7 Best IDEs for AngularJS App Development

Are you planning to develop an app that can rule the online world and help you boost your business? You have to focus on several things in the process. According to a report by RiskIQ, there are 8.9 million apps in the digital world, so you need to know how to ensure your apps appear. The application should be simple and fulfill the purpose for which it was made.

Today, companies focus on keeping development code simple so that developers don’t have to struggle with managing it and can make required changes in the application. In this way, improvements can be made at any level and errors also removed in application development.

“Less is more when it comes to code” is a new area of ​​focus for developers, and AngularJS has proven to be the best for this type of coding. Therefore, AngularJS development company motivates developers to focus on fast and simple coding.

You should think about how to develop a robust and scalable application by writing a few lines of coding. For this, you need a clear roadmap for your mobile app development, and it starts from knowledge of important AngularJS IDEs that help simplify coding.

So, let’s start the journey.

A quick overview of AngularJS and Angular

AngularJS is an open source front end framework and is used for developing dynamic web pages. This framework uses the JavaScript programming language and was developed by Google to simplify coding and testing for developers.

With the help of client-side MVC (Model View Controller) and MVVM (Model View Model) architectures, AngularJS developers ensure the quality of the application.

Now, this should lead to some questions.

Then why is Angular offered?

Some time ago, vanillaJS and JQuery were popular among developers for building dynamic websites. But once the blade grew more, turning over the boring blade became difficult. Maintaining large code requires more resources, time and effort, jQuery does not provide scope for handling data.

To get around these issues, Angular was introduced. It helps break the code into parts for easy handling.

What are the advantages of AngularJS over other frameworks?

Cross-browser, interactive and user friendly web applications are possible with the help of AngularJS. Moreover, this framework analyzes the DOM page and helps in reducing the length of the code compared to other frameworks. Therefore, due to these reasons, AngularJS is preferred by developers in many companies.

But without an integrated development environment, it is not possible to develop a high-quality application with less code. So, some IDEs came into the picture. Take a look at them below.

Best IDEs for AngularJS Application Development to Simplify Coding

Angular IDEs simplify the efforts required by developers, and can provide the best result in a short time. So, here are the best IDEs for developers like you.


This powerful code editor is developed by Jetbrains. With the help of built-in TypeScript, you can develop Angular 2 applications easily. You don’t have to rely on external plugins as they allow code to be compiled using pure vanilla JavaScript.

WebStorm supports HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, and CSS. You can ensure robust navigation and rebuilding in applications developed using the WebStorm IDE for AngularJS. Moreover, it allows integration with visual studio code with smart coding.

2. Sublime text

Many developers use this text editor because it is flexible to adapt to any programming environment. In addition, it is lightweight and stable, allowing developers to program freely and effectively. Sublime has the ability to run many files simultaneously and does not cause any problems. Moreover, it works accurately while checking regular expressions and case sensitive characters.

Sublime supports editing of TypeScript code and enhances custom functionality in an application or website. Developers do not have to write code for different platforms, because with the help of Sublime, they can easily do cross-platform editing.

3. Braces

Brackets is a popular source code editor among developers. It supports cross-platform development and allows HTML, CSS and JavaScript editing functions. Besides supporting many languages, the IDE is good even for novice programmers. You can use different plugins in it to support different languages ​​to get additional features.

You can perform live editing by previewing the code in real time. So, with many useful features, the IDE makes the application building process easy and creative for developers. That is why it is also called a modern editor with a visual tool.

4. Atom

Atom is released by GitHub and it brings regular updates in the IDE for Angular developers. You can use it for Android, Mac, Linux and many other operating systems. Thanks to the flexible programming environment, developers can implement their work style and effectively meet the development requirements.

Automatic code hints, static type checking, and code introspection functions facilitate developers’ work so that they can optimize code more accurately. You can also make simple yet attractive tweaks like the background color.

5. Aptana Studio

It is an open source IDE that is suitable for many of the best front-end frameworks. Aptana is a customized version of Eclipse and focuses on JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It contains many plugins to allow different extensions in application development. You can also use it for different frameworks and libraries.

Many developers use it for AJAX applications, but now they prefer it for other types of applications as well. It consists of an integrated debugger that helps save the time it gives developers to use external debuggers. With the help of Eclipse Marketplace, you can easily install AngularJS Eclipse and use it for development.

6. Code Visual Studio

Developed by Microsoft for Linux, Windows, and OS X. Visual studio has code refactoring features, and is a powerful AngularJS IDE that provides continuous help for web development.

Syntax highlighting and code snippets make the development process easier for many novice developers. This IDE supports multiple languages, and many AngularJS development companies specify it for quick debugging and easy customization.


You can use it to quickly develop into TypeScript projects, and with the help of a single NPM command, you can complete the installation. You can avoid common UX mistakes with the ALM IDE because it is easy to use and removes all barriers to using TypeScript.

ALM IDE is lightweight and specifically designed for TypeScript that you can understand through its features. It is cloud-based and supports multiple browsers.

These are some good IDEs that simplify the work of AngularJS developers. For on-demand applications, this front-end framework has been the vital choice due to its IDEs that help develop custom products with simple coding.

to go forward

There is already a massive developer exodus from AngularJS due to React, Vue, and CLI, but it has opened the way for Angular to get all these advanced features and simplify coding even more. Angular 8 came with these features.

Furthermore, IVY is a next-generation angular and pipeline engine for rendering and assembly. It has an amazing speed, and as a result, the loading is very fast even during network issues. In addition, this helps to assemble the components more independently and effectively. Thus, Angular has plans to develop content for Angular applications and do performance profiling with it.


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