How to Turn Your Ruby on Rails Project Into a Shopify App | by Nicole Schmidlin | Feb, 2022

Create an app in the Partner’s dashboard

Add shopify_app gem

$ rails new shopify_rails_app_name
$ cd shopify_rails_app_name
$ bundle add shopify_app
$ rails generate shopify_app:install -api_key=your_api_key 
-secret=your_app_secret -redirect_uri=your_redirect_uri
in `method_missing': undefined method `assets' for #<Rails::Application::Configuration:0x000000010c7d75a0...
$ rails generate shopify_app:home_controller
$ rails generate shopify_app:shop_model
$ rails db:migrate
SHOPIFY_API_KEY=Your Shopify API key
SHOPIFY_API_SECRET=Your Shopify API secret

Connect App to Store

$ rails s

Make it work

There are currently no webhooks
include ShopifyApp::EmbeddedApp

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