How to Ace Your First Python Technical Interview | by Esther Vaati | Jan, 2022

What to expect in a tech interview with Python

Esther Fati
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Step one: Understand the problem

Step 2: Input and Expected Outcome

Given X find Y

Step 3: How do you intend to solve the problem

Step 3: Write the code

Step 4: Test and analyze the code

Step 5: Practice Makes It Perfect

Q1. Write a python program to calculate the average of a range of numbers

def average(lst):    return sum(lst)/len(lst)print(average([4,4,4]))

Q2. Example of comprehension list

my_list = [i for i in range(1, 11)]

Q3. How do you write comments in Python

#This is a comment

Q4. What is PEP 8?

Q5. What are the characteristics of menus

Q6. What is a tuple and how do you create a tuple from a list.

mytuple = 'max,'john'#Create a tuple from a list

Q7. Select the dictionary

mydict = {'name':'steve', 'age':27}

Q8. What is a group?

myset= {2,4,5}

Q9. Create an array of string

myset = set("hello")print(myset)

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