How To Choose the Right A/B Testing Software for Your Business

Today, you can find thousands of websites over the internet. But only some of them are popular due to their smooth functioning and fantastic user experience. One of the crucial factors in ensuring the website’s best performance is to test every aspect of the website and improve it over time. The most commonly used testing technique is A/B testing which is simple to conduct and optimize your website to get traction

Conversion is considered an essential factor in deciding the success of your business. Whether a small-scale or large-scale business, attracting visitors and converting them into leads is always necessary. If you know how to improve your chances of success, why not go for it. A/B testing helps the business quickly achieve its goals within time to achieve that success. 

To help your upcoming or growing business, several A/B testing software are present in the market. Each software may be different in features and functionalities. Thus, you need to choose the right multi-featured software that meets your project requirement. Having the right software will help you perform better testing and find the loopholes within your website that impact the website’s performance.

For choosing the right software, you must understand your business requirements and ask yourself some of the questions for making the right choice. This article will mention some of those questions or say factors that will impact choosing the right software for A/B testing.

What Is A/B Testing?

If you are new to the concept of A/B testing, then before moving forward, we will explain its concept. The A/B testing allows you to run several experiments or tests on two or more variants of a single website and check which performs better. For example, you need to check how different headings will attract more. To achieve that, the team creates two variants of the same website with different headings and analyzes which variant gets more traction. 

Once the result is out, the team can permanently make that change and provide the winning variant to the users to access. This testing works on hard facts to decide the winning variant, so there is no scope for human error. 

What Is A/B Testing Software?

A/B testing software helps optimize the online marketing strategy and enhances the performance. These software are commonly used to improve the conversion rates for your websites and online application, improving the user experience. The performance of any website depends on various variables such as landing page, call-to-action buttons, content, digital marketing strategy, etc. Testing each aspect will improve your website.

Thus, the marketers must look for software that covers all the factors to experience better than before. A/B testing tools help the business to make practical changes to the website based on the collected data. This software will help create two different variants and find the winning variant by analyzing the trends, customer behavior, incoming traffic, etc. Such data not only help in achieving short-term goals but also help you to plan for the future. 

Benefits of Using A/B Testing Software

Testing is crucial for developing any application, website, or software. Testing helps find the potential eros within the software and improve them before launching it. If you make your software live without testing its features, there is a considerable possibility of failed results.

Thus, testing is essential, and we have mentioned some factual benefits of implementing A/ testing within your business.

  • Improved website content- for any website, its content is critical to keep the customers engaged. Thus, testing the quality and performance of your website’s content is one of the topmost priorities for the testing team. You will see the difference in the incoming traffic once you improve the quality of your content.
  • Reduces bounce rates refer to the rate at which the customers move away from the website due to poor experience or not engaging content. Implementing A/B testing helps reduce bounce rates by improving the aspects of the website.
  • Improves conversion rates- without converting the visitors into potential leads, you will not make money out of your investment. Thus A/B testing helps your marketing campaign will help in determining which variables are affecting your conversion rates.
  • Reduce risks- using A/B testing helps reduce the risk as it lets the marketers make the crucial decisions based on facts that will help them get a definite success.
  • Quick ROI- A/B testing helps get quick results on your investment by converting the potential visitors into permanent customers.

The Latest Trends in A/B Testing Software

With time, A/B testing software has also evolved to ensure the high-end performance of the website. Also, the testers can even customize these software as per their project requirement. If you are starting now, you must also understand the latest A/B testing software. 

Below are some trends:

  • Testing customers’ behavior- with the new split testing tools, the team can analyze the changing emotions of the customers who go through the website. This helps the team members to determine the features that require improvement or change of place within the web page for a better user experience.
  • Conducting dynamic testing- today, A/B testing software can create several variants for your website with different features. Such automation has reduced the testers’ decent amount of time and effort. Also, they get to test the maximum possible test cases to improve the website’s overall experience.
  • Customizing websites- with the help of some A/B testing software, you can even customize the content of your website using its support for Big Data. So, you can run various tests on those content to check their effectiveness for generating more sales.
  • Graphics- now, with A/B testing software, allow the teams to include data in a graphical format to increase readability and understandability. 

Features of A/B Testing Software

Some A/B testing software are available as standalone tools, and some are integrated tools. A/B testing software comes with several features. All you need is to research and find out the required features for your project. If you are new to A/B testing, you should know what features are available with A/B testing. Below are some fantastic features offered by most of the A/B testing software.

  • Live web editor- WYSIWYG is the editor that comes with every A/B testing software, allowing you to create variants of the website without changing the underlying programming.
  • Activity log- with the activity log, everyone can store all the changes being made during the testing, and it helps to know who has made those changes.
  • Marketing campaign- once you know which variable affects your marketing strategy, you can launch new marketing campaigns after the required changes.
  • Test preview is the most important feature offered by A/B testing software, as you can see how the changes will look before launching them.
  • Custom surveys- using custom surveys, you can get feedback from the customers to create a better marketing campaign that will help your business succeed.
  • Improvement monitor- this feature allows the team to monitor the performance of the changes and provide the scope for improvements if required.
  • Experiment management- this feature lets the team understand how each test has performed and track all the testing activities for future reference.
  • Analytics integration lets the team understand the gathered data and change customers’ behavior. Using this gathered data, you can work on the customers’ pain points and improve your user experience accordingly.
  • User personalization- using this feature, the team can manage the access of various users so that the user can see specific changes on the website. This will help in separating the regular users from the admin users.
  • Third-party software integration- also, to add more functionalities to your A/B testing software, you can integrate it with other tools.
  • Flexible content- this feature allows you to add the content dynamically to change various parts of the website to add the user’s information.
  • Data analysis- this feature lets you understand the performance of your website, such as lead generation, incoming traffic, etc.
  • Testing multiple pages allows the team to test multiple pages under the same test.

Factors To Consider While Choosing the A/B Testing Software

Choosing the right software depends on various factors that need to be considered. We are discussing one of the critical factors here, and make sure that you also consider them for the right choice of A/B testing software.

If your website gets way low traffic, you might not implement it. Whenever you create several variants of a single website, you need to split the traffic among all the variants to conclude. Without having an appropriate amount of traffic, you cannot conduct experiments to get a statistical result. 

To divide the traffic, make sure that each variant will get a minimum of five thousand visitors and more than a thousand conversions to decide the winning variation. You can check the analytics using the A/B testing calculator to get the details of all conversions and traffic.

Before choosing the right A/B testing software, you need to understand your testing requirements. As A/B testing software is not only limited to testing, you can personalize the features as per your requirement. So, make sure you know what features you expect from our testing software. 

Sometimes having a wide range of features and functionalities increases the complexity of the software, making it difficult to understand. For example, you need the software only for beginning level testing, and then there is no use to go for software with complex features. However, there is no harm in choosing the software with multiple features, but it will also increase the cost.

Ignoring the importance of customer support will not be a good decision, as sooner or later, you might require it. Having solid and consistent technical support is one of the critical factors that should not be looked upon. Ensure that the chosen testing software comes with the active community and support to help you with your technical issues. Before choosing the software, make quick research for the support being provided by the software, such as live support, email support, detailed documentation, automated support, etc.

Some testing software offers dedicated support as an add-on. You need to pay for that upgrade and access for free.

Also, make sure to test if the chosen software impacts the speed of your website in some way. Using some A/B testing software can add unnecessary seconds to your website’s speed and increase the website’s load time. The slow loading time of your website or landing page can impact the user experience and negatively affect your website. 

To check this impact, you must understand how the testing mechanism works. A/B testing software are categorized as Client-side and server-side A/B testing. 

Client-side A/B testing software uses a JavaScript code stored on a visitor’s browser to change the content that your server loads for the visitor based on their targeting instructions. At the same time, the Server-side A/B testing tools provide the exact content with the required changes from the server to the user without touching the user’s browser. 

You can make your own choice based on the type of website you are working with. Mostly, server-side testing software seem to be a preferable option but can be costly.

Sometimes, having simple testing software will not meet all your business requirements. You might require other tools such as heatmap and analytics tools to get detailed insight into your website. For this purpose, companies majorly spend millions on A/B testing software that comes with a wide range of features or customize the testing software as per their requirement. This increases the complexity of the software.

Instead of spending millions, you can look for specialized A/B testing software to integrate such high-end tools for detailed information. 

For smooth implementation and onboarding, ensure the software comes with an onboarding process, training, and tools. Some A/B testing software are complex to understand and implement, thus requiring dedicated implementation training for easy setup. Also, some A/B testing software offers training as a part of their plan and charges for this service. If you have a tight budget, you can consider those software that offer an add-on onboarding facility.

Before choosing testing software, make sure you reassess the team’s technical skills. The more complex the testing software, the more skills are required to set up and handle. If the software requires coding, you must hire a front-end developer who will help you with the complex coding tasks within the software. 

Also, research each testing software option and check what skills are required to use a particular software. If you go for software with many features, it also brings complexity for which you need to invest in new resources. So make sure you choose the software that matches your skillset.

Commonly Used A/B Testing Softwares

We have summed up the most commonly used A/B testing software and should be using it in 2022.

This platform comes with the vision of democratizing the experiments across several organizations. It lets the product team carry out experiments and use their results to make decisions. You will get the results on every page load. It comes with a fantastic feature to filter out all the bots to only consider the real-life humans. You will get valuable insights using its real-time reports. It removes flickering effects by eliminating the integration with third-parties platforms and runs locally to improve user experience. You are allowed to run thousands of simultaneous A/B tests across your infrastructure with optimum results. This platform will automatically warn you about sample ratio mismatches, trigger day effects, etc. 

Ion Interactive allows the company to create interactive content for improving the customers’ experience. Not only this, you can even test each case to get a better result. There is no need to have coding experience to use this software. Using this software, the team can gather all the essential data on the interactions, attract more customers, generate more leads, and adjust the website’s content accordingly.

After the final result, this software automatically sets the optimization based on the results.

withOmniconvert, the team can seamlessly turn the data into new marketing strategies. It can be used in any scenario, such as running A/B tests on desktops, tablets, mobile devices, whatever suits you best. With this software, you can control the winning variant for future testing. 

Also, you can utilize its platform’s tool for carrying out web surveys, personalization, etc. 

AB Tasty testing software is more suitable for a mid-sized business or a business that does not require a tool with a wide range of features. But, it does not mean that the tool is lacking somewhere. You can still run tests and get the efficient result necessary to improve the aspects of the website. 

It comes with a user-friendly interface making it suitable for beginners. It also provides funnel testing, allowing the teams to simultaneously carry out tests across several pages.

The Convertize tool is a tremendous A/B testing tool to start and explore new functionalities it has to offer. It comes with an easy functionality of drag and drop along with personalization. You can choose any of its plans as per your business requirement. With several plans, you can manage your budget easily.

You can avail this A/B testing software for free with the functionality of Google Analytics and Google Optimize. This software allows the team to create, test, and analyze different variants of a single website. For more advanced testing features, you can go for Optimize 360, but it is a paid version offering advanced features for testing.

  • VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)

VWO is a popular software for A/B testing, offering a complete set of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tools for achieving better results.

You can use its powerful reporting dashboard, unique color-coding system, etc. It lets you understand the website user’s behavior to improve the customer experience and improve the business’s success.

The VWO A/B testing software is well-suited for mid-size to large enterprises. You will get to leverage its exceptional 24-hour support for a quick resolution.

It is a well-suited software available for large-scale enterprises. This software comes with easy installation and implementation, making it suitable for beginners. You do not have to have the technical experience to use it. It allows you to conduct multiple tests on a single page simultaneously.


For any website to perform better than its earlier version, you need to test every website’s features. It lets the teams understand which variable impacts the performance and act accordingly. To get into the details, teams require A/B testing software to reduce the efforts and get to the exact results. Once you get the testing results, you know where your website needs improvement.

Without any conversion rates, there is no success for your business. Thus it is essential to know the weak points of your website. You can use A/B testing software, but choosing the right one with the right features to meet your business requirements requires research. We have mentioned some of the factors you can consider while doing your research, as without having the right features can impact your testing.


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