15 Best UML Diagram Tool And Software (2022)

UML is a modeling language primarily used to create object-oriented, relevant documentation models for any real-world software system. It provides detailed models that describe how any software/hardware system works.

15 Best UML Diagram Tool And Software

There are numerous tools for creating UML diagrams on the market. The Top 15 UML diagram tools are shown here, and their most popular features and the most recent download links.

What is a UML Diagram?

Diagrams were drawn in the Unified Modeling Language (UML) to depict complex software systems’ design, architecture, and implementation.

It is a general-purpose, developmental, and modeling language in software engineering that makes system design more visual. It was created by Rational Software in 1994 to standardize the software development process.

Object-oriented analysis and design are related to UML. Class, objects, inheritance, abstract, data encapsulation, and polymorphism are all concepts used in OOP.

Best Online And Free UML Diagram Tool And Software

  1. Adobe Spark
  2. Microsoft Visio
  3. Moqups
  4. Wondershare Edraw Max
  5. StarUML
  6. Lucidchart
  7. ConceptDraw
  8. Draw.Io
  9. Umple
  10. Altova
  11. UML Designer
  12. GenMymodel
  13. Astah
  14. Gliffy
  15. Visual Modeling

1. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a UML Diagram Tool that allows you to create personalized and efficient flowcharts. You may save and share your flowchart diagrams as well.


  • Start with one of the thousands of social media images, stories, thumbnails, logos, and other templates available.
  • With millions of on-trend and seasonal photos, you may access the Adobe Stock royalty-free photo collection*.
  • With easy-to-use effects, filters, textures, and overlays, you may create the appearance you want.
  • Cut out backgrounds quickly and easily without sketching your topic or start over with a blank canvas.
  • Get precisely what you need from thousands of pictures, icons, backdrops, and design components.
  • Using Adobe’s easy tools, your content will change in real-time.
  • The Adobe Fonts library contains approximately 18,000 licensed fonts.
  • You can apply your company logo, fonts, and colors to any design with just one tap.
  • With capabilities to animate text and photographs, you may create attention-getting content.


  • Adobe spark UML tool is free. Adobe Spark UML diagram tool paid plan starts from $10 per month.
  • For more details on this UML diagram tool, contact Adobe Spark.

2.  Microsoft UML Diagram Tool Visio

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is a well-known UML Diagram Tool. Because it is part of the Microsoft Office family, it can be readily integrated with other Microsoft Office programs.


  • Make professional-looking diagrams for better decision-making, data visualization, and process execution with your coworkers.
  • Visio is an innovative tool that helps you visualize data-connected business process processes with a variety of integrated capabilities.
  • View, create and modify diagrams stored in the cloud by extending your Microsoft Visio expertise to the browser.
  • Allow Microsoft 365 subscribers to read, print, share, and comment on diagrams while on the go.
  • Visio includes many of the same security systems as Microsoft 365 programs, allowing users to create diagram files indefinitely while collaborating.
  • A person working on a desktop monitor while seated at a desk with a plant and a mug.
  • Access templates that aren’t available in Visio for the web right now.
  • Drawing and annotating diagrams with your finger or pen feels more natural on a touch-enabled device.
  • From within Microsoft Teams, you can create, view, modify, and collaborate on Visio diagrams.


  • Microsoft Visio UML diagram tool price starts from $5 per month.
  • For more details on this UML diagram tool, contact Microsoft Visio.

3. Moqups


Moqups is an online UML Diagram Tool that allows you to create flowcharts and UML diagrams quickly. It allows you to visualize any flow by dragging and dropping shapes.


  • With rapid wireframes and detailed mockups, you can visualize, test, and validate your ideas.
  • As your team gains traction, explore and iterate, smoothly transitioning from lo-fi to hi-fi as your project progresses.
  • Without the trouble of uploading and downloading data, work remotely in the Cloud at any time and on any device.
  • Keep a geographically scattered team in touch and collaborate.
  • With a single, easy-to-use interface, you can see swiftly onboard teammates.
  • Curated design tools deliver the functionality and flexibility your team requires – without the added complexity that can be distracting.
  • Work inside a single creative environment to keep your team’s focus and momentum.
  • Maintain clear communication and consensus among all stakeholders, including managers, analysts, architects, designers, and developers.
  • Switch between diagrams, wireframes, and prototypes without switching programs or platforms.


  • Moqups UML diagram tool price starts from $16 per month.
  • For more details on this UML diagram tool, contact Moqups.

4. Wondershare Edraw Max

Wondershare Edraw Max

Edraw Max is a diagramming software that uses pre-made symbols and templates to help you create diagrams. It allows you to export your drawings to PDF, PPT, Word, HTML, and other file formats.


  • Create stunning flowcharts and images to demonstrate clear procedures that lead to better business decisions.
  • Provide a professional visual aid for any audience to help clarify a complex electrical system.
  • To maximize your space potential for everyone, provide a versatile and easy-to-use floor planning option.
  • Develop solid fundamental systems and produce high-quality software to keep your organization functioning.
  • To improve team effectiveness, create effective organizational structures, and identify roles and responsibilities.
  • Hold effective meetings and capture ideas through brainstorming to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • With an up-to-date strategy and a clear image of the project process, you can help your team achieve effective team outcomes.
  • See the piping systems and smooth the process modifications to maximize your industrial solution.


  • Edraw Max UML diagram tool price starts from $99 per year.
  • For more details on this UML diagram tool, contact Edraw Max.

5. StarUML


StarUML is a UML Diagram Tool for creating UML diagrams. It is one of the greatest UML software programs available, with eleven different types of diagrams. StartUML 2 is backwards compatible with UML 2.x.


  • UML 2.X standard metamodel and diagrams are compatible.
  • Requirement, Block Description, Internal Block, and Parametric Diagram are SysML diagrams that can support modeling.
  • Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERD), Data-Flow Designs (DFD), and Flowchart Diagrams are all supported.
  • Retina (High-DPI) display is supported. All diagrams, captions, and icons are crisp and exported as high-resolution photos (PNG and JPEG).
  • Discover and install third-party extensions with ease. Many extensions are free to use and may be found on Github. Make your own with one of the forks.
  • Modeling data is maintained in a simple JSON format, making it simple to produce bespoke codes using user-defined templates (mdgen).
  • Quick Edit supports multiple shorthands for creating elements and relationships at once, such as sub-classes, supported interfaces, and so on.
  • Open-source extensions support code generation for various programming languages, including Java, C#, C++, and Python.


  • StarUML UML diagram tool price starts from $99 per year.
  • For more details on this UML diagram tool, contact StarUML.

6. Lucidchart


Lucidchart is an HTML-5-based UML diagram tool with real-time collaboration. It is one of the most potent UML modeling tools, allowing you to build everything from simple flowcharts to complicated technical diagrams.


  • To traverse source code, develop new features, explain the basic processes and jobs, create a class diagram online.
  • A UML graph can be used to visualize your product’s high-level current and future status.
  • Using a UML diagram maker and a sequence markup editor speeds up and simplifies the understanding of code.
  • Online, you may easily create and customize sequence diagrams from the text.
  • Lucidchart will create a PlantUML-compliant sequence diagram for you automatically.
  • From the template gallery, you may choose and customize a UML template.
  • Your thoughts are not limited or constrained by Lucidchart. Place primary and secondary characters on your canvas to depict exterior interactions.
  • Examine the advantages of teamwork and documentation.
  • In Lucidchart, you can quickly customize sharing permissions and invite your coworkers or stakeholders to view your diagram.


  • The LucidChart UML tool is free. LucidChart UML diagram tool paid plan starts from $12 per month.
  • For more details on this UML diagram tool, contact LucidChart.

7. Conceptdraw


ConceptDraw DIAGRAM provides a comprehensive suite of business graphic documentation tools. These UML solutions provide business-specific add-ons covering a wide range of workflow needs.


  • ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v15 offers a comprehensive set of business graphic documentation tools, including stencils and templates for quick diagramming.
  • Business-specific add-ons are available from ConceptDraw Solutions to accommodate a wide range of workflow requirements.
  • For today’s firms, powerful business graphics and modeling tools are the rules, not the exception.
  • The native Visio file format can be imported and exported roundtrip in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v15.
  • ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v15 comes with a full range of drawing tools.
  • Create a custom stencil with ease to visualize your specific business diagrams.
  • Use side panels to arrange and format diagrams of any complexity.
  • Building plan software such as ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v15 is ideal.
  • A variety of add-in solutions are available, including vector stencils and templates to help with any project.


  • The ConceptDraw DIAGRAM UML tool is free for a trial period. Get a quote from the company for the paid version of the ConceptDraw UML diagram tool.
  • For more details on this UML diagram tool, contact ConceptDraw DIAGRAM.

8. Draw.Io


Draw.IO is a free UML diagram tool that you may use online. It is one of the greatest UML tools available, allowing users to generate and maintain diagrams effortlessly.

This technology makes a lot of the wide and early share available.


  • When you visit draw.io in your browser, you will be presented with an empty canvas on which to begin painting.
  • It includes basic UML, ER, and BPMN modeling forms.
  • Templates are used in the development of software.
  • You can save the model at your favorite location using this UML diagram tool.
  • The tool is completely oblivious to the semantics of what you’re drawing. You can considerably do whatever you like and create some odd diagrams as a result.
  • It also fails in the collaboration part, although it works nicely with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and other cloud storage services to save your models automatically.
  • Draw.io is free and open-source UML Diagram Tool , and it was created with the mxGraph library.


  • Draw.io UML diagram tool is an Open-source and free tool.
  • Learn about basic skills about UML tools on Draw.io.

9. Umple


Model-Oriented Programming is enabled by Umple, a modeling tool, and programming language family. It extends object-oriented programming languages with UML-derived abstractions like Associations, Attributes, and State Machines.

Text-based UML class and state diagrams can also be created with Umple.


  • Umple is an open-source platform that can be applied to real-world industrial systems.
  • Umple can be used in any Java, C++, or PHP project.
  • The resulting code is more understandable and has a much smaller number of lines.
  • You can avoid creating a lot of ‘boilerplate’ code to implement associations and attributes by using Umple.
  • Umple has been known to help students learn UML faster in the classroom.
  • Umple is available as a web application, an Eclipse plugin, and a standalone command-line Jar.
  • From the standpoint of the coder, Umple is designed to be simple.
  • The boilerplate code for adding, deleting, and updating association connections is among the code removed.
  • Umple extends UML’s main features to its target languages.


  • Umple UML diagram tool is an Open-source and free tool.
  • Learn about basic skills about UML tools on Umple.

10. Altova


Altova UModel is a UML diagram tool that helps create visual software for any project. Create Java, C++, C#,.NET code and project documentation by visualizing application models in UML.

Reverse engineering existing programs into UML diagrams is also a good idea. Then improve your designs and finish the circle by regenerating code.


  • As you develop and view your models, helper windows to the left of the main diagram will aid you.
  • Properties, Styles, Hierarchy, and Overview, a navigation tool for huge diagrams, are accessible from other windows.
  • Any element in a UML diagram can have a hyperlink added to it using UModel.
  • You can construct linkages to external files, Web URLs, or other diagrams in your project.
  • UModel supports diagram layers. Layers can be allocated to each element, and they can be locked to prevent changes.
  • Other characteristics include.
    • Each diagram type has its toolbar.
    • Color coding and iconography are easy to understand.
    • Fast editing buttons and entry aids
    • Colors, typefaces, line size, and other styles can be applied cascade.
    • Alignment grid that can be customized.
    • Complete control over element sizes, placement, and more using the Layout toolbar.


  • Altova UML diagram tool price starts from $140.
  • For more details on this UML diagram tool, contact Altova.

11. UML Designer

UML Designer

To work with UML 2.5 models, UML Designer provides a collection of standard diagrams. The goal is to move from UML to domain-specific modeling as simply as possible.

Users can continue to control legacy UML models while also learning DSL. Users can even re-use the given representations and work on UML and DSL models in total transparency.


  • Permits users to reuse given representations and operate on DSL and UML models in complete transparency.
  • This UML program aids in the creation of class diagrams, component diagrams, and composite structure diagrams.
  • This UML diagram software enables you to work with DSL while using legacy UML models.
  • UML Designer provides the most commonly used generic UML diagrams:
    • Package Hierarchy, Class Diagram, Component Diagram, Composite Structure Diagram.
    • Deployment Diagram, Use Case Diagram, Activity Diagram.
    • State Machine, Sequence Diagram, Profile Diagram.


  • UML Designer UML diagram tool is a free tool.
  • Learn about essential skills and download this UML tool from UML Designer.

12. GenMymodel


GenMyModel started as a UML diagram tool. It now includes support for Archimate and BPMN and business modeling.

It comes with a centralized model repository that allows for quick and concurrent model collaboration.


  • Log into GenMyModel with your existing Google, GitHub, or email account to perform online modeling.
  • With alignment assistance, clever placement, overview, and tree view, GenMyModel diagramming are simple.
  • Search the repository for any diagram, object, or attribute.
  • To automatically develop and circulate online papers across the organization, choose from pre-built document templates.
  • Without writing a single line of code, GenMyModel can be adjusted to work smoothly in your environment.
  • Clear displays, straightforward navigation, simple to learn, simple messaging between teams, and simple connection with third-party tools
  • Build bidirectional integrations with various tools using the open API and integration capabilities.
  • Collaborate in real-time and log in to shared models at the same time. Make use of the built-in talking, trading, and communication features.
  • The terms “cloud,” “web,” and “online” are all used interchangeably. There isn’t anything to install, and there isn’t anything to deploy. Everyone has access to it right away.
  • All stakeholders have comfortable access to the data they require.


  • Genmymodel UML diagram tool is a free tool for solo members. The paid plans start from €25 per month.
  • For more details on this UML diagram tool, contact Genmymodel.

13. Astah


Astah is a UML editor that also has mind mapping capabilities. It’s a great UML tool for visualizing the essence of your thoughts before you start coding.

Astah UML is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use application that will help you generate the UML diagrams you need.


  • Astah outperforms Excel and non-UML-specific drawing tools.
  • You can use UML software to make a set of UML 2.x diagrams for your project.
  • Astah UML has several “assist” functions to help you get things done quickly. Alignment instructions and auto-created class diagrams
  • You can use the Astah API to get Astah models, build and change diagrams and models, and have them in application software.
  • Using our API tutorial, you can also design your plug-in and contribute it to our library.
  • You can obtain a model to life with our code generation tools by producing code directly from your design.
  • To construct a model, work backward and reverse engineer your project.
  • Java, C#, and C++ reverse engineering are all supported by Astah UML.
  • Modeling is a fantastic way to communicate your ideas. However, you may need to extract data from Astah UML.


  • Astah UML diagram tool paid price starts from $10 per month.
  • For more details on this UML diagram tool, contact Astah.

14. Gliffy


Gliffy is a free online sketching tool that can help you create UML diagrams. It’s one of the most popular online diagramming programs.

It aids in the better visual representation of software in a graphical style. It enables you to engage with your team before the commencement of the software coding process.


  • Create standardized current- or future-state diagrams using Unified Modeling Language for any project.
  • Use the same templates and forms for all sorts of structural, behavioral, and class diagrams.
  • Before developing any code, assist your developers and engineers in planning projects.
  • Align both technical and non-technical employees around a project’s vision.
  • With a mind map program that captures your thoughts as quickly as you can think of them, you can brainstorm, collaborate, and ideate.
  • Gliffy’s flowchart shapes and templates help you quickly depict steps or processes.
  • Gliffy Online lets users construct org charts, draw flowcharts, and engage with their team online.
  • Gliffy has your back whether you’re a single user, a team, or an enterprise diagramming tool.


  • Gliffy UML diagram tool paid price starts from $8 per month.
  • For more details on this UML diagram tool, contact Gliffy.

15. Visual Modeling

Visual Modeling

Visual Paradigm offers a comprehensive collection of agile and scrum tools for project management. A visual modeling tool for analyzing and designing software architecture for business and software development.

It is a set of design, analysis, and management tools that aid in developing IT projects and the digital transformation of businesses.


  • The Resource Catalog feature makes it faster and easier to construct diagrams with proper syntax.
  • The “Sweeper” can be used to widen the space between diagram pieces, allowing you to move them around more easily.
  • With Format Copier, you may simply copy the fill, line, and font style variables between shapes.
  • There is a mixture of uses for a Color Legend that you might think of, depending on your imagination.
  • You can use the Visual Paradigm to construct sub-diagrams for a model element.
  • Nicknamer lets you define different sets of names for your model and switch between them in a matter of seconds.
  • The alignment guide aids in the accurate placement of forms on the diagram and the creation of an overall sense of order and intent.
  • Visual modeling tools that assist you in effectively constructing and managing your models.
  • A model element can be visualized on several diagrams.


  • Visual Modeling UML diagram tool paid price starts from $8 per month
  • For more details on this UML diagram tool, contact Visual Modeling.


UML diagrams effectively explain your software systems’ ideas, processes, functionalities, and other characteristics. As a result, to produce a design that can convey your idea, use a UML diagramming tool. Before making a purchase, compare all 15 UML diagram tools available.


What Is The Most Commonly Used UML Diagram?

Class diagrams are the most often used UML diagram since a lot of software is built on object-oriented programming, where developers define classes of functions that can be used.

Are UML Diagrams Still Used?

Class diagrams & sequence diagrams are still the most popular UML diagrams, followed by state diagrams. They can be efficiently utilized on whiteboards to expand and discuss design before delving into the code.

What Is UML Diagram Used For?

UML diagrams can envision a project before it begins or documents a project once completed. UML diagrams’ overall objective is to help teams visualize how a project will work, and they may be applied to any field.

Where Can I Draw UML Diagrams For Free?

Gliffy is a free online sketching tool that can help you create UML diagrams. It’s one of the most popular online diagramming programs. Features: It makes it simple to draw a diagram.

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