8 Outstanding CSS and JavaScript Chat UI Snippets

Long before social media dominated our screens, online chatting was the original time waster on the Internet. One can spend hours on IRC and other various live messaging applications. For those who have engaged in obsession, late night often turns into early morning. He lost sleep, and the wrists were sore. What a good time to be alive!

Although the chat has changed quite a bit since those early days, it is still very relevant. Only now has it become a staple of the Slack team’s customer service and channels.

The communication has been further improved by the latest CSS and JavaScript technologies. It allows creating amazingly interactive user interfaces, while also providing more advanced functionality.

Today, we are going to show you eight interesting and unique chat user interfaces. She’s so cool, you probably can even LOL.

Messaging app user interface with dark mode by Aysenur Turk

Facebook Messenger is hugely popular and it’s no wonder the developers are looking to imitate it. The appearance is simple, effective, and instantly recognizable. Here’s a remix that includes the always-fashionable dark mode option.

See the User Interface of the Pen Messaging App with Dark Mode by Aysenur Turk

Daily UI #013: Direct Messaging by Fabio Ottaviani

Glassmorphism is a very popular appearance these days. Here, a touch of his style is used to bring this private messaging user interface to life. Fortunately, the result is miles away from the boring plain-text chat apps of the past.

See Pen Daily UI #013: Direct Messaging by Fabio Ottaviani

Visualization of MSN Messenger 7.5 with WebComponents (HTML + CSS + Javascript) by mans

Speaking of the past, this UI snippet recreates the look of MSN Messenger. It’s very original, right down to the chunky 3D icons. Not only does this show how far we’ve come, but it’s also a nice exercise in using modern design to bring back an old favourite.

Watch the visual demo of Pen MSN Messenger 7.5 with WebComponents (HTML + CSS + Javascript) by Manz

Floating website chat button (inspired by intercom) by Neil Kalman

This is a trend we see almost everywhere. The ‘floating’ chat UI stuck uncomfortably in the lower right part of the screen. Click the button and start writing. It sure is easy to use, especially for sales and support purposes. Just beware: you may be talking to a bot and not a real human.

Watch Floating Pen Button Chat Website (Inspired by Intercom) by Neil Kalman

Fake chat animation by Jacob Foster

Perhaps you are in the early stages of a chat based project and have not fully explored the user interface yet. Don’t worry, because this dummy animation snippet can act as a standstill. The demo is clean, colorful and inspiring. This makes it ideal for wireframes.

Watch the Pen Mock Chat animation by Jacob Foster

Stylish chat window design by Mamun Khandaker

For those who use chat to provide customer support, you are likely dealing with multiple conversations. This UI snippet provides a solution in the form of neatly arranged windows. Each one can be minimized and maximized. Note the status indicator icons inside the title – making it easier to see what’s going on.

See Pen Stylish chat window design by Mamun Khandaker

Simple chat user interface by Sajjad Hashmian

Like most things about design, simplicity is often best. Chat user interfaces can become full of goofy effects and unreadable fonts. But not here. Instead, this “simple chat” is intuitive. Best of all, you won’t need to zoom in to read it.

Watch the Pen Simple Chat user interface of Sajad Hashemian

club leadership line by John Kantner

There is no rule that says chatting should be a text-only experience. Some situations may require something more fun. And that’s exactly what the video game-like chat user interface does. Use the arrow keys to move your character and chat with the storm. If you want to better follow the conversation, the View Chat button pulls up a text archive.

Watch The Pen Club’s Leadership Line by John Kantner

BRB, building a better chat user interface

With so many cutting edge technologies available, there is a world of possibilities for chat user interfaces. However, the overall goal should be the same. No matter what bells and whistles we add to the mix, the idea is to create something that’s easy to use and understand.

The other lesson here is that the design choices we make must be based on need. For example, some of the snippets above might be great for the online gaming community — but not so much for a company’s sales channel. The user interface works best when it reflects the people you will be serving.

We hope you enjoyed this dive into the world of chatting and messaging. If you’d like to see more examples, visit our CodePen group.

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