3 Best Ways To Change Mouse DPI In Windows

Unless you don’t set up your mouse correctly, you will lose many of its advantages and attractiveness. The DPI or sensitivity of your mouse may be set too high. Learning “How To change mouse DPI settings” is the easy way.

When the mouse DPI and sensitivity are set too high, you may have to use your hand to make microscopic motions only to shoot precise shots.

3 Best Ways To Change Mouse DPI In Windows

Understanding your DPI is essential while playing video games or utilizing software that requires precision cursor placement. It also makes using widescreen monitors and many displays a lot easier. In this article, understand “How to change mouse DPI in windows?” in a few steps.

What Is DPI?

DPI is a measurement of how quickly your cursor glides across your screen. It moves faster when the DPI is increased. It moves more slowly when the DPI is reduced.

DPI is an abbreviation for “Dots per inch.” It’s a measurement that shows how many pixels your mouse can move in a single inch. If your mouse has a DPI of 10000, moving it precisely one inch on your screen will move the cursor 10000 pixels or dots.

The higher your mouse’s DPI, the more sensitive it is. Modern gaming mice, for example, have DPIs of up to 20000. Many people who use big or many monitors appreciate the ability to move the cursor more quickly.

While most people are unconcerned about DPI, it is crucial for video game players. Many people speculate about the ideal DPI level to shoot precisely in First Person Shooter (FPS) games.

Reasons To Change Mouse DPI

The mouse’s performance is directly related to DPI. The higher the DPI of the mouse, the faster it will move the cursor across the screen. Gamers will benefit the most from changing the DPI of their mouse because it allows them to establish goals in the game more efficiently and have more control over it.

  • The game’s gameplay has been improved, and it’s now easier to control.
  • In the game, precise shots and quick reactions are required.
  • Best for software that requires cursor movement over the entire screen.
  • Graphic design with precise movement and headshots in the game.

Advantages To Change Mouse DPI

Lower DPI

A lower DPI is ideal for smaller screens because you won’t shoot past the point you wish to land on. You can easily change mouse DPI as per requirement.

It’s also suitable for fine-tuning mouse movements. If you’re going to utilize a sniper in a game, you’ll need to be able to make precise movements in a confined area to line up your target. A lower DPI may be preferable if you’re working on graphic design details.

Higher DPI

You may require a higher DPI if your screen is more significant. Because the mouse moves faster across the screen, you can get to where you want to click faster.

People who work in graphic design or gamers may desire to boost their DPI. In games, gamers who employ short-burst weapons may benefit from a high DPI because they can move faster. You can easily change mouse DPI as per requirement.

Adjustable DPI

Adjustable DPI is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a mouse with a programmable DPI. Almost all computer mice have a DPI setting that can be changed. There is a setting in Windows that allows you to adjust it.

DPI switch mice are also known as DPI switching on-the-fly mice. It can be swiftly pressed to switch from one DPI preset to another. You can easily change mouse DPI as per requirement.

These mice are ideal for gamers that desire multiple DPI settings in-game or the option to adjust without having to use the software.

Many mice also come with software that allows you to alter the DPI. These are usually more accurate, and they typically provide areas to remember your settings so you can return later and simply select a previous DPI that you liked.

How To Change Mouse DPI In Windows

You may change mouse DPI in various methods, then check your current DPI to remember which level works best.

  1. Use The Mouse Settings DPI Button
  2. Change Mouse Sensitivity DPI Using Settings
  3. Adjust Mouse Sensitivity In The Video Game

1. Use The Mouse Settings DPI Button

The manufacturers give a shortcut option to change mouse DPI by pressing the mouse button. The user can quickly change mouse DPI by pushing the DPI changing button, which is located beneath the rotation wheel.

  • Press the DPI on-the-fly button to make a new setting for each key.
Use The Mouse Settings DPI Button
  • The setting should be temporarily displayed on your mouse’s LCD, informing you of your DPI.
  • If your mouse doesn’t have a DPI-on-the-fly button, try the following:
  • Select the mouse you want to examine.
  • Choose “Basic Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • Your mouse DPI should be displayed in the “Sensitivity” column. You should be able to change mouse DPI as well.

2. Change Mouse DPI Sensitivity Using Settings

You can easily change mouse DPI as per requirement by using Windows 10 settings.

  • You may easily change mouse DPI using the Settings program.
  • To open the Start menu, click the Windows icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen, then select “Settings.” You can use the keyboard shortcut Windows + I.
Change Mouse DPI Sensitivity Using Settings
  • Select “Devices” from the drop-down menu.
  • Using the left-side panel, navigate to the “Mouse” tab.
  • At the bottom, click the “Additional mouse options” link in the right-hand panel.
Additional mouse options
  • Select the ” Pointer Options ” tab using the Mouse Properties window’s header menu, select the “Pointer Options” tab.
Pointer Options
  • With the slider under ‘Motion,’ you can change mouse DPI or the pointer speed of your mouse. If you move the slider head to the left, your mouse will get slower, and if you move it to the right, your mouse will become faster.
  • I recommend disabling the “Enhance pointer precision” setting because it has the potential to mess with your DPI.
  • Then press the OK button. The difference in mouse pointer speed should be seen right away. If its not adequate then change mouse DPI again.

3. Adjust Mouse Sensitivity In The Video Game Itself

In many video games, you can change mouse DPI while playing. It allows you to operate your system normally with one DPI and then configure multiple sensitivity settings for different games.

While each game’s setting is different, you can generally follow these steps to find where you can change Mouse DPI of your in-game mouse.

  • Start the game where you wish to modify your sensitivity and wait to load completely.
  • Locate the “Options” or “Settings” menu, usually accessible from the title screen.
  • You should be able to find a “Controls” menu somewhere. If this menu is missing, you won’t alter the mouse sensitivity from the game you just started.
in-game mouse DPI
  • Find the mouse sensitivity adjuster and tweak it till you’re satisfied with the speed.

How To Check My Mouse DPI Settings?

  1. Check The Manufacturer’s Website
  2. Use Microsoft Paint
  3. Install The Correct Mouse Drivers On PC
  4. Mac Operating System
  5. Check DPI On Chromebook
  6. Razer Mouse
  7. Logitech Mouse Performance

1. Check The Manufacturer’s Website

The manufacturers give users all of the product’s details on their websites. The user can look for the development on the manufacturer’s website and study the specifications. 

There are options to change mouse DPI in the mouse as well as dedicated software.

 Check The Manufacturer's Website

2. Use Microsoft Paint

MS Paint has a feature that allows you to see the pixel where your cursor is now located. Experiment a little to get a somewhat accurate measurement of your DPI. after that, you can change mouse DPI.

  • MS Paint can be found by searching for it in your taskbar or your list of programs.
  • Increase the zoom level to 100%.
Use Microsoft Paint
  • Place the cursor to the left end of the screen and select any brush tool. The first value in the bottom-left corner should be 0.
ensure zero in pointer paint
  • Move your mouse about 1-2 inches while holding the left mouse button. Look at the numbers in the bottom-left without moving your mouse and write it down.
  • Repeat this as many times as necessary, then average the results.

3. Install The Correct Mouse Drivers On PC

You can install the necessary drivers. The software required for the product can be downloaded from the provider’s website. You can easily change mouse DPI with drivers.

  • Switch on your computer’s browser.
  • Go to the website of the mouse’s maker.
  • The drivers must be downloaded and installed. Your DPI settings may be located in different places, depending on the manufacturer.
  • Although you may have to search a little, your platform should provide your DPI measurements.
  • Many users prefer this method since it allows them more flexibility than the built-in components on their PC.
  • Aside from adjusting the DPI settings, installing drivers allows the owner to assign specific functions to each button.

4. Mac Operating System

When it comes to determining the DPI of a mouse, Mac users have a few options. 

  • Open your web browser.
  • In the search bar, type the make and model of your mouse.
  • Unless your mouse is unbranded, the search results should include a link to a website with your DPI statistics listed.
  • Although many manufacturers claim to have the highest DPI, Logitech and others state the mouse’s range.

5. Check DPI On Chromebook

On a Chromebook, checking your Mouse DPI shouldn’t be too difficult. It will only take a few clicks:

  • In the lower-right corner of your screen, go to the “Status” area.
  • Select “Settings,” then “Devices” from the menu.
  • Your DPI should now be determined via a touchpad slider.
  • If you want the mouse cursor to move faster, move it to the right, and if you want the cursor to slow down, move it to the left.

6. Razer Mouse

Another famous mouse brand that allows you to check DPI using buttons is Razer.

  • Navigate to the Razer Synapse webpage in your browser.
  • Wait for the download to finish after pressing the “Download Now” button.
  • Install and run the program.
  • Navigate to the “Performance” tab with your mouse.
  • This window should provide you with information about your mouse DPI.
  • If you want to alter it, turn on “Sensitivity Levels” and choose how many stages you want. After that, just apply the desired step, and you’re set to go.

7. Logitech Mouse Performance

DPI buttons are included on Logitech devices, allowing you to monitor your settings. If you use a Logitech device, you can check and alter your DPI by following these steps:

  • Look for the DPI button on your device’s side or top.
  • Depending on the model, you can vary your DPI by sliding or pressing the button.
  • The DPI setting will appear on your screen for a brief period, and you should be notified of the change mouse DPI.
Logitech Mouse Performance
  • A DPI shift button is found on several Logitech models, allowing you to switch to low settings for increased accuracy temporarily.
  • After releasing the button, the gadget returns to its previous DPI setting.

Logitech Gaming Software can be downloaded if your device lacks a DPI button. Most peripherals come with software installation CDs, but it is also available for download.

  • Locate the “Automatic Game Detection” option on your home screen.
  • Press the “On” button and click the pointer-gear icon to open a new window to activate the option.
Logitech profiles
  • Your current DPI should now be visible. You should see a variety of options depending on your model.

What Is Ideal Mouse DPI Settings For Games?

The DPI that you prefer is the optimal DPI. It is entirely a matter of personal taste. For gaming, quick reflexes and more comfortable targeting alternatives are required, but typical users’ DPI movement spans from roughly 2000 DPI.

A gamer concentrates on the entire screen, looking for more effortless mouse movement to shoot multiple foes. It necessitates a higher DPI at roughly 7000. On the other hand, a mouse with a DPI of more than 8000 may be available.

The mouse’s DPI varies depending on the game they’re playing.

  • Gamers prefer a DPI range of 1500 to 2000 for shooting and targeting games.
  • 1200 to 1400 DPI is a good DPI range for RPG games.


The mouse is an important device that allows them to aim and control their emotions. I’ve talked about DPI on the mouse and come up with a few different ways to modify DPI on the mouse. To modify mouse DPI, try all options and see which one works best for you.


How To Change Your Mouse DPI Settings In Windows 10?

Select the “Settings” option. In the settings menu, select the “Devices” option. Select “Mouse” and then “Additional mouse” choices from the drop-down menu. To modify the DPI, go to the “Pointer” option and move the slider.

Is 1000 DPI Good For Gaming?

A lower DPI of 500 to 1000 is perfect for FPS and other shooter games. For MOBA games, you simply require 500 to 800 DPI. For Real-Time Strategy games, a resolution of 1000 to 1200 DPI is perfect.

Is 800 DPI better?

The native/default DPI of most mice is 800 DPI or below. Using this number ensures the best possible performance by eliminating settings like acceleration that have a detrimental impact on performance. Low sensitivity helps you to aim and track with greater precision.

How Do I Set My Mouse To 400 DPI?

Open the “mouse and keyboard control center,” select the mouse you want to use, choose the basic settings, find the mouse’s sensitivity level, and make the necessary modifications. The majority of elite players use a DPI between 400 to 800.

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