Generating xcodeproj’s with Xcodegen | by Anurag Ajwani | Feb, 2022

In this section, we’ll start by installing Xcodegen.

We’ll then download an already existing app.

Finally, create an Xcodegen project configuration file, remove the existing xcodeproj file and generate the xcodeproj file using Xcodegen.

Here are the steps we are going to take:

  1. Install Xcodegen
  2. Download the starter pack
  3. Converting the project to use Xcodegen

Let’s get started!

1. Install Xcodegen

There are multiple ways to install Xcodegen. However, in this tutorial, we’ll be using Homebrew to install Xcodegen. Homebrew is a software package management system. It is a very popular tool for macOS. If you haven’t already installed it then go ahead and do so. Follow the installation instruction for Homebrew in its website

Once Homebrew is installed let’s install Xcodegen. Run the following command in the terminal:

brew install xcodegen

2. Download the starter pack

Let’s download an already existing iOS app project. Open a terminal and run the following commands:

cd $HOME
git clone
cd SaladMaker
open -a Xcode SaladMaker.xcodeproj

3. Converting the project to use Xcodegen

Before we create the YAML file for Xcodegen let’s first analyze the project structure in the xcodeproj files.

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