6 Fixes For Errors.Com.Epicgames.Fortnite.Invalid_Platform

Fortnite is a game that many gamers love to play but sometimes they face the bug of errorscomepicgamesfortniteinvalid_platform. Fortnite is the go-to battle royale game for hundreds of millions of players across the world.

It is a major product of Epic games which is popular because it is free to play for all. But an online game of that magnitude always encounters some errors. These errors obstruct players from logging in and playing with peers.


One such common error is the “Errors.Com.Epicgames.Fortnite.Invalid_Platform” error. This error blocks you from logging into Epic games and starting playing Fortnite.

If you are facing the “Errors.Com.Epicgames.Fortnite.Invalid_Platform” error and are unable to log in. Don’t worry as we’ve come up with working methods to resolve the issue. Read on to know more about this error’s cause and the methods to resolve it.

Causes For errorscomepicgamesfortniteinvalid_platform issue

The “Errors.Com.Epicgames.Fortnite.Invalid_Platform” error signs that you have multiple logins. It is common for players to sign in on different consoles and PC with the same account.

The problem is that Epic games servers display the error code when you use too many devices. But there are many more causes for the above-mentioned Fortnite game issue:

  • Unresponsive or Down Fortnite game servers
  • Unresponsive or Down Epic Game servers
  • You have a weak/unstable internet connection.
  • You are logged in with one account on many consoles.
  • You are using a VPN service that confuses the Epic game servers with a new location every time.

6 Methods for Errors.com.epicgames.fortnite.invalid_platform Error bug fixes

Here are the six possible bug fixes for the “Errors.com.epicgames.fortnite.invalid_platform“error. Make sure to try these fixes in sequence and troubleshoot your Fortnite game error.

  1. Check The Fortnite Game Status
  2. Restart Your Game
  3. Disconnect Your Consoles
  4. Turn off the Proxy server or VPN
  5. Restart Epic Games Store
  6. Register For A New Account

Check The Fortnite Game Status

The culprit behind the “Errors.Com.Epicgames.Fortnite.Invalid_Platform” error can be a server issue. Before any conclusions, it is arriving to check the Fortnite website.

You can learn about the latest server issues that may be affecting your login process. You can also check the official Twitter handle of Epic Games and Fortnite. Any updated information about the game and platform is first published on social channels. So, you can instantly know that the issue is due to a glitch in the server.

CheckFor Errors.com.epicgames.fortnite.invalid_platform issue

You can face login issues and abrupt logouts if the Epic game servers encounter an error. It can also be due to a periodic maintenance schedule or partial server crashing.

Sometimes, servers are overloaded with player requests and they drop your login request. So, analyze all these issues and check for any new updates about a server glitch. If there’s no such thing and you encounter the error, then try other fixes listed below.

Restart Your Game

The next best way to evade the Fortnite error is to restart the game. You can press the escape key on the PC and then exit to the main menu. After that, you can quit the game and exit to the game launcher.

You can take an extra step and restart your PC. To restart your Windows PC, do as follows:

  • firstly, close the epic games launcher.
close and fix epic games launcher
  • If you are unable to close it or minimize to the system tray, then close it using task manager.
  • Open the task manager by pressing the Ctrl key + Alt key + delete key at once.
  • Now, find the epic games launcher task and right-click on it.
  • Find the end task option from the context menu and click on it.
close epic games launcher
  • Now, the Epic games launcher will be terminated by the task manager.
  • Press Alt key + F4 to open the power management window.
  • Now, select restart from the list and press enter to start the restart process.
  • Now, open the Fortnite game and enter a match to see if the error pops up.

Disconnect Your Consoles from Epic Account (PlayStation, Xbox)

If you have many active logins from different consoles, then you may encounter the error. A simple method to resolve this error is by disconnecting your other console logins. By doing this simple logout process, you can avoid the error. To disconnect your consoles from your Epic Account, do as follows:

  • Open the browser on your system. Now open the epic games website.
  • Sign in to your epic games account by entering your credentials.
  • Now, move your mouse pointer to the account name and click on it.
  • Find the Accounts in the drop-down menu and then click on it.
epic games online login
  • Now, navigate to the right-hand side menu and find the Connections option.
disconnect consoles from epic games
  • Open the Connections option and click on the Accounts tab.
  • Now, find your accounts that are already linked from different consoles.
disconnect gaming console
  • You can unlink the Playstation account, Xbox account, and Nintendo account.
  • Click on the disconnect Playstation button. A warning pop-up window will open.
  • Select all the checkboxes and then click on the Unlink button.

Note: Once you Unlink your consoles, you will lose all your shared data. Moreover, you will lose all your progress and history. But you can simply re-login on your console.

Turn off the Proxy server or VPN

Many players use VPNs to bypass geolocation restrictions. VPN services also offer great geo-unblocking features and anonymity. But the Epic Games server may generate the error if you use VPN to log in. A VPN assigns a new IP address every time you use it. So, you will send the request to Fornite servers with a new IP every time.

This can lead to the servers blocking your login requests/platform issue. So, it is best to not use VPN to log in to Fortnite servers. If you want to use it, make sure you have a dedicated IP address. You can get a dedicated IP address from your VPN provider.

The dedicated IP address will trick the servers that you are logging in using a single IP address. If this doesn’t work, there is something other that is causing the Fortnite error.

Restart Epic Games Launcher

Restarting the Epic Games Launcher can resolve the “Errors.Com.Epicgames.Fortnite.Invalid_Platform”. Most of us think that Epic Games Launcher shuts down after clicking the close button.

But the Epic Games Launcher is minimized to the system tray. It keeps running until you close it from there. To completely close the launcher, do as follows:

  • Click the close button to Close the Epic Games Launcher.
close epic games launcher
  • Now, move to the system tray and right-click on the launcher icon.
  • Then, click on the Exit option to close the launcher.
exit epic games launcher
  • Now, do a computer system restart and reopen the Epic Games Launcher.
  • Run Fortnite and check if the error code still appears.

Register For A New Account

You can register for a new Epic Games Account to resolve the error. This method will require creating a new account for playing Fortnite. You will lose all your achievements and progress of the previous account. Moreover, you cannot transfer any skins, achievements from your other account.

So, follow this step only if you are unable to resolve the error using all the other options. Creating a new Epic Games account is super easy and you can use your Google/Facebook account too.

  • Open the Epic Games website in your browser.
  • Now, click on the Sign-in icon in the top left corner.
  • A new pop-up window with all the possible sign-in options appears.
  • Click the sign-up button located at the end.
  • Now, pick any one of the sign-up methods and then proceed.
  • Fill in the password and then create your account.
  • Now, try to install and run Fortnite to check if an error pops up or not.


These were six useful methods to fix the “Errors.Com.Epicgames.Fortnite.Invalid_Platform” error. You can try restarting and checking server status first. After that, move on to the VPN fix and disconnect consoles from your account. If these bug fixes fail to solve your issue, you can contact the official support channels. They can troubleshoot your error code and suggest possible solutions for the same.


Why Is My Fortnite Game Not Working?

There can be many issues for the Fortnite game not working on your PC. It could be the case of a missing game file or server-related issues. It could also be due to the outdated Epic Game Launcher or new pending game updates.

How Do You Fix Fortnite Game Error?

You need to check and note down the Fortnite game error displayed on the screen. You can check for the error on the official website and possible fixes. You have to narrow down the error’s cause; whether it is hardware or software-related.

What Does Error Code 91 Mean On Fortnite?

The error code 91 means that your request to join a party was not completed. This error code 91 pops up if the party declines your request to join them. It can also arise due to a technical glitch on the game server.

Why Can’t I Join Friends On Fortnite?

You cannot join friends on Fortnite if they have kept the party’s privacy to private. You can ask them to change their privacy to public so that anyone with a link can join. Adding them to your friend’s list can also give direct access to the party.

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