Best Ways To Use Split Screen In Minecraft (2022)

We will tell you the best ways to use split screen in Minecraft. Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game in which players explore a blocky 3D world with infinite virtual terrain.

Players get a large amount of freedom because of different games mode. Minecraft is more enjoyable when playing with other players. Building your village and communities is indeed fun.

Minecraft is a multiplayer game which means you can play together with your friends also and have fun. The split-screen feature in Minecraft allows you to enjoy the game with a second player under the same screen or with players around the globe.

You just require some basic gaming equipment. In this article, we will tell the best and easiest ways to play Minecraft on split-screen on Xbox, Play Station, and Nintendo.

split screen in minecraft

Basic Requirements for split screen In Minecraft

There are some basic things you need to check on before splitting the screen on Minecraft for a better gameplay experience. Also, it will help you in smooth gameplay. You need to make sure your monitor or Tv or any other screen you are using should have a resolution of 720p or higher.

You will need a console for the second player and connect it to your screen. You also need to set the video resolution of your console to match the Tv. PS3.PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox series S/X and switch, Xbox 360, set the resolution automatically when using HDMI.

You will also need an HDMI cable since you need a complete resolution supported by the console and an active subscription to the console’s service such as Nintendo Switch Online, Xbox Live Gold, PlayStation plus.

PC users might feel bad as screen splitting in Minecraft can’t be done on a PC screen. If you still want to do it somehow, you can use third-party screen splitting tools but they are not official and might not be reliable also.

These things should be taken into account before playing split-screen in Minecraft.

How to Split-screen in Minecraft locally

By local screen split, we refer to playing with a single console. People often confuse it with LAN play where several devices get used. Here are a few steps on how to set local split-screen in Minecraft

  • Start with connecting the console with the Tv using an HDMI cable or other component cable, then launch the Minecraft game.
Minecraft loadscreen
  • Now select the mode, if you want to start fresh click on create new or load your previous world from the list in Minecraft
Minecraft mode
  • Slide ‘multiplayer game’ to the off position, in the ‘multiplayer’ settings in Minecraft
  • Now, you have to set the game difficulty and other options to your preference.
  • choose ‘create’ or ‘play’ to start the game.
  • Now press the correct buttons on the controller to activate the second player on the console in Minecraft.
  • For example, the PS4 uses the ‘PS’ button to activate the user and the ‘OPTIONS’ button is pressed twice to add a second player in Minecraft.
  • Now you select the account for the second player, so you first have to press ‘start’ to get in the game on the second controller then you can log into the console.
Minecraft cave
  • NOTE: Xbox 360 and PS4 use the Minecraft legacy console edition.

How to play split-screen in Minecraft online?

You can also play split-screen on Minecraft with other players online around the globe. In online play, two or more local players get the split-screen and play with those who are online. However, it only works with peer-to-peer online multiplayer Here are a few steps on how to play split-screen in Minecraft online

  • Sign in to your console with your play station or XBOX series. PS3 does not require play station but PS4 does.
  • open your console and choose ‘play game’ for Minecraft legacy editions.
  • Then click ‘load’ or ‘create’.
  • For bedrock, edition choose ‘create new’ or select a game on your list
  • While playing bedrock edition ensure that ‘multiplayer game’ is turned in the ‘multiplayer’ menu before starting the game.
  • Launch the game after adjusting game options to your liking.
Minecraft settings

Why your Split-screen is not working?

Many a time the second player will face problems joining the split-screen in Minecraft and it is so frustrating. Make sure you have properly followed all the guidelines mentioned above. Read them twice and thrice. If the problem still persists, follow these methods to fix the issue.

Check your VPN service

Maybe be your VPN connection is lagging, Which results in in-game lagging and poor pings. Try turning it off and connecting to your Wi-Fi or re-route the traffic through a different source to decrease the traffic. Check for VPN sources that have the least pings to get maximized data.

Restart the Game

While logging the other player in, Minecraft might have lagged and stopped responding. So, to solve this minor bug you can simply close and re-open Minecraft and play split-screen.

Check your internet connection

You will need an internet connection to play split-screen in Minecraft. If you are having trouble logging in, check your data or Wi-Fi connection, whatever you are using and make sure everything is working properly as Minecraft needs you to log in with at least one account that has an active subscription.

Restart your system

Restart the console you are trying to play Minecraft in if restarting your game did not work. Doing this will close all the processes in the background and it can also clear connection error problems that you may be facing earlier.


Minecraft is a fun game and with friends, it becomes more interesting. In this article, we told you the best and easiest ways in simple language, how to play split-screen in Minecraft.

There are 2 possible ways to do it, firstly you can play local multiplayer that is with your friends on the same screen using a console and controller. You will need an HDMI cable or other component cable to connect it with your screen and make sure the screen has a resolution of 720p or higher.

Split-screen will not work on a PC unless you use a third-party split screening tool which is not reliable and official and therefore not suggested to use.

Secondly, you can play split-screen online with players around the globe. In this mode, two local players play online with other players. However, it only works with peer-to-peer online multiplayer.

You can also play bedrock edition in this mode. Lastly, if your split-screen is not working you can try the methods given above like checking your VPN or internet connection or restarting your device and game. This issue can come because of in-game lagging or lower pings. Make sure to read everything properly.


Why is my split-screen not working in Minecraft?

There are many reasons for your split screen not working in Minecraft, you might have pressed some wrong buttons or have not followed the guidelines properly. Maybe you have a poor internet connection or VPN if you are using it. Also, try restarting your game and device.

How can 2 players play Minecraft with the same account?

No two players can play Minecraft with the same account. Only one player can play at a time with a single account and make his own worlds. You couldn’t play multiplayer until you have 2 separate accounts.

How do you find your partner in Minecraft?

Open the in-game settings menu once you have loaded in the Minecraft world. Select ‘invite to the game’ which is on the far right. On the next screen, you will see the option of ‘Find cross-platform friends’, select it. Type your friend’s Minecraft id and click on Add friend.

How do you find other players in Minecraft creative mode?

Launch your Minecraft game and select Singleplayer. Click on create a new world and change the mode to ‘creative’.After clicking, select ‘more world options’. Name your world and begin after changing ‘allow cheat’ to ‘on’.

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