one or two programs, whereas others support a number of them.

Structure editor is a kind of coding editor or, to put it another way, the functionality included in editors. Structure editing is a method of changing a code’s structure based on its syntax tree.

The code structure created in a programming language is referred to as the syntax tree. The code editors do not compile the code. You can just write and edit source code using it.

Top 12 Best Text Source Code Editor For Windows, Mac, Python (Free)

  1. TextMate
  2. Bluefish
  3. Atom
  4. Notepad++
  5. Microsoft Visual Studio Code
  6. Sublime Text
  7. CoffeeCup Editor
  8. BBEdit
  9. Spacemacs
  10. Espresso
  11. Codeshare.io
  12. GNU Emacs

1. TextMate


TextMate is the best code editor for Mac and python that includes several unique and novel features. Many computer languages are supported and compose prose in structured formats such as blogging, running SQL queries, and writing screenplays.


  • TextMate’s straightforward approach to adding numerous insertion points makes making many changes at once, exchanging code, and much more a breeze.
  • Select your search criteria, and TextMate will display the results in a way that makes it simple to browse between matches, extract matching text, and preview desired replacements.
  • Textmate can take care of everything by linking comprehensive scope pickers with key shortcuts, settings, and other options.
  • Thanks to macOS’s UNIX foundation, custom actions can be developed in any language that can operate with stdin, stdout, and environment variables.
  • TextMate exposes WebKit and a dialogue framework enabling Mac-native or HTML-based interfaces for complicated interactions.
  • Frequently used text or code can be transformed into snippets with placeholders and changes to adapt to the environment in which they are utilized.
  • TextMate employs bundles to customize and supports a wide range of languages, markup systems, processes, and other features.
  • Macros can help you avoid doing the same thing over and over again. You can save them for later use or record a scratch macro to playback right away.
  • Clipboard history, custom themes, real-time HTML/Markdown preview, foldable code blocks, soft indented wrap, and other features are available.


  • Textmate, the best code editor, is a free code editor.
  • Download and know more about this best code editor from Textmate.

2. Bluefish


Bluefish is the best code editor that works quickly and can handle dozens of files at once. It’s one of the top coding apps for PC because it enables developers to work remotely.

This code editor tool gives programmers and web developers a lot of possibilities for writing webpages, scripts, and computer code.


  • Bluefish aims to be as light and tidy as possible, given that it is a GUI editor.
  • Fast – Bluefish loads hundreds of files in seconds and starts up quickly (even on a netbook).
  • Project support permits you to work efficiently on many projects and restores project settings automatically.
  • FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV, and CIFS multi-threaded support for remote files using gvfs.
  • With Perl support, this is a powerful search and replace tool. Compatible regular expressions, sub-pattern replacement, and file search and replace
  • Recursively open files based on filename and content patterns.
  • Specify custom dialogues, search and replace patterns, or insert patterns and bind them to a shortcut key combination in the Snippets sidebar.
  • To handle advanced text processing, integrate other applications such as make, lint, weblint, xmllint, tidy, javac, or your software or script.
  • Integrate your preferred external filters, and run your document (or just the currently selected text) via sort, sed, awk, or any other custom script.
  • Changes in changed documents are automatically recovered following a crash, kill, or shutdown.
  • There are numerous tools available, such as tabs to spaces, link lines, lines to columns, trim whitespace, and so on.


  • BlueFish, the best code editor, is a free and open-source code editor.
  • Download and know more about this best code editor from Bluefish.

3. Atom


GitHub created Atom, an open-source code editor. It was greatly affected by the new style of editor popularised by Sublime Text during its initial development, although there are significant distinctions.

Atom is a helpful code editor tool that programmers prefer over other editors because of its simple UI and Github Integration Atom. Users of Atom can submit packages and them for inclusion in the software.


  • Atom is simple to personalize and customize. CSS/Less can be used to change the appearance and feel of your UI, while HTML and JavaScript can be used to add essential functionalities.
  • Atom is compatible with all operating systems. It’s compatible with OS X, Windows, and Linux.
  • New packages can be found and installed directly from Atom or write your own.
  • Atom’s innovative and adaptive autocomplete helps you write code quicker.
  • Easily explore and open a single file, an entire project, or many projects in one window.
  • To compare and edit code across many files, divide your Atom interface into multiple panes.
  • Find, preview, and replace text as you enter in a file or across all of your projects.
  • Choose from thousands of open source packages to enhance Atom’s features and usefulness, or create your own.
  • Atom has four UI and eight syntax themes in dark and light hues pre-installed.
  • Atom is a desktop program that incorporates HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Node.js.
  • It’s built with Electron, a web-based framework for creating cross-platform apps.


  • Atom, the best code editor, is a free code editor.
  • Download and know more about this best code editor from Atom.

4. Notepad++


Notepad++ is the best code editor that is free to use. It uses a pure Win32 API, which allows for faster execution and smaller programs.

It’s one of the “best code editor” that only runs in the Windows environment and is licensed under the GPL.


  • The GNU General Public License governs its use in the MS Windows environment.
  • Notepad++ is written in C++ and is based on the sophisticated editing component Scintilla.
  • It employs only the Win32 API and STL, resulting in faster execution and smaller programs.
  • Notepad++ is attempting to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions by optimizing as many processes as feasible without sacrificing user-friendliness.
  • The PC can throttle down and cut power consumption while using less CPU power, resulting in a greener environment.
  • This free text editor includes Syntax highlighting for PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Word completion and function completion are two examples of auto-completion.
  • This free code editor allows you to record and playback macros.
  • The user can customize syntax highlighting and folding.
  • Support for many views and languages.


  • Notepad++, the best code editor, is a free code editor.
  • Download and know more about this best code editor from Notepad++.

5. Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code is a free and open-source code editor. TypeScript, JavaScript, and Node.js are all supported by this free text editor.

Intelligent completions are based on variable types, crucial modules, and function definitions, and it’s autocompleted with IntelliSense capabilities.


  • IntelliSense goes beyond syntax, highlighting, and completion.
  • It uses variable type, function definition, and imported module to provide smart completions.
  • Debugging print statements is no longer necessary. You can debug code straight in the editor.
  • Debug your running apps using breakpoints, call stacks, and an interactive terminal by launching or attaching them.
  • It’s never been more comfortable to work with Git and other SCM providers.
  • You may review diffs, stage files, and commit changes directly from the editor. Any hosted SCM service can be used to push and pull data.
  • Install extensions to add other languages, themes, debuggers, and services.
  • Extensions operate in their threads so they won’t bog down your editor. To learn more about extensions, go here.


  • Visual Studio, the best code editor, is a free code editor.
  • Download and know more about this best code editor from Visual Studio.

6. Sublime Text

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is the most excellent code editor for a comprehensive development environment. This code editor is designed to work with massive projects and a lot of coding.

It can open a source code file 7 MB in size and scroll through 200,000 lines in real-time. The Goto Anything functionality in Sublime Text allows users to travel between files and functions efficiently.


  • Sublime Text can now use GPU to render the Linux, Mac, and Windows UI.
  • Apple Silicon processors are supported natively in Sublime Text on MacOS.
  • With support throughout the UI and built-in functions, file tabs have been upgraded to simplify split views.
  • Make code navigation easier; the sidebar, tab bar, Goto Anything, Goto Definition, auto-complete, and more have all been modified.
  • Within the current JavaScript ecosystem, use all of the Sublime Text’s clever syntax-based features.
  • The Sublime Text API has been updated to Python 3.8 while maintaining backward compatibility with Sublime Text 3 packages.
  • The API has been greatly enhanced, with new capabilities that make plugins like LSP work even better.
  • The autocomplete engine has been modified to deliver smart completions based on a project’s current code.
  • New tab styles and inactive pane dimming have been added to the Default and Adaptive themes.


  • Sublime Text, the best code editor, is a free code editor.
  • Download and know more about this best code editor from Sublime Text.

7. CoffeeCup Editor

CoffeeCup Editor

CoffeeCup HTML Editor is a fast and well-organized visual HTML editor ideal for applications that use this language. It lets you start from scratch or use an existing layout from the editor to create a file.

CoffeeCup also has a live preview tool that allows users to see how the code affects the page in real-time. This is an excellent feature who enjoy experimenting with coding and seeing the results right away. 


  • Site Designer’s customizable components will help you work faster without compromising your creative flexibility.
  • All of the key elements you’d expect to see on any website are included in ‘plug-and-play’ goods.
  • Thanks to various start options, getting started on your website is a breeze.
  • Create fresh HTML or CSS files from scratch, or utilize an existing theme or ready-to-use layout to get a head start on a professional design.
  • You can use any website as a starting point with the Open From Web option, and it doesn’t have to be your own.
  • A logical structure ensures that everything runs smoothly and that difficulties such as broken links and graphics are avoided.
  • Thanks to a specific Tag Reference section, the necessary tags are right at your fingertips.
  • Use the split-screen preview to see your web page displayed just below your code.
  • As you work, the live preview shows you precisely how your design will look.


  • CoffeeCup, the best code editor, is a free code editor.
  • Download and know more about this best code editor from CoffeeCup.

8. BBedit


BBEdit is a macOS HTML and text editor. The editor allows users to generate, edit, and format any type of text, giving them complete control over their content.

It’s also simple to learn because it works with all Mac keyboard shortcuts and the latest Mac technology, such as Bonjour. Several built-in text sorting, converting, searching, and replacement features are also available.


  • Code folding and text completion are available in BBEdit, resulting in a cleaner interface and faster coding.
  • It keeps a wide range of languages and does various script syntax checks.
  • You’ll get a stripped-down UI that’s designed to remove all distractions while yet retaining the functionality that constitutes a good text editor.
  • Because this text editor was built specifically for Mac users, you won’t have to worry about learning a new interface.
  • Individual things can be adjusted using search and replace tools across multiple files.
  • HTML and markdown can be previewed immediately alongside the code being edited while it’s being built.
  • It has automated completion features that propose clips and symbols, among other things.
  • Basic and complex text handling features, such as the ability to interchange characters and words, quotation straightening, and full canonization, are available.
  • All projects have folder listings, so you may arrange your work and then quickly and precisely browse and change your directory listings.


  • BBedit, the best code editor, is a free code editor.
  • Download and know more about this best code editor from BBedit.

9. Spacemacs


Spacemacs is a revised form of Emacs built mostly on Vim shortcuts. Ergonomics, mnemonics, and consistency are the four main foundations of this code editor.

The third feature, consistency, is achieved through shortcuts and layers to interact with the editor in various ways. Spacemacs is a code editor that runs entirely on the keyboard.


  • Mnemonic prefixes like b for the buffer, p for the project, s for search, and h for help are used to organize key bindings.
  • Key bindings are displayed in real-time, which is a unique feature. Simple query method for quickly locating available layers, packages, and other information.
  • Because of a well-defined set of conventions, the same functionalities have the same key binding everywhere.
  • Bugs are swiftly corrected thanks to community-driven configuration, which delivers curated packages tuned by power users.
  • Community usage conventions that make logic.
  • Mnemonic and easily remembered keyboard shortcuts.
  • The time to load is quick. A pleasant coding experience.
  • Extremely strong, with the ability to handle big files.
  • An extensive library of documentation is available. A vibrant community.
  • There are numerous plugins and extensions available for customization.


  • Spacemacs, the best code editor, is a free code editor.
  • Download and know more about this best code editor from SpaceMacs.

10. Espresso


For Mac users, Espresso is the best code editor. It has advanced features, including live browser preview, multi-edit to make several changes at once, and re-indent to tailor spacing for a tidy workplace.

This code editor includes code formatting and a visual CSSEdit tool for editing standard and dynamic CSS code. Users may also make CSS changes to live sites and witness design changes in real-time without publishing, reloading or saving.


  • Zen shortcuts enable tags and custom snippets to combine and expand abbreviations.
  • Contextual actions, snippets, and menus can be added to your toolbar for quick access.
  • By way of illustration, use custom spacing. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are all supported.
  • For use with files, directories, and projects. Save your reusable pieces or use a built-in one. This is a huge time saver.
  • Now has tabs for even more versatility and seamless integration with your project files.
  • Without taking your fingertips off the keyboard, switch between documents. It’s time to get started.
  • Balancing the brackets, They were all there, quietly assisting.
  • Make many changes at once, rather than one modification at a time. It’s simple to rename items with multiple options.
  • There isn’t only a function menu here. You can easily browse your code structure with groups, style previews, and Quick Filter.
  • Espresso has a robust plug-in API for actions, syntaxes, formatting, and other features. Check out the section on Power-Ups.


  • Espresso, the best code editor, is a free code editor.
  • Download and know more about this best code editor from Espresso.

11. Codeshare.io


Codeshare is a free browser-based code editor that anybody may use. You can even save your code if you establish an account.

This is the product’s aim if you’re on a different computer or need to share your code with someone. Because you can invite others to video chat with you, the business claims it’s good for interviews and whatnot.


  • For all major languages, they provide dozens of themes and syntax highlighting.
  • You can choose your favorite set of keyboard shortcuts, which are incorporated.
  • You can see how it’s designed to be a stand-in for your regular editor.
  • Open a Codeshare editor, create or copy code, and share it with colleagues and friends. Programming and troubleshooting should be done in pairs.
  • When conducting a remote or in-person interview, assign coding tasks and observe in real-time. Nobody enjoys coding on a whiteboard.
  • Students and peers can learn from your code if you share it with them. Every day, Codeshare is used by universities and colleges worldwide.


  • Codeshare.io, the best code editor, is a free code editor.
  • Download and know more about this best code editor from Codeshare.io.

12. GNU Emacs

GNU Emacs

Emacs is the most excellent code editor if you want a fully configurable environment. The editor has a menu bar, toolbar, scroll, and context menu by default, all of which may be turned on and off separately.

You can also add files and workspace tabs that are unique to you. You can change the fonts and colors used in the UI elements. Emacs is a complete productivity tool that combines with GDB to provide an IDE interface and be a code editor.


  • Many file types provide content-aware editing options, including syntax coloring.
  • A tutorial for new users is included in the built-in documentation.
  • Almost all human scripts have full Unicode support.
  • Emacs Lisp code or a graphical interface are used to customize the program.
  • A project planner, mail and newsreader, calendar, IRC client, and other features are included in text editing.
  • A system for downloading and installing extensions that are packaged.


  • Emacs, the best code editor, is a free code editor.
  • Download and know more about this best code editor from Emacs.


All of the text editors mentioned above support a user-friendly environment and strive to provide the finest coding experience to the developer. I hope the list of Best code editor above is helpful in your development efforts. It all relies on your usage conditions, so choose what suits you best. 


Is Sublime Text Good For Python?

You can operate it with any programming language by default, but Python support is regarded as one best. Because it’s written in Python and C++. Because it is part Python, you might even say that Sublime Text is the finest code editor for learning Python.

What Do Code Editors Do?

A code editor is a text editor tailored to the creation of software. It could be a standalone application or a component of an IDE. They simplify writing and reading source code by dividing the pieces so programmers can see their code.

What Is An Editor In Coding?

Editors, often known as text editors, allow users to create and edit text files. The term “editor” refers to source code editors with various functions for writing and editing code.

What Is Code Editor vs IDE?

The best Code editor is a text editor with sophisticated built-in features and specific functionalities that make code editing more accessible and faster. An integrated development environment (IDE) is a software development software cluster that makes coding easier.

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