Security vs. Performance in the SQL World

If you found yourself inside of the world of databases in one way or another, you already know a little about database security and performance. Database management systems certainly do come with benefits to your databases, but have you thought about what options you need to weigh from the security and performance perspectives for your … Read more

Apache BookKeeper and Apache Pulsar

If you are familiar with messaging systems like Kafka and RocketMQ, you may know that services are typically closely related to storage in their architectures. Different from them, Apache Pulsar is designed with a two-layer architecture that separates storage from compute, which actually happens on its stateless brokers. Pulsar relies on Apache BookKeeper servers for … Read more

From Git to Fuse Engine

Databend, developed with Rust, is a new, open-source data warehouse with a cloud-oriented architecture. It is committed to providing fast elastic expansion capabilities and a pay-as-you-go user experience. GitHub´╝Ü Introduction This article introduces the Databend base: Fuse Engine, a powerful columnar storage engine. The engine was designed by the Databend community with the following principles: … Read more

Release Management for Microservices: Multi vs. Monorepos

Imagine a microservice application consisting of dozens of continuously-deployed autonomous services. Each of the application’s constellation of services has its own repository, with a different versioning scheme and a different team continually shipping new versions. Riddle me this: How can I tell the (whole) application’s version? Being that the change history is scattered among dozens … Read more

Optimizing Firmware: Shipping IoT Devices on Time

Every product manager knows the complexities involved with shipping a device on time- complexities that result in 45% of products missing their launch date. Orchestrating mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, manufacturing, test automation, marketing, and more is difficult. Each one is challenging on its own, but all are made more complicated because most of these don’t … Read more

AI and Data Science in Aviation Industry

A New York Times piece last year addressed the question, “Are you ready to fly without a human pilot?” which sparked a vigorous conversation on Facebook. Many users responded with comments that were quite emotional, and other users also volunteered their expertise on the aviation sector. Others claimed that people were more amenable to accepting … Read more