9 Factors That I Paid Attention to When Choosing a Coding Bootcamp | by luciecodes | Jan, 2022

6. Real-life projects and experience

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This is an obvious fact, but I still need to mention it. It’s a fact that there are thousands of free coding resources out there (but we can talk about that again) and coding bootcamps for newbies are usually very expensive.

If you have the possibility to use the full time version, that’s great! However, part-time work options are usually just as good. Will it take longer to achieve your goal? Yes. Is it the big deal? never!

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The on-campus bootcamp will allow you to interact and connect with mentors and peers in an easier way. For example, if you need advice, you don’t have to wait for your teacher/colleague to be available to make a call – you can talk to them right away.

The people who will be your mentors may play an important role in whether or not you enjoy programming, so you should not only consider the bootcamp curriculum, but your future mentor’s work and mentoring experience. Some boot camps have their mentors’ resumes on their website, but if you don’t find them there, you can always search for them on LinkedIn.

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Many people may disagree with my point of view, but I think that if the boot camp you want to attend doesn’t teach the programming language you want to learn, that’s no big deal (unless it’s a programming language that isn’t required in your area).

One of the things I really like about bootcamp is that it’s divided into two parts: 2 x 5 weeks of classes followed by 8 weeks of group work on a group project.

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It is very common for boot camps to offer career support nowadays. Some of them even offer a money-back guarantee if you cannot find a job within 6 months of completion.

Every time I’m about to visit a new place, sign up for something, or buy some product, I need to see a lot of reviews, and I did the same when choosing a training camp.

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I think the training service provided by the boot camp was one of the main reasons why I chose one camp over another. I’ve been a part of the coding community on Instagram for a while now and have heard a lot of stories about people getting really stressed while in boot camp so far have either dropped out of school or had a mental breakdown.

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