6 iOS and Swift Projects to Learn iOS App Development

Hello folks, if you are learning iOS App development and looking for some project ideas to understand the concepts better and apply your existing knowledge, you have come to the right place.

Earlier, I have shared the best iOS and Swift courses, and today, I will talk about five cool projects you can do to learn iOS app development and master several key concepts like UI, Core ML, Speech to text, and other APIs.

Since it’s very common for people to get stuck while doing projects, I have also included guide courses, both free and paid, which you can join to learn how to do these projects step by step.

For those trying to create iOS apps, there are many programming languages ​​to do that, such as React, Native, Flutter, Objective-C, and of course, the famous one is Swift.

This programming language is the official one adopted by apple company to create iOS and macOS applications, and the syntax is very easy to learn and implement.

The better way to learn swift or any programming language is through practicing creating as many projects as possible and not only watching courses on YouTube or reading books and articles and calling yourself an iOS developer unless you have developed many apps, even if they are not that awkward

In this article, you will get many project ideas to start creating your iOS application using Swift and enrich your resume with projects so you can later showcase your skills to your employee for a job or have a good portfolio if you want to be a freelance developer .

Suppose you are new to iOS and Swift programming language. I highly recommend you go through a comprehensive iOS course like iOS & Swift 5 – The Complete iOS Bootcamp course by Dr. Angela Yu on Udemy. This course is the best to learn iOS and is trusted by more than 190K students. You will learn both iOS and Swift quickly and never regret your decision.

6 Best iOS App Development Project Ideas for Beginners

Here is a list of iOS project ideas for beginners without wasting your time. You can do this project to learn both Swift and iOS development by yourself.

There is no better way to learn than doing projects, but we are often stuck while doing projects. I have also included links to both free and paid courses that you can join to complete those projects.

1. Create a Weather App

In this project, you have to create a weather app that can show you the current weather for your location, like 24 hours forecasting and choosing any location and getting their weather at that moment with a beautiful user interface.

This project has been created, and you can refer to it in a Udemy course called Make Weather App in Swift If you get stuck with the code or the API where you get the data and show it on the app screen or if there is any trouble you might face in the development cycle.

If you like watching YouTube for learning, you can also watch this YouTube Video to learn how to develop Weather App using iOS and Swift.

2. Develop a Financial App

You will build a financial app where it has three pages. The first page shows how much money you have in your balance or credit card with some charts on the bottom of the screen and the second one has an option to add your credit card transactions whether you spend or you receive money, and the third page has the dates and the amount of money you’ve spent in all the time.

The project might be a bit complex, especially adding charts, because you need to use a third-party service to implement that. If you get stuck creating this project, you can refer to this course, Learn To Build A Financial App, on Udemy for the solution and more info.

3. Create an iOS Question AnswerApp With BERT

You will develop a question-answer app using BERT, Core ML, and Speech API from Apple and iOS SDK. It explores the world of machine learning from an application developer’s perspective. It explains the world of word embeddings, the fundamental technology behind text processing.

The project was created before in a course on Udemy called Building iOS Question Answer App with BERT with step by step guide so you can use it as a reference to your project in case you couldn’t make this application.

4. Add Facebook Login to Your App

As everyone knows that Facebook has more than 2 billion active users, which means adding a social login button to your app will make it more professional, so in this project, you will have to create any kind you like and then add the Facebook login button to that app to make it truly social.

This project should be easy and not complex at all but a beginner might have some trouble implementing this option; for that, you can watch this course called How to Add Facebook Login to Your App on Udemy for more info.

5. Build a Sticker App

This project is straightforward, and all you have to do is create a sticker picks app with a good user interface, and at the bottom, you need to create a section where you promote the apps you earlier created and published in the app store.

The project should be straightforward, but if you have trouble implementing those things, you probably have to watch this course called Build a customizable Sticker App for iOS on Udemy to solve Build a customizable Sticker App for iOS in Udemy for the solution to your problems.

6. Build an Instagram Clone

This is another interesting project idea to learn app development. Since we all have used Instagram, we are familiar with its core functionality like following people, newsfeed, reels, uploading photos and videos, etc.

When you build a project which you have used, then you only need to focus on the technology part and not on the functionality of the project, and that makes the task 50% easier, and that’s the reason I love building things like WhatsApp clone, Instagram clone , or Twitter clone.

Though you don’t need to build a full-fledged Instagram app as it will take you years, you should try to make the first cut with minimal functionality like uploading photos, sharing, following people, and newsfeed.

This itself is not a trivial task, and you’ll hit will a lot of blockers like how to save data, how to retrieve data, how to keep your app fast, secure, and look good at the same time, and that’s where you will learn and gain experience in app development.

Suppose you ever get stuff or need guidance; You can always look to this Instagram Firestore App Clone course where the instructor teaches you Instagram Firestore App Clone course where the instructor teaches you to how to build an Instagram app using iOS and Swift step by step. I like this kind of project-based course and highly recommend it to anyone serious about learning app development.

best iOS And Swift project ideas for beginners

Fig. 1 Instagram Firestore App Clone

That’s all for this article about the best projects you can do to learn to build iOS apps using the Swift programming language and if you want more projects to create, then here is this course called The Complete iOS Apps Developer Course (Project base) for projects like:

  • 1. Calculator App
  • 2. Pokemon App
  • 3. Tic-Tac-Toe App
  • 4. Restaurant Menu App
  • 5. Zoo App
  • 6. Twitter App
  • 7. Core ML app
  • 8. WhatsApp using Firebase

Learning new techniques and building mobile apps needs to get your hands dirty about creating projects as much as possible to leverage the power of that language and enhance your knowledge and skills.

Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these iOS app development projects for beginners, please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, please drop a note.

PS – If you want to do one thing at this moment to kickstart your iOS App Development journey, go and join the iOS & Swift 5 – The Complete iOS Bootcamp course by Dr. Angela Yu on Udemy. This course is the best course to learn iOS and is trusted by more than 190K students. You will learn both iOS and Swift quickly and never regret your decision.


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