How To Breed Villagers in Minecraft- Best Tips and tricks 2022

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We will tell you the Best Tips and tricks To Breed Villagers in Minecraft. When we think of mobs, zombies and creepers come to mind, but villagers are mobs. They are also one of the most harmless mobs in Minecraft.

Not only that, they are helpful as they can farm, trade, and have jobs. If you want to have more villagers for building a village, breeding is the best option unless you want to use mods. Follow below to learn how to breed villagers in Minecraft.

What Are Villagers in Minecraft?

Villagers are neutral mobs in Minecraft that serve many purposes for the player. You can give them a job, breed them, and trade with them. They are found in villages that you have to find in your world.

Why Increase the Population of Villagers?

You can assign villagers professions. A villager with a profession gives unique items for trade. With a fair number of villagers with different occupations in a village, you don’t need to mine. You can trade with villagers and get the required items.

Be aware that trading with villagers has the rule of supply and demand, where the price of an item will increase steadily if you regularly get it from a villager. The price will come down if you don’t trade them. Don’t consecutively trade for the same items to keep the prices low.

How To Breed Villagers in Minecraft?

The mechanism for breeding villagers is different from breeding other mobs like sheep and cows. You have to fulfill some requirements for the villagers to breed and spawn a cute baby villager. Use these steps:

  1. Find a Village
  2. Find Two Villagers
  3. Keep the Villagers in a Closed Space with Three Beds
  4. Give the Villagers Food to Make Them Willing
  5. Wait it out

1. Find a Village

To start, you need to find a village if you already haven’t. Villages spawn naturally in any world, so you need to roam in survival mode or fly in creative mode. If you don’t want to waste time finding a village, use a Minecraft world seed to create a world and get spawned near a village.

Some popular Minecraft world seeds are

  • -8610880672223669423
  • -7783854906403730143
  • 2377611421072266823
  • -1898624505743265221
  • 6341454152401905754
  • 10247666689301378

To find Minecraft seeds, search on Google ‘Minecraft seeds’, open a website, and note down the Minecraft seeds.

Entering Minecraft world seeds is easy and identical for Minecraft Java Edition, Bedrock Edition, and other editions.

  • Open Minecraft and select ‘Create New World.’
  • Under ‘Seed for the World Generator,’ enter the seed letters.
  • Choose Survival or Creative mode, the name of the world, and create it.

2. Find Two Villagers

You need two adult villagers to breed and spawn a baby villager. Once you’re in a village, finding villagers is pretty easy. They spawn anywhere in the village. Moreover, it would help if you also looked inside houses. Villagers are not determined by gender, so any two villagers can breed if you follow the rules.

3. Keep the Villagers in a Closed Space with Three Beds

The villagers must be close to each other to breed. Once they are close and willing (read the next section), they will mate, and you will see an offspring (baby villager) shortly.

To prevent them from wandering away, you should keep them in a closed space or dig some blocks and keep them there if you don’t want to build a full-blown house.

A common problem with villagers is that you can’t make them follow you and this is why transporting them is a hassle. The best way to move them from one place to another is through a boat or using a rail and a cart. You can find some mods where villagers follow you if you’re into mods.

When you have made a structure and moved the villagers, place three beds. When breeding villagers, the number of beds must be more than the number of villagers. One bed for each villager and one for the upcoming baby villager. The beds should have two blocks of free space above them.

Two villagers with three beds in Minecraft

4. Give the Villagers Food to Make Them Willing

Villagers breed when they have the willingness. The villager’s willingness increases if they have enough food. For breeding, they should have any one of the following foods in the mentioned amount:

  • Loaves of Bread x3
  • Carrots x12
  • Potatoes x12
  • Beetroot x12

When they get the required food in their inventory, they will become willing, and hearts appear around them.

Two villagers breeding in Minecraft

5. Wait it out

When the villagers are willing, they can spawn a baby villager if they bump into each other, and the breeding is successful. If it’s unsuccessful, angry particles appear around the villagers, which means that some requirements have not been fulfilled.

Villagers spawning a baby villager in Minecraft

You can also leave the villagers after making them willing. If you keep the willingness of the two villagers full by providing them food and increasing the number of beds, they may breed every 5 minutes. When a baby villager is spawned, it becomes an adult villager in 20 minutes.

How To Breed Villagers Automatically in Minecraft?

Create an automatic breeder for villagers inside a village. You can choose any location, but building a villager farm inside a village will reduce the transportation time. Follow these steps:

  • Build a Farm
  • Move Three Villagers to the Farm
  • Make One Villager a Farmer
  • Place Beds
  • Extend the Farm and Place More Beds

1. Build a Farm

You can build your farm of any size. The bigger, the better. You can start with a 24×24 blocks farm. If it’s successful, you can extend it later. When making walls, make sure that they are of at least three blocks. Moreover, make a roof of the farm to prevent villagers from getting struck by lightning and turning into witches, a hostile mob.

2. Move Three Villagers to the Farm

You need three unemployed adult villagers. Two of them will breed, while you will make the third one a farmer to provide unlimited food to the villagers for breeding. Move the villagers to the automatic breeder farm using a boat or a rail and a cart.

3. Make One Villager a Farmer

Throw a composter near a villager for him to become a farmer. The farmer will give excess food to the villagers, and they will breed once they get the required amount of food.

4. Place Beds

For one breeding process, you need three beds. You should place as many beds as possible to get more baby villagers. Note that baby villagers become adults in 20 minutes. They can then participate in breeding if the farmer’s villager is producing enough food for them and there are enough unclaimed beds.

5. Extend the Farm and Place More Beds

Once the village breeder farm is full, and there are not enough beds for more breeding, extend the farm and place more beds. You can also assign the profession of a farmer to a few more villagers, so they give more food to the breeding villagers. When you move villagers back to the village and assign them professions, spawn one or a few iron golems, so they have protection from hostile mobs.

How To Give Professions to Villagers?

An unemployed villager is always on the lookout for a profession. You have to place a specific block near them, so they take up the profession.

There are 15 types of jobs for villagers. We have listed the professions and the jobs sites (blocks) required to assign them that profession.

Professional Required Job-Site Block
Unemployed They have no jobs. You can place any specific block near them to assign them a profession.
Armorers Blast furnace
Butchers Smoker
Clerics Brewing stand
Farmers Composter
Leatherworkers Cauldron
Stonemasons Stonecutter
Shepherds Loom
Weaponsmiths Grindstone
Fisherman Barrel
Fletchers Fletching table
Librarians Letter
Toolssmiths Smithing table
Cartographers Cartography table
Nitwits You can’t assign a job to them

There are also wandering traders that are villagers, but they don’t spawn in villages. They spawn anywhere in the world. Unlike villagers with specific professions, wandering traders’ items for trade are random.

If you have enough villagers with different jobs, you don’t need to mine for resources. You need to trade with them and get the required resources.

How To Protect Your Village from Zombies in Minecraft?

A village and its villagers depend on you for their survival and defense from hostile mobs like zombies. If you want to keep your villagers for trading, you need to protect them. Take these measures to protect villagers:

  • Build a wall around the village to ensure no mobs enter the village. You can use walls or fence blocks for this purpose.
  • Keep the place well-lit to prevent mobs from spawning in the village.
  • Sleep when the sun sets so the mobs don’t spawn.
  • Live in the village and build a house for yourself to keep an eye on the village.
  • Spawn iron golems to protect villagers.
  • Avoid bad omen. You get a bad omen effect when you kill a pillager. Pillagers are villagers that have crossbows. They patrol the world in groups. They attack anybody near them, so try escaping from them rather than killing them. If a bad omen is in effect and you enter your village, the raiders will raid the village and destroy it.


You need two villagers, a closed space, three beds, and the required food to breed villagers. You can also create an automatic villager breeding farm with the listed steps.


Which Villagers Can Breed?

Villagers of any type can breed given that they are near each other, they are willing, and there are enough unclaimed beds.

How To Breed Villagers In A Village?

To breed villagers in a village, follow these steps:
Build a house that is at least three blocks high
Move two villagers into the house
Place three beds
Please give them the required food (3 loaves of bread or 12 potatoes or 12 carrots or 12 beetroots)

Can You Breed Villagers In Minecraft Bedrock?

You can easily breed villagers in Minecraft Bedrock, similar to any other Minecraft edition. Move them to a house or closed space, give them food to increase their willingness, and place three beds for two villagers.

Why won’t villagers breed in Minecraft?

If your villagers are not breeding, check if you’re meeting the requirements for the villagers to breed. The villagers need these things to breed:
The villagers should be near each other
Three beds for one couple of villagers
Any of these food items (3 loaves of bread, 12 carrots, 12 beetroots, or 12 potatoes)

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