7 Fixes For Hulu Error Code 2(-998)

You are in the middle of the events in your favorite Hulu Series and just when the climax is going to be reached, you get snapped out of your leisure time and get rewarded with the notorious Hulu error code 2(-998) error message. Imagine how disturbing such a situation is going to be for you.

Since you are here, it is probable that you too have come across this frustrating message from the online streaming service of Hulu. Several Hulu users have been a victim of this agonizing problem.

After all, no one expects to get disturbed in the middle of watching their long-awaited series. Keep reading this article till the end so that you don’t miss out on the miraculous fixes we suggest to you here. Troubleshoot like a pro and you won’t have to rest your eyes on this “error code 2: 998” Hulu anymore.

What is the Error Code 2(-998)?

Among the several error codes that the Hulu app comes up with, error code 2 (-998) is one such message that several users have experienced. Often, fluctuations in internet connectivity result in the emergence of this error code. No matter if you are watching the content on Android, smartphone, or laptop, this error code may surprise you anytime.

Although this error code is a temporary one, there is nothing to worry about. By following a series of troubleshooting steps, you can fix this issue quickly. Before we shift our focus to check out the array of fixes to get rid of this error code, let’s first take a quick look at the causes that trigger the appearance of Hulu Error Code 2(-998).

Causes of Hulu Error Code 2(-998)

Usually, the core reason behind the error code of -998 appearing in the Hulu app is the fluctuation in internet connectivity. If you have got an unstable internet connection, it won’t be quite an unusual thing for you to encounter this error message on your device.

In most cases, this error message gets displayed on your laptop or smartphone screen while you are in the middle of watching any movies or TV series. The abruptness of this error code is quite irritating. But, the factors behind the appearance of this error code are nothing that complex.

You may get the error message in Hulu if:

  • You have got an out-of-date or expired version of the software.
  • Your device has intrinsic technical problems.
  • You lack a strong internet bandwidth or have an unstable internet connection.
  • The Hulu app on your device is of an older version and has not been updated for a long time.
  • The exclusive server of Hulu has certain technical flaws or rather, to be said in simple terms, the Hulu server is down.

Now that you have got a slight inkling of the probable reasons behind the emergence of the Hulu error code 2 (-998), let’s dig deeper into the remedial measures to get rid of this problem.

Fixing Hulu Error Code 2(-998)

Hulu error code 2 (-998) may result in a complete stoppage of the video that you are watching and prevent you from watching your favorite actors live in action on-screen. Try out the following solutions and check which one of these aids you in restoring your Hulu app back to normal condition.

  1. Force Shut Down The Hulu App
  2. Power Cycle Your Streaming Device
  3. Look for Pending Updates on Hulu
  4. Clearing Cache Memory and Data
  5. Uninstall and Reinstall The Hulu App
  6. Check The Subscription Validity
  7. Connect with Hulu Support Team

Fix 1: Force Shut Down The Hulu App

error code 2 998 hulu


You can fix the Hulu error of 998 by trying out this easy solution. Just force shut down the application to see if the problem is being resolved.

For Android TV

  • Go to the Settings section on your Android TV.
  • Navigate to Application under the Settings.
  • From the list of all the installed apps on your Android TV, search for Hulu App.
  • Click on the Hulu App and you will get an option of Force Stop.
  • Select the Force Stop button to lead the app to complete termination and stop the app from functioning on your Android TV.

For Android Phone/Tablet

  • Open the Settings option on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Move to Apps. From there, hover to the section consisting of a list of all the installed apps on your smartphone.
  • Search for the Hulu app and go to the sub-option of Settings.
  • Tap on Force Stop and confirm the app termination by pressing on Yes.
  • Later, you can restart your device and again open the app to see if the problem has been solved.

Fix 2: Power Cycle Your Streaming Device

  • Once you have pressed the Force Stop or Force Shut Down button and terminated the app from your streaming device, power cycle it.
  • Turn off your modem or router too and power off your streaming device. Unplug everything from the main source of power and don’t do anything for a few minutes.
  • Once you have allowed the devices to stay in the ‘power off’ state, plug the devices into main power and restart all of these.
  • No matter if you are using the Android TV or smartphone/tablet, just restart the device and then re-launch the Hulu app. Now, open the app and play your favorite content to check if the problem still persists.
  • If the problem has not yet been solved, move to the next solution.

Fix 3: Look for Pending Updates on Hulu

Computer keyboard with update word key

Having an outdated app may result in the emergence of the error code of 998. Check if your Hulu app is updated so that you can get rid of this error message. Try out the following solutions to check for pending updates on the Hulu app.

For Android TV

  • Go to Settings and select Apps.
  • Open the Google Play Store on your smart TV.
  • Select My Apps and search for Hulu.
  • Under Hulu App, click on the Update option.
  • Download the updates and don’t fret till these get installed on your TV.
  • Hopefully, the problem will be solved now. If not, move to the next solution.

For Android Phone/Tablet

  • Click on Google Play Store from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Move to Hulu App.
  • Tap on the Update button and give your device some time till all the updates get downloaded and successfully installed on your smartphone.
  • Now, Restart your device and reopen the app.
  • Check if the problem gets solved. If it still persists, move to the next solution.

Fix 4: Clearing Cache Memory and Data

Often, clearing cache and clogged data from the memory leads the app to function effectively, thus rendering a removal of the persisting error message.

For Android TV

  • Go to Settings from the main Home page.
  • Open Hulu from the list of installed applications.
  • Choose the options of Clear Cache & Clear Data.
  • Now, reopen the app to see if the problem has been removed.

For Android Phone/Tablet

  • Tap on Settings>Apps.
  • Select Hulu and then choose the Storage option.
  • Touch on the Clear Cache option.
  • Then, select Clear Data to remove it and now see if you have succeeded in getting rid of the problem.

Fix 5: Uninstall and Reinstall The Hulu App

Uninstall app
  • Go to Settings.
  • Navigate to Apps and then choose Hulu.
  • Simply select the Uninstall option.
  • Now, open the Google Play Store to download the Hulu App.
  • Once the app has been reinstalled on your device, be it Android TV, smartphone or tablet, stream your favorite content and see if the error code has been removed. If it has not yet been removed, try out the next set of solutions.

Fix 6: Check The Subscription Validity

Video streaming device

Hulu error code 2(-998) often occurs when your subscription to this app has expired. Taking a quick look at your subscription may help you to understand the reasons behind the cropping up of the error message on your screen. Here’s how you can do it!

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on your Name.
  • Choose the Subscription button situated at the upper portion of the menu.
  • Now, click on Hulu.

An array of subscription statuses will open up.

  • The information under the Expired/Expires section will show you the exact date when your subscription plan is going to expire or has expired.
  • Under the Pending section, you will be provided with the information if the payment has been done or is yet to be made.
  • The Renews tab will let you know the date when your subscription package is going to be renewed and you will get to know if you are subscribed to it.

If your subscription plan has got expired, you can renew it to watch any content you like. In that way, the error message will also be removed.

Fix 7: Connect with Hulu Support Team

Hulu support team

If none of the above fixes works for you, the last thing you can try out is this- connect with Hulu Support Team.

Hulu Online Chat can be easily availed of and the Customer Support Staff will aid you in tracing the root of the error message.

Make sure all your Hulu account-related information is readily available to you so that you can provide the Hulu staff with the necessary inputs required to solve the problem.


I keep getting a reoccurring error code on Hulu. Why?

The reason behind this issue could be that there is an inherent problem with your streaming device. Or, your internet connection might even be poor. If the server of Hulu is down, you may also get a reoccurring error code on Hulu.

What Could Be The Reason Why Hulu Error Rununk13 Keeps Occurring?

If you get this error code, know that it is time that you update your Android device along with the app. Clearing the cache of the browser and the app together might also help you get rid of this error message.

Can I Update Hulu On A Smart TV?

You can always update Hulu on a smart TV by heading to the TV & Video from the XMB Menu. Select All Apps and then click on Hulu. Choose Options present in the controller and ultimately select Check for Updates.

How Can I Reset The Hulu On My TV?

You can reset Hulu on your TV by selecting Settings and then click All Apps>Hulu. Now, select Settings and press Clear cache. Revert back to Home and launch the Hulu app to check if the problem has been resolved.

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