HSBC Interview Experience for SDE-1

Round 1: Aptitude Test: (75 min)

  • Aptitude(20 questions ): Topics like Ratio and proportion, Speed ​​and Distance, Percentage, Profit and Loss, etc. Difficulty Level -Easy-medium.
  • Verbal(20 questions): Topics like error correction, synonyms, antonyms, Comprehension passages, etc. Difficulty Level-Easy Medium.
  • Technical Subjects(30 questions): Topics like DBMS, Operating System, Computer Network, Output based Questions, OOPs, etc. Difficulty Level-Easy-Medium.

After the Aptitude test. Students who qualified (Qualifying marks were not disclosed), were redirected to the Coding assessment.

Coding Assessment: (30 min): This round consisted of two coding questions. Try to do both questions, as it would increase the chances of getting shortlisted. Difficulty Level-Easy-Medium

Round 2: After round 1, all the shortlisted students had to undergo a value-based assessment. Scenario-based questions were asked and students had to choose the most appropriate options accordingly.

Round 3: (30 min): After the value-based assessment Technical interviews took place for shortlisted students. We were added to a WhatsApp group, Where we were told to be active from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM on the day of the interview. As we would be informed about when to join for the meeting through the WhatsApp group only.

The interview started with a basic introduction. Then the interviewer asked the language I was comfortable to code in. As I code in C++ I told him that. Then he asked to open any IDE and share my screen. I was asked a linked list-based question. He asked me to implement a linked list After that I was asked to reverse the linked list. Which I had to code and implement. It was followed by some OOPs questions. The questions were basic, just the definition. (I was not asked anything about my projects or internships, but a lot of other students were asked questions from their projects and resume, so do prepare it well).

Round 4: (15 min) HR interview: After the technical interview, shortlisted students underwent the HR interview. The interview started with a general introduction. This is followed by two questions.

  • What excites you about Technology?.
  • Why HSBC?
  • I was also asked about location preference.

Finally, 4 students from my college got selected, including me

Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-1 (Bangalore)

Round 1 (Online appraisal): Consisted of 2 coding inquiries alongside a code clarification for each. In code clarification, you want to make sense of your methodology and the existence intricacy. I don’t recall the coding questions asked, however, one was leetcode simple, and the difference was leetcode medium.

Round 2 (Technical Round 1): The questioner requested that I present myself. Then, at that point, given the accompanying coding questions.

  • Variety of essential errands.
  • A straightforward cluster-based question that is pre-owned 2 pointer approach.

Round 3 (Technical Round 2): The questioner requested that I present myself. Then, at that point, given the accompanying coding questions.

Round 4(Bar raiser): The questioner requested that I present myself. Then, at that point, he posed a few inquiries from my resume. Inform me regarding the task referenced in your resume. Variety of stock trade. Took more than 30 mins to comprehend and do this. The questionnaire was not satisfied with his prerequisites. At long last did this with recursion.

Round 5 (Managerial round): The questionnaire was extremely great. He communicated with me quite well. Posed a few social inquiries. Some were, Tell about when you accomplished something testing. Tell about when you accomplished something creative.

Tips: Keep rehearsing everyday practice from GFG and leetcode, that should be sufficient. Try not to mess with social inquiries and practice them during the end days before your meeting. Make 5-6 stories in any event.

Verdict: Selected!!

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