8 Best Ways To Allocate More RAM To Minecraft On Windows

Minecraft is a popular game that is still going strong. It is so popular that players love to join or even watch the gameplay on various platforms. But, there’s always the issue of RAM with the game. Learn “How to allocate more ram to Minecraft?” in this tutorial.

But, if you use mods, like the HD texture packs, or anything, you will start noticing the difference. The lack of RAM can lead to an unpleasant gaming experience.

This guide brings you instructions for various launchers. After all, Minecraft is compatible with multiple launchers. Even if you run Minecraft with mods, you will find launcher settings for those. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

How to allocate more ram to minecraft

Points To Remember Before Allocating RAM

First, you might want to understand the RAM recommendations for a Minecraft game.

  • If you have a 32-bit game installed, you can do fine with just 1024 MB (1 GB) RAM.
  • If you have a 64-bit game installed, the minimum requirement is 2GB (2048 MB). For decent gameplay, double it (4 GB or 4096 MB).
  • For the best gaming experience, you can dedicate up to 6 GB of RAM.

To allocate these memory capacities, you need to have sufficient RAM. If you don’t have 2 GB RAM but try to provide the 2GB to the system, it won’t work. It might even overload. You could run into various issues.

As a general rule of thumb, it is better to dedicate a maximum of 50% of your PC’s whole RAM. What does it mean?

  • If you have 4 GB RAM, dedicate up to 2GB to Minecraft.
  • If you have 12 GB RAM, dedicate up to 6 GB to Minecraft.

This rule of thumb works great for almost any kind of game. It won’t hinder your gameplay experience.

Remember that RAM isn’t everything. You will need the best processor and internet connection to play without any problem.

How To Allocate More RAM To The Game

  1. Using The Default Minecraft Launcher
  2. Using The CurseForge Launcher
  3. Using The ATLauncher For Minecraft
  4. Using The Minecraft Twitch Launcher
  5. Technic Launcher Minecraft
  6. Using FTB Launcher (Feed The Beast)
  7. Void Launcher 
  8. Allocating The RAM For A Minecraft Server

Best Methods On How To Allocate RAM To Minecraft

1. Using The Default Minecraft Launcher (Vanilla)

Minecraft Java Edition

The Minecraft game comes with the default launcher. You might know it as a vanilla launcher. Basically, it allows you to play Minecraft Java in its true glory. It will enable you to configure settings before launching the initial game. You can allocate RAM by following these guidelines:

  • First, make sure to double-click on the Default Minecraft Launcher.
  • Go to the Installations tab. It is located in the top options.
  • The default is a JAVA version. Check for it. You can also use the launcher to set RAM for other mods.
  • All you need to do is select any versions available in the Installation Tabs. Click on the three dots to open a menu (Right side).
  • Select the Edit option from the list of options in the Menu. In there, you will find a ‘More options’ command. It should be at the bottom-right corner of the window.
  • Once you access it, you will find something reading as ‘JVM Arguments.’ Forget about the entire code. You might see something like ‘-Xmx2G, or -Xmx4G’ on the list. The number dictates the GB of RAM you have allocated. You can change it to 1, 3, 4, 6, or whatever you have available.
  • Don’t forget to click on SAVE.
  • Proceed further o learn “ How to Allocate More RAM To Minecraft” in WIndows.

Remember that you will have to do this for each Minecraft version on Default Launcher. So, repeat the steps for as many versions and mods as you have.

2. Using The CurseForge Launcher

CurseForge Beta Java Settings Allocated Memory

If you play games like Minecraft and like to mod them, you might have the CurseForge launcher. You can allocate more RAM by following these steps:

  • First, you will have to launch the CurseForge app or launcher.
  • Next, find the Settings. It is the gear icon you will see in the bottom-left corner.
  • Find the ‘Game Specific’ tab in the options at the left panel. Select Minecraft from the list.
  • Find the Java Settings in Minecraft. You will find the ‘Allocated Memory’ there.
  • CurseForge keeps things easy. You will see a slider to use. Go ahead and increase or decrease it to change the RAM allowed for the game.
  • Another best part is that CurseForge saves settings automatically.
  • Proceed further o learn “ How to Allocate More RAM To Minecraft” in WIndows.

Remember that many launchers, like CurseForge, use ‘Memory’ in place of ‘RAM.’ So if you see any option related to Memory or System Memory, it is related to RAM. You will find it in various launchers.

Similarly, you might also see value in thousands, like 1024 MB. That’s because many launchers still use the Megabyte format and not Gigabyte. 

3. Using The ATLauncher For Minecraft

Different minecraft versions in the ATLauncher

The ATLauncher makes things easier for users to configure. There’s no need for you to find any code, text, or anything like that. You can simply go ahead and allocate more RAM:

  • First, launch the ATLauncher. You will find Settings on the right side of the Launcher’s window.
  • Find the Java/Minecraft tab from the tabs at the top, find the Java/Minecraft tab and access it.
  • You will find all kinds of adjustable settings in the list. Find the Memory or RAM option. As mentioned earlier, ATLauncher is one of the launchers with MB format. So, remember that 1024 MB makes 1 GB of RAM. So, calculate accordingly to allocate the RAM.
  • Remember that this setting is for the Max RAM.
  • Proceed further o learn “ How to Allocate More RAM To Minecraft” in WIndows.

The Max RAM means the maximum amount of RAM the launcher will provide to the Minecraft game.

4. Using The Minecraft Twitch Launcher

Twitch Launcher for Minecraft on the list

The Twitch Launcher is great for many players. It allows you to customize the game by using various mods easily. You can change the settings by following these instructions:

  • Once you launch the launcher, go to the top-right corner. You will find the three lines. Click on them to open the Menu and then Files.
  • Find Settings in the list of options. If you want a shortcut, press the CTRL + Comma button on your Keyboard.
  • Find Minecraft in the settings. You will see ‘Java Settings.’ Find the Allocated Memory option on the list. It should also have a slider.
  • Now go ahead and use the slider. The launcher will allocate around 0.25 GB or 250 MB RAM per slide.
  • Proceed further o learn “ How to Allocate More RAM To Minecraft” in WIndows.

That’s all. Don’t forget to save the settings, launch the game, and see if it worked.

5. Technic Launcher Minecraft 

Technic Launcher official homepage to download mods and launcher

Just like any other advanced launcher, settings in Technic Launcher for Minecraft saves automatically: 

  • First, launch the Technic Launcher.
  • Find the Launcher Options in the top-right corner. It is the gear icon.
  • Once you launch it, you will have to find Java Settings in the list.
  • Make sure to select the 64-bit version from the list. The 32 bit won’t allow more than 1 GB RAM.
  • Go ahead and make the changes to the RAM allocation.
  • Make sure to save and relaunch the game. Feel free to experiment with the mods.
  • If you want to check the allocated RAM, launch the game. Press F3 once the game launches. It will show you the information on allocated RAM.
  • Proceed further o learn “ How to Allocate More RAM To Minecraft” in WIndows.

6. Using FTB Launcher (Feed The Beast)

FTB Feed The Beast Launcher Homepage for Minecraft

Feed the beast doesn’t work directly with Minecraft. It is available for the modded versions. So, the steps to allocate RAM are a little different:

  • Once you launch the FTB Launcher, find the modpacks in the My ModPacks.
  • Click on the three dots on the top right of the Mod Pack.
  • Go to the Settings and find the Instance Memory. This is the same as the RAM or Memory option.
  • It will also have a slider for you. So feel free to slide it around.
  • FTB Launcher doesn’t have auto-save. So make sure to save the settings.
  • Proceed further o learn “ How to Allocate More RAM To Minecraft” in WIndows.

Now go ahead and launch the mod pack. See if this works. FTB Launcher is better than other launchers if you want to use specific RAM for a Mod. It won’t impact the game but work with the mods.

7. Void Launcher

Void Wrath Launcher For Minecraft

The void launcher also follows a similar method to FTB Legacy Launcher. You will have to find the title and then click the gear icon.

After that:

  • Find the section that reads ‘Max’ on the list. It would be in Minecraft Options.
  • Go ahead and increase the amount of RAM there.

8. Allocating The RAM For A Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server Properties edit text file

Do you run a Minecraft Server? If so, you might have to use a different method to allocate RAM here. Having less RAM on the server can prevent more people from joining.

It will also impact the performance and experience of the game. If your players are running into errors where they can’t load or join the game, try using more RAM.  It will also prevent the in-game lag, among many other things:

  • First, go to the directory that has your Minecraft Server Files. Make sure that you’re not hosting at the time. It should be the directory that you use to host.
  • Create a new text document in the files. Right-click in the Blank Space, select New, and find Text Document.
  • Proceed further o learn “ How to Allocate More RAM To Minecraft” in WIndows.

In the text document, copy and paste: java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -exe Minecraft_Server.exe -o true

  • Make sure to replace 1024 with your desired number. The ‘1024’ is the amount of RAM in Megabytes. So, if you want to allocate 2GB, type 2048, and so on.
  • Make sure that there’s no mistake in the conversion. Otherwise, you can run into errors.
  • Now go ahead and save the text document. Click on File in the Menu bar and select ‘Save all.’ Select the Save As Type to ‘All Files.’ Then use the name: file server launcher.bat
  • If the file doesn’t save, then save it as an untitled document. Then, right-click on it and rename it to file server launcher.bat
  • Proceed further o learn “ How to Allocate More RAM To Minecraft” in WIndows.

Once you double-click on the newly created file, you will launch the server with the newly allocated RAM.

Conclusion – How To Allocate More RAM To Minecraft

Now you know everything about allocating RAM for a Minecraft game. Regardless of the kind of launcher you use, feel free to follow these steps. Even if you host a server, you will know how to get it done.

This guide was explicitly for the Minecraft Java version and various mods it uses. If you’re looking for a different Minecraft edition, check the launcher settings. The launcher will always help you out.

With that being said, you can go ahead and enjoy uninterruptable gameplay as much as you’d like. Remember that if you have an outdated system or slow internet connection, you will have problems. So if you want an impeccable gaming experience, make sure you have a decent system.


How To Allocate More RAM To Minecraft Launcher Mac?

The steps are similar to the default launcher. You will have to find Minecraft and right-click to click on Show Package Contents. In the content directory, find info.plist. Open it with the Text editor. You will find something like <key>VMOptions</key> <string>-Xms512M -Xmx1024M</string>. Make changes to the number to save it. 

Does More Memory Help With Minecraft Server Speed?

Yes. More Memory means that your server can handle itself better. It will allow more players to join, and you won’t have to worry about responses. Minecraft Server is like a full-fledged gaming server. You need the best specification system for it to run without lag. The same applies to an internet connection.

Is Default Launcher Better Than Twitch Launcher App For Minecraft?

The default launcher is a preferred one if you love vanilla gameplay. The vanilla gameplay is the original Minecraft version without any mods. But, Twitch Launcher is better if you have mods that you want to use. If you also steam the games, Twitch Launcher is a preferred method.

Is Minecraft Java A Different Version To Minecraft For Windows?

No. The Minecraft Java Edition is available for all platforms like macOS and Windows. If you want to play any other edition, it might have specific limits. This one comes with cross-platform compatibility. So, you don’t have to worry about anything.

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