5 Solutions To Fix Amazon Account On Hold (2022)

If you have an Amazon account and get an email saying “Your Amazon account is temporarily suspended”, you’ve come to the right place. Our easy guide on “How to Fix My Amazon Account on Hold” will help you access your Amazon account in the least frustrating and convenient way and answer an important customer question regarding “Why is my Amazon account suspended”. But first, let’s dive into our support options to fix your Amazon account suspended issue with this easy guide.


How to remove comment on amazon account?

Amazon can lock or keep any type of account depending on security reasons, even if it’s an annual Prime account or a reputable five-star seller account. In most cases, Amazon may put your Amazon account on hold after ordering because the billing details on the invoice do not match the information on the card issued during the transaction. According to Amazon, such strict measures are taken for preventive security purposes, such as stopping identity theft or using your Amazon account for a dropshipping business.

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This complete guide aims to correct any misunderstanding that Amazon executives may have with your account, and thus fix your suspended Amazon account. Even if your Amazon account gets locked, we can help, so don’t lose hope and keep reading!

Solutions to Fix a Suspended Amazon Account

  1. Contact Amazon Customer Service Support via email
  2. Contact Amazon Customer Service through your cell phone
  3. Connect with customer support through live chat
  4. Upload documents to Amazon directly
  5. Send an email to the Amazon CEO’s office

1. Contact Amazon Customer Support via email

Contact Amazon Customer Service Support via email
  • First, if your Amazon account is suspended, it is necessary to find Amazon account temporarily suspended by email It is sent to your email account registered with Amazon.
  • You can contact an Amazon account specialist by replying directly via email.
  • Make sure to connect the document and information required in return to restore your Amazon account.

If you did not receive any Amazon account on a suspended email, then proceed with these steps:

  • Open a browser on any device (preferably a laptop) and head to the official Amazon page.
  • Click on need help? Link in the Login column and expand the list of options.
  • Journalism Other problems with logging in.
login column
  • Choose Account and login problems listed under Support Options, then tap I cannot login to my personal account.
  • You will receive an email immediately, under which you will compose an email describing the conditions under which seller or buyer accounts have been temporarily suspended, mention all personal details such as the email address of the phone contact, and finally request that the account be reinstated.
  • Soon, you will receive a response from Customer Service on your email address containing your Amazon account on the booking form and the steps required to unlock your account.
  • You can place more inquiries by replying to the same email address.

2. Contact Amazon Customer Service through a cell phone:

Contact Amazon Customer Service through your cell phone

If you don’t have internet at the moment, you can use your cell phone to make a call to Amazon customer service from anywhere in the world. Amazon customer service phone numbers are:

  • +1 (206) -266-2992 (if you are from the US)
  • 1-888-230-4331 (if you are outside the US)

After calling the toll-free numbers (based on your carrier information), the automated dialing system will perform a phone number verification by sending an OTP to your cell phone. Soon, you will be put on a waiting list to speak with customer service and patiently waiting for your turn.

While speaking with an Amazon account specialist via your cell phone, properly respond to any question asked by them, and when they have the opportunity, inform them of your situation in detail about situations in which your Amazon account has been suspended. You may be asked:

  • Your Amazon account email address
  • Bank statement of the payment you made against the last order.
  • Proof of your default shipping address
  • Another order invoice can be at the default address

If they find the verified information correct and according to their database, your Amazon account will be suspended.

3. Contact customer support through live chat:

If you are looking for a different way to get your Amazon seller account back on hold, you can try our live customer service support through online chat. To perform these steps, you need to sign in to Amazon with a different business account (create a new one if you don’t have a working account). Follow the steps below to restore your Amazon account:

  • Sign in to your new Amazon account that is not suspended.
  • After logging in, tap call us button, and press Start chatting now Selection.
Start chatting now option
  • The chat box opens similar to other social media sites and collects a short message saying that you received an Amazon account in a suspended email and why they suspended your Amazon account after ordering.
  • After sending a message, an Amazon account specialist will be assigned to you, and type the required information directly into the chat box.
An Amazon account specialist will be assigned to you, and type the required information directly into the chat box
  • Once you check your status, you’ll see your Amazon account reinstated within the next couple of days, if not soon after.

4. Upload Documents to Amazon Directly:

Upload documents to Amazon directly

It becomes easy to get your Amazon account back on hold when you provide them with documents that prove your name, shipping address, billing address, etc. Thus, before you send a pdf of legitimate verified documents, make sure to mail them via your Amazon-e-mail address registrar.

  • Open your email address inbox by entering your credentials.
  • Find the confirmation email sent after your last Amazon order
  • Click the product link inside the email, and it will redirect you to your original Amazon account temporarily.
  • Try to buy any random product from the shopping page. You will see a message saying “Your Amazon account is locked, orders are pending”.
  • Enter the correct billing details to remove the suspended Amazon account after the status of the order, and attach the supporting documents below with the right mention Document Type.

5. Email the Amazon CEO’s Office:

If you still can’t recover your Amazon account, it’s time to send a mail to the Amazon CEO’s office. Amazon has made the email address public, and the same address can be used to query the status of your Amazon account. Email address is [email protected].

While sending mail, include your personal information and buyer or seller account, making it easier to identify your suspended Amazon account. Also, remember to send mail via the email address associated with your Amazon account.


You will get access to your Amazon account suspended within a short time if you follow our complete guide. As the Amazon customer is huge and COVID has hit our world, the actions may take some time to pay off. Leave a comment below to tell us how you managed to get your Amazon account back.

questions and answers

Why is my Amazon account suspended?

Amazon may suspend your account for a number of reasons, among which the most important are:
– Customer privilege abuse case
Suspicious account activity
Unauthorized IP addresses

How to prevent an Amazon account suspended after ordering?

Here are some of the best strategies to reduce the possibility of your Amazon account being suspended in the future:
Avoid using a Prime . account
– Do not buy expensive items from a newly created buyer account.
– Limit the number of redeemable gift cards.
– Use a VPN
Create a backup Amazon account

What is the difference between a suspended Amazon account and a locked account?

An Amazon HOLD account and an Amazon LOCKED account are different status flags set by Amazon on an account, and this is done primarily as a security or precautionary measure.

How long will my Amazon account be suspended?

Your Amazon account will remain on hold for as long as someone from Amazon Customer Service personally browses your account details, reviews them with the IDs you sent them in the mail, and releases the suspension on your Amazon account.

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