7 Fixes For Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting

Xbox controller disconnecting during a gaming session could be frustrating. It is all the more frustrating when the issue keeps on repeating. But, the problem might not be as big as you think.

Sometimes there are weak signals or a minor system glitch that you can solve in a few minutes. So, if you are encountering the same situation, then here are some of the quick fixes for the same. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s have a look at them!

Solutions For Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting

  1. Reboot Your Xbox Controller
  2. Disconnect And Reconnect Your Controller Once Again
  3. Update The Driver Of Your Xbox Controller
  4. Ensure That The Firmware Is Updated
  5. Enclose The Distance Between Your Controller And Console
  6. Check The Batteries Of Your Xbox Controller
  7. Use Other Controller

Solutions For Xbox Controller Keeps Disconnecting

1. Reboot Your Xbox Controller

Xbox controller black - Xbox Controller Keeps Disconnecting

Whenever any connection issue arises, the foremost thing to do is restart the system. Likewise, if your controller is disconnecting from the console, try rebooting your console.

By rebooting, the connection gets restored again. Thus, providing better signals. Also, restarting the devices eliminates technical glitches that might be causing the problem. So, to reboot your console, you can follow these instructions:

  • Long press the Power button to turn off your console.
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds before pressing the Power button
  • Now, to turn your console back on, press down the Power button again.

Once you have rebooted your console, retry connecting it to your controller. You can do the same with your PC as well. If the issue is not solved, you can follow other solutions mentioned in this article.

2. Disconnect And Reconnect Your Controller Once Again

Windows Bluetooth and devices for Xbox Controller

You can take this method as an extension to the previous one. But, this time, you will unplug the cables as well to restore the weak connection. All you need to do is unplug the connection cable and plug it in again.

After that, reboot the system and reconnect your controller with the console. Check whether it has solved the error or not. If not, you can further try to change the cables altogether and use the new ones.

Nonetheless, if you are using a wireless connection, then low bandwidth could be the issue. Thus, to fix it, you need to pair both the devices again after disconnecting them. So, to reconnect your controller with the console, follow these steps:

Steps for Xbox
  • Long press on the connector’s connect button till the button on the Xbox flashes.
  • Repeat the above step with the controller.
  • Check whether your Xbox controller has established a connection once again or not.
Steps For Windows PC
  • Open the Settings and Click on the Bluetooth and Devices option.
  • From the paired devices list, find your Xbox controller.
  • Now open the menu and remove it from the list.
  • The guide button of your Xbox controller will start to flash.
  • To pair the devices again, click on the Piering button on your Xbox controller.
  • On your PC, open the Bluetooth settings and tap on the Add a Bluetooth device option.
  • The name of your controller will appear on the list. Tap on it to pair.

Once the pairing is done, the given issue should not arise again. But if the problem persists, try using a wired connection to detect whether it’s a weak signal. Besides, it’s possible that your console is the source of the problem.

3. Update The Driver Of Your Xbox Controller

Xbox accessories app on Microsoft Store for the Windows 10 users

The controller driver helps in connecting your controller to the console. So, if you are using its outdated version, then it’s natural to face connection issues. Also, check whether you are using the correct driver as if it’s the wrong one then also the said issue arises.

To overcome this situation, you can set Windows 10 to update it through your computer system. In such cases, updating the driver is the smart move. If you wish to do so, follow the steps given below:

  • Open Windows 10 on your PC and go to the Xbox Accessories app. If you have not installed the application, you can do so by downloading it from Microsoft Store.
  • Before proceeding, ensure that you have connected the controller to your PC. You can use an Xbox wireless adapter or a USB cable to connect the controller.
  • If your controller is not up-to-date, then a message will appear stating Update Required. So update it.
  • Once it’s updated, click on the Close button.

Also, keep in mind that you need to keep the Xbox Accessories app open throughout the process. After you have updated the driver, restart the devices for better results.

4. Ensure That The Firmware Is Updated

Xbox Live Official Website

If your Xbox controller keeps on disconnecting, it’s important to update the firmware. Many people confuse the drivers and firmware. While drivers are crucial to connect your controller to a console, firmware is also vital.

This is so because it operates the controller. Thus, if your driver is up-to-date, then check whether your firmware is also up-to-date or not. If it’s not, then the issue lies right there as your controller might be facing difficulty in operating.

As a result, it keeps disconnecting from the console. So, to update your firmware, follow the instructions given below:

  • Connect the console with your Xbox controller using a USB cable.
  • Go to the Xbox Live and log in to your account on your console.
  • Now take your controller and go to the menu.
  • Open the Settings.
  • Now click on the Devices and Accessories option.
  • Tap on your controller from the given list.
  • To update the firmware, tap on the Update option.
  • Finally, to continue, click on the Continue option.

If you are using the latest version, a message will appear stating No updates needed. Thus, you can refrain from it. Otherwise, install the latest version. Reboot the system once you have completed the process.

5. Enclose The Distance Between Your Controller And Console

Xbox series s controller black with console close distance

If you are not using a wire connection then the weak wireless connection might be the issue. So, check whether your Xbox controller is within the range of your console. Also, a significant distance can result in network interruption. Thus, the controller keeps disconnecting from the console.

The quick fix for it is that you can play games while being within the range. This way, you can enjoy the fast response as the connection is stronger from up close. Another thing to keep in mind is the facing of the console and the controller.

If the controller is not in front of the console, then that could result in deviated signals. Thus, to avoid it make sure that you have placed the console in the most suitable position.

6. Check The Batteries Of Your Xbox Controller

Varta high energy batteries

A wireless controller has a drawback of a draining battery. So, if you use a wireless controller to play games, always have spare batteries. Ensure that the batteries you are using are not weak.

Also, you can check for the power percentage on the home screen as it’s displayed there. But if you have a rechargeable controller, make sure to keep them charged.

If you use batteries, then go for the AA ones for best results. For a better experience, use AA disposable batteries rather than chargeable ones.

7. Use Other Controller

The last and final resort is to check whether your controller is the source of the issue. Besides, people blame the console while the controller is responsible. So, to figure this out, you need to have another controller.

In case you do not have one, you can borrow it from your friend. Now, take another controller, connect it to your console and check its functioning. If it works, then the issue is your previous controller. But, if it doesn’t work, then it’s possible that your console needs a service.

Conclusion – Xbox X and Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting

These are the only methods you can try out on your own for a quick fix. We have covered everything from rebooting the controller to updating the driver or firmware.

If the problem is minor, then these methods should work. But, if you have tried all the methods and nothing seems to work, then it’s time for a professional to step in.

Performing these methods wouldn’t have gone to waste as now you might know where the problem lies. If it’s your controller or console, you can take it to the store for repair. Also, if your controller is too old, it would be better to buy a new one to avoid future problems.

FAQs – Why Does My Controller Keep Disconnecting Xbox

What To Do If Xbox Keeps Disconnecting?

There are a handful of things that might be responsible for this issue. So, to overcome it, you need to first identify the cause. You can start by checking the bandwidth issues. Also, reboot the equipment providing a network to your console and controller. Ensure whether you are using updated firmware and driver.

Does The Xbox Controller Work On A PC?

If the PC game you want to play is compatible with your Xbox controller, then you can play it on a PC. You can use a wireless connection or a USB cable to connect your Xbox controller to your PC. But, if the game is not compatible with Xbox, you can’t play the game with an Xbox controller.

Can You Use An Xbox Controller On PlayStation?

The idea of ​​connecting your Xbox controller to PlayStation looks appealing. But you can’t do so as PlayStation is a different console. Thus, it’s not compatible with the Xbox controller. Likewise, you can’t play any Xbox games on a Playstation.

Is Bluetooth Better For Xbox Controllers Or Wire?

Most of the time, the disconnecting error arises in cases of wireless connection. Not to mention, you have to stay within a specific range for the smooth functioning of the controller. Thus, if you have to choose between Bluetooth and a wired connection, you must go with the wired one. Also, the wired connection provides you with a faster response.

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