How to Make Small Steps Go a Long Way While Learning | by Marcin | Mar, 2022

Iterate, learn when to call it quits, and always look for feedback

  • agile — is all about iterating with the changes to the product to discover what customers need, whereas
  • minimum viable product (MVP) — aims to create the first version that can be checked against the market, and then it’s iterated from there.
  • learn a piece of material, and then
  • use it.
  • refactoring the code you’re about to work on
  • adding code infrastructure-helper methods, updating types, etc.
  • making the changes to the application logic
  • adding end-to-end tests for the new feature
  • “Release early, release often.”
  • “Move fast and break things.”
  • seeking help too fast
  • seeking help too late
  • Your team is under a lot of pressure-an emergency of some sort, so no experienced developer is available to help out
  • you are taking over from a developer who’s leaving in 2 weeks, so the priority is to get the most knowledge from them as possible
  • automated tests passing locally or on CI
  • more experienced colleague or your mentor reviewing the code
  • presenting our product externally and collecting feedback
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