12 Best Email Client For Mac

The best email client for mac is a piece of software. It allows you to set up one or more email addresses to receive, view, compose and send emails from those addresses. 

It also acts as the main hub for receiving, writing, and sending emails to a specified email address.

12 Best Email Client For Mac | Free Desktop E-Mail Apps

Every Mac comes with Apple’s Mail program pre-installed. If you explore around, you’ll find that there are many other email applications with additional functionality.

Don’t remain with Mail unless you’ve looked into some of the better Mail options available.

What Constitutes The Best Email Client For Mac?

I looked at a lot of Mac email clients. The most exemplary Mac email programs, in my opinion, provide:

  • Comprehensive Set Of Email Functions. You must be able to read, compose, search, and organize your electronic mail. It means that tools with a single purpose, such as notifications or a menu bar icon, were left out.
  • Advanced features are available. The top email programs help you fine-tune everything from email filtering to search automation to personalized notifications.
  • A wide range of services is supported. Some programs are designed to support specific services, while others support a variety of providers and open protocols. We attempted to concentrate on apps that could support a wide range of services.
  • Improvements in quality of life. Some clients provide features that make work easier, such as reading receipts, the option to sleep emails, and reminders regarding follow-ups.

13 Best Free Email Client For Mac And Windows Desktop (Gmail, Spike, Microsoft)

  1. Spike
  2. PolyMail
  3. Spark
  4. Hey
  5. Microsoft Outlook
  6. Airmail
  7. Post Box
  8. MailMate
  9. Gmail For Mac
  10. Canary Mail
  11. Two Bird
  12. Bluemail

1. Spike


Spike, the best email client for mac, turns your email into a simple chat room, complete with sophisticated collaboration tools to help you grow your business and achieve your objectives.


  • Spike makes your email seem and feel like a chat room without the need for several threads or signatures.
  • Right from your inbox, collaborate in real-time. Your documents and notes are always close at hand and easy to locate.
  • Create everything from complex activities to essential to-do lists in seconds. You’ll be on top of things at all times!
  • Create Group conversations for any project or team, and launch multi-person audio or video conferences directly from your inbox.


  • Spike is the best email client for mac, and the price starts at $12 per month.
  • For more insights on this best email client for mac, contact Spike.

2. PolyMail


Polymail, the best email client for Mac, is an email application that shows you exactly how and when your emails are read. It allows you to personalize email templates and share them with your team.

This tool allows you to connect it to other messaging services like Slack and Salesforce.


  •  Create and share customizable message templates with your team.
  • Polymail reveals detailed profile and corporate information for your contacts automatically.
  • If no one responds to your message, set up automatic follow-up reminders.
  • Check to see if recipients have clicked on links or downloaded things you’ve sent them.
  • Increase people who open your messages by scheduling them to go out later.
  • With detailed reports, you can learn more about your team’s activities.
  • A real-time stream of all tracking activity may be seen, searched, and filtered.
  • Unsubscribe from newsletters right now to clear your inbox.
  • Any email exchange may be turned into a browsable web link that your team can access and collaborate on.
  • By connecting directly to apps like Slack and Salesforce, you can connect the information to the tools your team uses.
  • Sending automated, multi-stage email campaigns and connecting with more customers.
  • With your calendar page, you can schedule meetings promptly and reduce back-and-forth.


  • Polymail, the best email client for mac, starts at $10 per month.
  • For more insights on this best email client for mac, contact Polymail.

3. Spark


Your email is smartly prioritized by Spark. Important messages from actual individuals are bubbled to the top. Those should be pinned and replied to, while the remainder should be archived in bulk.

Spark is a desktop email client that gives Outlook, Apple, Google! Mail, Exchange, and IMAP email account Gmail-like capabilities.


  • Natural language search can quickly locate any email.
  • Swipes can be customized, and emails can be snoozed till later.
  • Talk about your emails with your coworkers. Inquire, receive responses, and keep all communication in one place.
  • Use the real-time compose editor to collaborate on emails with your coworkers.
  • Use pre-written emails to respond to frequent messages quickly.
  • Emails should be sent when the recipients are most likely to read them.
  • Remind yourself to respond to crucial emails when the moment is perfect.
  • Swipe left or right to pick the finest professional or personal signature for your email.
  • Only get notified when an important email arrives in your inbox.
  • Delegate your inbox’s emails, create deadlines, and keep track of your progress.
  • Link an email or a discussion thread that you can simply share with the rest of the team.
  • Attachments may be easily handled in Spark or opened in a different program.
  • Use your favorite services to send emails and save attachments.
  • Customize the sidebar, widgets, and swipes to match your email process.


  • Spark is the best email client for Mac. The price starts at $7 per month.
  • For more insights on this best email client for mac, contact Spark.

4. Hey


Hey, the best email client for Mac, has many great features, but for many individuals, the fact that it’s tethered to an email provider is a deal-breaker. If you’re looking for a new email address and the characteristics of Hey appeal to you, it’s worth a try.

If you own a lot of email accounts, Hey requires you to use their service. Hey offers business plans similar to Google Workspace, except switching your entire company to Hey is required.


  • You have complete control over who can email you with HEY. You get to choose whether or not you want to hear from someone again the first time they contact you.
  • Send a mail to world@hey.com from a personal HEY account to publish it on a public webpage.
  • With HEY, you may rename a subject to make it more intuitive for you without affecting the other person’s experience.
  • HEY allows you to switch them on or off for individual contacts or discussions, ensuring that you don’t miss important information.
  • Simply click the “Reply Later” switch in HEY to move an email to a special “Reply Later” pile at the bottom of the screen, where it will not be lost or forgotten.
  • You can ‘Set Aside’ any mail in a nice little pile with HEY for quick access anytime you need it. It’s close by, yet it’s not in your face.
  • There will be no random receipts, newsletters that you “rarely read,” or special offers that will obstruct your ability to focus on the things that matter to you.
  • You get an attachment library with HEY that collects all of the attachments you’ve ever received in one orderly, siftable location.


  • Hey, best email client for Mac. The price starts at $12 per month.
  • For more insights on this best email client for Mac, contact Hey.

5. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Office Outlook just released a “New Outlook,” far more modern than previous versions. Over time, Outlook has gained new capabilities.

Use the templates provided by Microsoft or create your own to reuse them. Outlook has all of these email functions and a calendar, chat, task management, and note-taking functionality.


  •  At home, on the go, and anywhere in between, you’ll find everything you need to be your most creative and connected self.
  • In one spot, you’ll find your email and calendar. Keep track of your most critical communications and events.
  • Word, PowerPoint, and Excel make collaboration simple. Skype allows you to talk in real-time directly from your mailbox.
  • Keep track of your appointments and organize meetings with others using Outlook’s robust built-in calendar.
  • The same tools that Microsoft uses for commercial customers provide protection.
  • Encryption of data in your mailbox and after an email has been sent.
  • Safe links that include phishing scams, viruses, or malware are automatically disabled.
  • For your essential files in OneDrive, ransomware detection and recovery is available.
  • Meetings, Appointments, and events should all be scheduled and managed.


  • Outlook is the best email client for Mac. The price starts at $70 per year.
  • For more insights on this best email client for Mac, contact Outlook.

6. Airmail


Airmail, the best email client for Mac, is an iOS, macOS, and watchOS mail client that is fully accessible. Google Workplace, Gmail, Yahoo, Apple, Outlook, and other services are all supported with AirMail.

Connect an external service to your Mac email clients, such as a task organizer or a note-taking tool. With AirMail, you can design workflows to do many actions simultaneously, such as adding a label, forwarding, and archiving an email.


  • Airmail allows you to add as many email accounts of any sort as you want.
  • Smart inbox filters away newsletters and other annoyances, leaving you with only the most essential communications.
  • Keep emails out of the way until you need them, from concert tickets to travel confirmations.
  • With the unified inbox function, you can see all of your emails in all of your inboxes at once. If you like, you may even exclude accounts from this display.
  • In addition to blocking tracking pixels, privacy mode prevents images from automatically loading.
  • Colors can quickly identify email accounts, and the view in the message list can be customized.
  • Airmail changes its theme when your device does. To please your eyes, choose from various light and dark themes.
  • Quickly create an email, share documents, or even text from other apps on your mobile to Airmail.
  • Emails must be sent at the correct time. Schedule your emails to arrive in the recipient’s inbox at the precise time you choose.
  • Your email will always be on top, whether a client in Australia or a business partner in Europe.


  • AirMail, the best email client for mac, starts at $3 per month.
  • For more insights on this best email client for Mac, contact Airmail.

7. Post Box

Post Box

Post Box, the best email client for Mac, bills itself as an email tool for power users, but I can’t think of anything it offers that Spark or AirMail don’t. Many third-party connectors are available for Post Box, but many other apps do as well.

Snooze and Send Later are crucial functions that Post Box lacks. Its capabilities enable you to consolidate several accounts into a unified inbox, keeping your work independent.


  • In the Quick Bar, type a few characters, then autocomplete against the offer.
  • The first few characters are required, after which auto-complete will offer recommendations.
  • Quick Copy, like Quick Move, copies a message to the target folder specified in the Quick Bar.
  • For those using macOS and a trackpad or other gadget that supports multitouch gestures, Postbox supports gestures.
  • Postbox has one of the most comprehensive filtering rule sets on the market, making it ideal for power users.
  • Gmail or GSuite labels are supported, and Postbox follows much of the organizational behavior of Google accounts online.
  • A Smart Folder is a collection of email messages saved in other folders and meet particular criteria.
  • Postbox has a comprehensive set of keyboard shortcuts. Postbox also has a complementary suite that corresponds to Gmail’s keyboard shortcuts.
  • To keep your message list clean, limit the number of items that will download per folder.
  • Our Labs option, similar to add-ons, will allow you to employ experimental 3rd-party code within Postbox.


  • Post Box, the best email client for mac, starts at $70 per year.
  • For more insights on this best email client for Mac, contact Post Box.

8. MailMate


MailMate, the best email client for Mac, is renowned for its comprehensive search conditions, broad keyboard control, and Markdown email creation. It’s more accurately referred to as the Plain Text Mail App.

It contains a unique collection of characteristics that may not appeal to everyone, but it will pique the curiosity of a specific user group. However, I can claim that it is the best email program for the Mac.


  • MailMate is a macOS IMAP email client with a lot of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Email composition with Markdown integration.
  • Drill-down search connections and advanced search conditions
  • Smart mailboxes with automatic signature handling are also available.
  • Tagging, numerous notification systems, and cryptographic encryption/signing (OpenPGP and S/MIME).
  • Flexible connection with third-party programs and alternative message viewer layouts, including a widescreen layout.


  • Mailmate, the best email client for mac, starts at $70 per year.
  • For more insights on this best email client for Mac, contact Mailmate.

9. Gmail For Mac

Gmail For Mac

Gmail, the best email client for Mac, is the most popular email service and a Mac email client must be able to support it. This service can be accessed with Electron Gmail Mac programs and current web browsers. 

Gmail isn’t battery-friendly, isn’t always reliable, and isn’t excellent for productivity. 


  • For all messages you obtain and mail, Gmail uses industry-leading encryption.
  • Gmail syncs contacts and events with desktop applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • When you’re not linkedto the internet, Gmail offline allows you to read, reply, delete, and search your Gmail messages.
  • Gmail is simple and easy to use, no matter where you are.
  • Gmail blocks 99.9% of spam, malware, and harmful links before they reach your inbox.
  • Gmail notifies you when a strange email comes that could be real, keeping you in control.
  • You can specify expirations and demand recipients to confirm through text under Confidential Mode.
  • You can also disable the forward, copy, download, and print options.
  • All from Gmail: start a Chat, join a video conversation with Meet, or collaborate in a Doc.
  • Smart Compose helps you write emails and messages faster to spend more time doing what you love.


  • Gmail, the best email client for Mac, is a free platform.
  • For more insights on this best email client for Mac, contact Gmail.

10. Canary Mail

Canary Mail

Due to its ability for end-to-end encryption using PGP, Canary Mail, the best email client for Mac, is an email client for security-conscious users. Nobody but the intended receiver may read your message if encryption is enabled.

Canary has a slew of other valuable capabilities that take it beyond its security roots. Gmail, iCloud, Microsoft 365, Google! Mail and IMAP accounts are all supported by Canary.


  • Everyone can use email encryption because it is simple to use. Maintain the security of your email account.
  • Prevent information loss due to human error or malicious actors. Prevent losses due to impersonation and fraud.
  • Defend yourself from severe ransomware attacks. Hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals.
  • Banks, financial services firms, and accountancy firms are all examples of financial institutions. Attorneys, law companies, and independent consultants.
  • Teams of SAAS providers, software developers, and service providers. Regulators, investigators, and government contractors are among the people who work for the government.
  • Teachers, researchers, students, and collaborators are all welcome. PGP is simple to use on both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Everyone can use the link + portal to encrypt their emails. The most straightforward method of ensuring HIPAA compliance.
  • Prevent losses due to impersonation and fraud. Maintain the security of your email account.
  • Allow your employee to improve her email skills. Inbound and outbound protection is permanently active.


  • Canary Mail, one of the best email clients for mac, starts at $20 per platform.
  • For more insights on this best email client for Mac, contact Canary Mail.

11. Two Bird

Two Bird

Twobird, the best email client for Mac, has a lot of similar concepts about how to perceive email as a chat-like interaction. You have even another reason to stay within a single application with Twobird’s calendar integration.

Apple has long been one of the only companies that keep email and calendars separate. The current tendency is to combine all essential communications and appointments into a single app.


  •  Juggling discussions, tasks, and collaboration across multiple apps add to the workload.
  • Twobird collects all of your tasks in one location and prioritizes them for you.
  • Things that can wait are put on the Low Priority and Reminders lists. More intelligent notifications save you from being distracted.
  • Unsubscribe removes unnecessary subscriptions instantly. The talkative design of Twobird keeps discussions flowing smoothly and naturally.
  • Within a discussion, you can edit a note.
  • Whether an email or a short note set reminders for anything in your inbox.
  • Reminders and events are displayed side by side in the same calendar rather than in different lists or tabs.
  • Twobird is entirely free, and we intend to keep it that way.
  • Your email is not synced or routed through Twobird’s servers. Your email is sent directly from your email service provider to Twobird.
  • Twobird works with any Google or Microsoft-powered email address, including Gmail, G Suite, and Outlook addresses.


  • Two Bird, the best email client for Mac, is a free platform.
  • For more insights on this best email client for Mac, contact Twobird.

12. BlueMail


Bluemail, the best email client for Mac, is a multi-account email client that can handle unlimited accounts. It’s one of Mac’s best free email clients, with intelligent push notifications and group emailing capabilities.

You can use this tool to customize several email accounts.


  • Clusters burst to life, bringing People, Groups, and Services together to clear up the inbox with stacked avatars.
  • Using Group Mail to bring people together allows you to send emails to a group without adding each member individually.
  • View all of your accounts in one attractive and convenient inbox, making email reading even more effective and convenient.
  • Mark emails that need to be dealt with later and set reminders for them.
  • From within BlueMail, you can access your Calendar and schedule events.
  • Switch both day and night mode seamlessly and automatically to make late-night email management more effortless.
  • BlueMail automatically pushes your emails to your device at lightning speed, allowing you to save time.
  • Setup is simple, and your inbox will be ready and waiting for you as soon as you sign in to your email accounts.
  • Take care of alternate email addresses that point to your primary email account.


  • BlueMail, the best email client for mac, starts at $7 per month.
  • For more insights on this best email client for Mac, contact Bluemail.


It’s difficult to choose the best email programs for Mac because everyone manages and uses their email differently. If you want a comparable experience to Apple Mail but with more advanced features, you should look into the email programs for Mac listed above.


Is Office 365 The Same On Mac And PC?

Will Microsoft 365 work the same on both a PC and a Mac? No. Apps are designed specifically for each operating system. The apps available for Mac users and the exact functionality they provide may differ from those for PC users.

Can I Transfer Microsoft Office From Windows To Mac?

Yes, you can move Microsoft Office packages from Windows to Mac, but you won’t be able to install them on your Macbook since Microsoft Office for Windows is not the same as Microsoft Office for Mac.

What Is The Difference Between Outlook And Mac Mail?

Microsoft Office includes Outlook, but Apple Mail is included with every Mac OS. Apple Mail is commonly used by Google, POP, and IMAP servers, while MS Outlook is used with Exchange servers.

What Is The Best Email Client For Mac?

Airmail is a multi-award-winning Mac email client and the best email client we’ve ever used. In macOS, Apple Mail is the primary email client. Spark, Postbox, and Thunderbird are among the top email clients for Mac.

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