Chart.js Line Chart Tutorial: Visualize Route Elevation Data

graph It is a JavaScript library that helps you create beautiful charts in seconds. It is one of the best JavaScript graphing libraries available today. The library is open source and has a business-friendly MIT license, so you can use it on your commercial projects without worrying about licensing issues. In addition, chart.js is not dependent on other libraries, which means that you do not have to deal with any additional problems when updating or maintaining your project.

This tutorial will show you how to create a line chart depicting a path height profile using the Chart.js library. Therefore, we will use Geoapify Routing API to calculate the walking path and get the path elevation data. In addition, we created a sample on JSFiddle so you can play with the code and see how it works.

Road altitude profile example

Install Chart.js

You can easily add Chart.js to your project using the npm command:

Then you can import Chart.js classes into JS/TS files as ES6 module. For example:

import { Chart, LineElement, Legend, Tooltip } from 'chart.js';

Please see detailed instructions on the Chart.js integration page for documentation.

Alternatively, you can link to the library using the . tag