Using Insomnia to Upgrade Dependencies — With Confidence

Demo app: “Is Today My Birthday” Always keep your dependencies up to date. When you don’t upgrade, you miss out on bug fixes, security patches, and new features. You may even be up against an “end of life” deadline if the version of a package you use will soon no longer be supported. If upgrading … Read more

NativeScript vs. Flutter: A Comparison

With the growing demand for lifestyle and communication apps, mobile app development has become a booming industry. Building apps for both iOS and Android requires having two different teams with different skill sets. This can be a challenge for companies that might not have the resources to invest in two other teams. This process can … Read more

5 Best JavaScript Web Development Frameworks

JavaScript is a very popular and powerful programming language that’s used with HTML and CSS to create the front end of a website. There are many frameworks of JavaScript, which are frontend and backend. In this article, we’ll discuss the 5 best JavaScript web development frameworks. What’s a JavaScript Framework? The JavaScript framework is a … Read more

MACH Architecture Explained – DZone Web Dev

Lately, the digital ecosystem has been highly platform-centric. For a majority of organizations, it looks something like this – A monolith application at the center serves all the different touchpoints and integrates with several back-end and third-party systems for additional functionalities. The whole ecosystem is often seen as a single-tier solution whose components share the … Read more