How to Make a Nice Side Menu for Your iOS App Using Swift 5 | by Margels | Feb, 2022

Design dribble like UIs in your apps


First off, we will need to set an array of options that we want to include in our side menu. Each option should have a title that the user will see and a correspondent segue to perform upon selection:

This list will be the options available on the side menu.
Select ‘none’ as your selection animation and set up a custom animation.
menuTableView.delegate = self
menuTableView.dataSource = self
menuTableView.backgroundColor = .clear

Now that we have created our side menu, it is time to create our main view. The first thing we will need to do is add a view to the storyboard and make it fit the entire screen. Make sure you also set its top, bottom, leading, and trailing constraints to zero.

The first thing we will do is set a boolean value to determine when our menu is showing. For now, we will set it to false, until the user swipes to show the side menu:

var menu = false
let screen = UIScreen.main.bounds
var home = CGAffineTransform()
home = self.containerView.transform
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