Accenture Interview Experience for ASE (On-Campus) 2022

Accenture conducted a campus drive for 2022 pass-out batch students of Techno India Group colleges by virtually sending the Job Description and related information along with a registration link. On Aug 19, 2021, we got the mail of registration. After registering through the given link we were sent the mail to create the profile for their support website. I got the mail regarding admit card on 22nd Sep and the slot booking on 23rd Sep.

Round 1 (Cognitive and Technical assessment): On 25th Sep they have sent us the link for Cognitive and Technical assessment for the 1st round of the recruitment process.

  • Exam Date: Sunday, September 26, 2021, at 5 pm
  • Exam Platform: Safe Exam Browser – hire pro. (Make sure you check the compatibility for the system)
  • Total Time Allotted: 90 minutes
  • Exam Type: MCQs
  • Hardness Level: Easy to Medium
  • Negative marking: No
  • Topic: Quantitative, English Ability, Reasoning, Pseudo Code, Networking, Cloud, MS office.

Note: This is an eliminate round. If you fail to qualify you will no longer be able to participate for the rest.

Within 2-3 minutes the result was declared.

Round 2 (Coding Assessment): This is Coding Assessment round.

  • Exam Date: Sunday, September 26, 2021
  • No. of question: 2
  • Total Time Allotted: 45 minutes
  • Hardness Level: 1 easy and 1 medium (questions vary from person to person)

I was given the following problems:

  1. Program to Count numbers on fingers (easy)
  2. Sort the Linked List before xth element (medium)

Round 3 ( Communication Assessment ): On Sep 27 I got the mail regarding Communication Assessment. The Assessment was scheduled for Monday, September 27, 2021, starting at 9:00:00 AM till Tuesday, September 28, 2021, 10:00:00 AM.

  • Total Time Allotted: 30 mins
  • This is not an elimination round.
  • This is an automated round. It has 6 sections with the varying time required for each candidate to attend each question. The sections are Reading(8 ques), Listening(16 ques), Questions and Answers(24 ques), Jumbled Sentences(10 ques), Retelling a story(3 ques), Speaking(2 ques).


  • Use normal wired earphones with a good microphone.
  • Good internet speed is a must for the successful submission
  • Follow this video to get a clear view of the Communication Assessment.

Round 4 (Online Interview): On Sep 28 I got the mail regarding the slot booking of the Online Interview. I select 30 Sep 2021 at noon.

  • Total Time Allotted: 20 mins
  • Hardness Level: Moderate
  • This is an eliminate Round
  • The interview would be a mix of both Technical and HR

The interviewer warmly welcomed me. Then he asked me to show the pan card for Verification. Then the main part of the interview started.

Interview Questions:

  1. Give a short introduction
  2. What is your favorite subject in college
  3. Tell me something about your project (as I mentioned about the project in the introduction)
  4. What are some kinds of challenges, problems faced during your project and how did you deal with them?
  5. Do you want to continue this project or do you want to leave it here?
  6. Do you have any questions for me?

About the interviewer:

  • The interviewer was friendly and experienced.
  • The interviewer introduced himself in the very beginning and at the end asked if I had any questions to ask.
  • He tried to make me comfortable.

After 20 days (on Wed, Oct 20, 2021) I got the result.

Verdict: SELECTED!

Tips :

  • Choose the Interview time wisely. Don’t select the time too late. I’ll prefer the morning time.
  • Please be patient and wait in the virtual interview lobby for at least 5mins. It sometimes takes more than 30mins for the interview to start. If it takes more than that, be sure to let your TPO know.
  • Keep your official documents (mostly pan card) handy whilst the interview as you will be asked to submit them before the interview.
  • Be prepared for the project. Try to show team projects as they consider teamwork the most.
  • When the interviewer asks if you have a question or not try to ask something. It may be about work-life, or about your performance like “how was my performance”/ “what are the things I need to work on for myself” and so on.
  • Try to keep a smile on your face
  • And lastly all the best.

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