8 Best React Native Project Ideas for Beginners

Hi Devs, If you want to learn React Native and are looking for creative project ideas and tutorials, you are in the right place. In this article, I will share with you cool and cool projects for learning React Native for Beginners.

From my own experience of learning many technical skills including React Native, I can say that building projects are indeed the best way to learn any new technology including React Native.

Once you start building a project, you will learn how to use all the information you have learned for training purpose, React Native allows you to create cross-platform apps that can run like native apps in both Android and iOS platforms like iPhone and iPad.

These projects are great for both new and experienced programmers as they will give you more experience over time and enhance your skills and knowledge by applying what you have learned to real world projects that you may need in the future.

Learning native React for the first time can be a bit tricky even if you know JavaScript and React.js because of its syntax but fortunately as you keep learning and keep learning, you can master this excellent framework in a very quick time especially if you are building some real world projects .

The best way to learn any programming language like native React or any other is by practicing more and more by creating as many projects as possible until you get some experience doing it and take advantage of the features of that language.

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8 projects you can do to learn the original reaction for beginners

Without wasting any more of your time, here is a list of the best projects you can take to learn React Native. I’ve also included both free and paid resources that you can follow up on if you ever get stuck doing these projects.

1. Create an Instagram clone in React Native

This is another project that you can build to learn React Native UI, how to build the backend with Firebase and many other basic concepts of React Native.

You don’t need to make a full version of Instagram but you can at least create key functions like being able to upload and share photos, friends list, follow, etc.

If you need a resource to track down, you can watch this freecodecamp project-based course on YouTube.

In this project you will learn how to create a clone of Instagram using React Native, Firebase Firestore, Firebase Storage, Redux and Expo. The application includes an authentication system, database, storage, and more.

2. Building a Cryptocurrency Tracker Application

This project will be like a cryptocurrency tracker app as it displays the current price of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and more compared to the US Dollar in real time with their direction like percentage changes whether the price goes up or down.

The project should be easy and straightforward, but if the project is hard for you to implement, maybe because of the API or something, you can refer to this free course called Building a Crypto Tracker App on Udemy to help you solve your problems.

3. Create a video calling app with React Native

This is another great project idea for you to learn how the Native API and SDK interact by building a Facetime or VIBER-like video calling app. You will learn how to access your camera and microphone with React Native and many other key SDK features.

If you need a resource for help, you can join this YouTube tutorial.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a mobile app for voice, video and audio calls for iOS and Android using React Native. This React Native tutorial is great even for beginners, as it covers everything step-by-step, from starting a native project for interaction to implementing video calling features.

By the end of this series, you will create a video calling app with the following features:

  • Authentication
  • contact list
  • Call and receive calls
  • Video and audio calls only
  • Mobility

4. Building a chat app [WhatsApp Clone]

This project is like building a chat app similar to any other chat app like messenger where the other person can send you messages and you reply to it but with a simple user interface and not complicated like having a profile or photos etc.

The project is very easy to do since it doesn’t have to build that complex social media app but if you find some problems doing it you may see this course called Creating a Chat App on Udemy to explain everything you have to do step by step.

5. Add navigation menu

You will create a navigation menu in this project like this burger icon and when someone clicks on it it shows the pages available within this app and also the bottom navigation menu where you can change between pages and these features should be implemented in all apps.

This project can be done easily using the native React language, but if someone finds it a bit difficult to do, you can watch this Udemy course, React Native Navigation to learn how to implement it in React original.

6. Create a Google sign-in option

Over 1.5 billion users use Gmail as their default email so in this project you will try to implement the Google login option within your app by creating any type of app you want and then adding that option to it using React Native and Firebase SDK.

The project is already built on freeCodeCamp as an article titled How to set up Google login and it shows you step-by-step how to implement it inside your React Native app, so be sure to refer to this tutorial if you can’t implement this option.

7. Building a Tinder app clone

In this project, you will build a social media app where people can login and register with Facebook login option as well as search for other’s profile and you will implement geolocation features to match people and notify when someone likes your profile.

This project is for advanced React Native developers and for those who find it difficult to create this type of application, you can refer to this course on Udemy known as How to build Tinder This shows you exactly how to create this project step by step through to the end.

8. Create a food delivery app with React Native

Creating a food delivery app like DoorDash, Zomato, Swiggy or Foodpanda is a great idea to learn React Native for practical purposes.

It is a complex project and requires a lot of interaction between client and server which gives you enough experience to work on any real project which is why I encourage beginners to build this project.

If you need a resource, check out this free YouTube playlist that will teach you to build a complete food delivery app in React-Native and Firebase and publish it to the Play Store and App Store.

This is all about the best React Native project ideas for beginners. We have seen almost 8 projects that you can create to learn React Native and its features.

That’s all about original projects interaction You can do to learn React Native better. No matter how much you have learned and watched from React Native tutorials, you will not master this or any other language if you do not create projects and practice yourself here in this article, you have seen many projects to start your career as a React Native developer.

Thanks for reading this article so far. If you find this free and best React Native courses useful, please share it with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a note.

Note: Prior knowledge of JavaScript and React is necessary to learn React Native. If you are looking for some free courses to start your journey on React.js, you can also take a look at this list of Free React courses for web developers.


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