Complete Guide To PS4 Extended Storage Not Working

Most customers would like to install an external hard drive for PlayStation 4 to increase storage capacity due to the limited size of the PS4 internal hard drive. As a result, customers may play more games on their Playstation 4 without worrying about running out of space. Extended storage is also used for storing backups of the PS4 apps, saved files, etc.

Why Is My Extended Storage Not Working PS4? Good question.

PS4 Storage - Why Is My Extended Storage Not Working PS4?

If you’ve inserted your external hard drive into your PlayStation 4 and discovered it’s not working or isn’t being recognized by your console, you should be concerned. This is especially true if you’ve been using it to preserve all of your gaming progress and are suddenly confronted with the prospect of having to restart from the beginning.

While this is understandably informative, there are a few things you may try before surrendering yourself to such a result. Today we will be attempting to understand and fix the why is my extended storage not working ps4 question as easily as possible.

Problems Encountered – Why Is My Extended Storage Not Working PS4?

  1. Extended storage working on PC and other devices but not on PS4.
  2. Recently extended storage on PS4 stopped working.

Solutions for Scenario 1

  • It is required that you will not use the same external storage of other devices for the purpose to extend the storage on PS4, if done the previous data will be lost or formatted.
  • Try to change the USB cable of the drive, some old cables work fine on PC or other devices but simply not on PS4.

Solving problem according to the error codes

1. CE-41901-5

  • HDD has a minimum capacity of 250 GB, maximum capacity of 8 TB.
  • You can use below 250 GB external drives only to transfer data, hence not used as extended storage to install and download games on it.

2. CE-41902-6

  • Use USB 3.0 or higher.
  • If your HDD is truly USB 3.0, connecting it too slowly may result in this error notice. Connect the USB External Storage Device fast and securely, but with caution.

3. CE-41899-1

  • Connect the USB External Storage Device to the PS4 directly.
  • You cannot use hubs to connect drives.

4. CE-30002-5

  • Try to format the HDD again. Format the drive on PC.

5. CE-37857-0

Extended Drive
  • Ascertain if the storage device is formatted in exFAT.
  • PS4 will only recognize those formats only, other formats will be shown as unknown.

6. CE-30022-7

  • Format the HDD once again. If the issue continues, restart the PS4 before attempting to format it.

7. CE-30006-9

  • Reconnect the HDD and repair the file system according to the instructions.
  • Format the HDD once again. If the fault persists, you may need to try a different hard drive from the store.

8. CE-30784-2

  • Check that the device is correctly inserted, and then wait one minute before attempting to access it again.
  • Check that the device does not have multiple partitions.
  • If feasible, try reformatting the device on a PC.
check working

Check the compatibility of the drive to be used on PS4.

After Eliminating all solutions above proceed to install the drive as the extended storage by the following steps:

  • From your PS4, go to (Settings) > (Devices) > (USB Storage Devices).
  • Select the (USB storage) and click (Format as Extended Storage).
  • After Successfully done, the below screen will be displayed.

Solution for Scenario 2

DataBase Rebuild

This procedure should not remove any data unless a file is damaged. Database rebuilding is not only entirely safe outside of damaged files, but it is also highly encouraging. As your PS4 becomes older, the likelihood that trash files may need to be cleared to enhance speed rises significantly.

Steps to Rebuild the database follows:

  • Hold down the PS button on your controller, then go to Power > Turn Off PS4.
  • Connect your controller to the PS4 via a USB cord when the console is turned off.
  • Bluetooth will not function in Safe mode, hence this is required. To enter Safe mode, press and hold the power button on the front of the console until you hear two beeps.
  • Release the button after the second beep and wait for the “Safe Mode” menu to display.
  • When that happens, choose “Rebuild Database.” Accept the warning that the procedure may take several hours, and then click “OK” to begin the rebuild.
  • For a short period of time, your system will restart and display the PlayStation logo. Then, a progress bar should appear, indicating that the database is being rebuilt.
  • When the procedure is finished, your console will restart.

Depending on how crowded your system is and how frequently you install and uninstall games, a PS4 database rebuild might take minutes or hours. A well-organized database can load data more quickly, lowering the likelihood of your game freezing or experiencing frame rate reductions.

Database rebuilding is a straightforward process that should be done every few months. In principle, the more regularly you perform it, the faster the procedure should be.

Update the PS4 system software manually.

  • Create a folder called “PS4” on a FAT32-formatted USB drive using a PC or a Mac.
  • Create a new folder within that one called “UPDATE.”
  • Save the update file in the “UPDATE” folder after downloading it from the official PlayStation website. Save it as “PS4UPDATE.PUP.”
  • Insert the USB drive containing the file into your PlayStation 4 console.
  • Start the PS4 console in Safe Mode by pressing and holding the power button until the second beep sounds.
  • Choose Safe Mode 3: Update System Software.
  • Update from a USB Storage Device > OK.

If your PS4 console does not recognize the file, double-check the folder and file names. Enter the folder and file names in all capital letters.


Last Resort

When a functional hard drive is attached to a computer, you will often see a notice stating, “Your device is ready to use.” If you do not receive the notice, you can find this disc under Disk Management. In this scenario, you should utilize some hard drive repairing methods to rule out any probable hard disc issues.

However, if the attached hard drive is broken, your computer will not detect it and you will see the last USB device malfunctioning error message. In this situation, you may have to return the PS4 external hard drive and purchase a new one.


Why Can’t I Format As An Extended Storage PS4?

Your hard disk will meet all requirements to be formatted as PS4 extended storage.

Do PS4 Games Run Slower When Using An External Hard Drive?

The gaming experience will not be slowed unless the speed of your external drive is slower than the speed of your internal drive.

What If I Used A SSD Instead Of A Hard Drive For My Extended PS4?

Transferring and loading games is now a lot faster than before. An SSD can make file transfer easier and faster on any device it is being hosted in.

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