Kickstart Your Career in UI/UX Design

Before beginning, let us first understand what UX is.

UX (User Experience) can be said to be a process design team that is used for the creation of products that provide users with meaningful and relevant experiences. The accquiring and integration of the product is a complete process that includes types of branding, design of the product, usefulness, function, and successful accomplishment of this entire process is fully dependent on the design.

In UX you learn how to make designs.

In this post, I’ll share some useful steps to start a career in UI/UX design and how you can upskill yourself by enrolling in the latest UI/UX design course.

1. Get Familiarized With UX Process and Methodology

It is important advice to the working professionals who intend to make their career in the field of UX technology that they first read the below-mentioned article carefully. This article is a guide that gives you an insight into the UX process and its methodology.

To be a UX Designer or UX Researcher, your aim should be to understand the UI/UX jargon, methodology, and what are the principles of each UX process uses. In addition, from user research, design, wireframing, prototyping, testing to implementation and launch.

It is a recommendation for UX Designer to keep their main focus on design and wireframing to become competent in this field and aspiring UX researchers should do more and more study of different qualitative and quantitative research methods to get a stronghold on their subjects.

Your best bet here would be to enroll in one of the free UI UX design courses available online. This will help you develop a basic understanding of UI UX and also boost your career prospects.

2. Be a Participant While Attending UX Research

UX research is being run frequently by most UX agencies and research projects to attract participants of different profiles.

You can look for UX agencies in your country on the internet and find out if they need participants and if the answer is in “yes”, then reveal your intention to them via an email that you want to be a participant in their research. There is every possibility that they will contact you or will include your particulars in their database.

To gain first-hand experience of UX research on a broad level, you are required to attend search sessions as an active participant. This useful activity is applicable for both UX Designer and UX researchers in the same manner.

3. Start With One Relevant Software

If you want to be recognized as a UX Designer, it is not at all necessary for you to develop your programming and coding skills, but they will add value to your job application, what you have to do is that you just have mastered at least one design tool like Sketch, Figma, Illustrator, Balsamiq, Adobe XD and more similar tools.

A degree in design or other relevant degrees along with working experience in the field of design is not a mandatory but preferred requirement for aspiring candidates who want to pursue their career as UX designers. In addition, their communication skills, interpersonal skills, regulating ability, and effectiveness in communicating ideas, should be of standard.

To become a proficient UX Researcher, you will be required to have experience in a programming language that is being commonly used for computational statistics and data manipulation, such as C++, Java or Go, R Matlab, Python, and SQL.

4. Apply for UI/UX Internship

Always keep in mind that even for entry-level UX design jobs companies generally require aspirants who have at least one or two years of experience in that field. That’s why the value of an internship is so important. It plays an important role in getting you a job in your desired field. Companies often search for people who are brand new to design, it is not necessary whether they completed their course or not, let it be a degree course or Bootcamp.

In addition, even though you have not been a part of a college-level design program, you also can get an internship. Nowadays, UX designers are highly-in-demand and because of this there are a lot of opportunities to get jobs but tough competition is also there. After internship chances of getting jobs increase.

Finding an internship is quite a challenging task. You have to prepare accordingly. If you desire to be an intern of a well-reputed company around the world and are in search of that, then it becomes a little more difficult but not impossible, only there is a requirement of proper preparation, in the right direction.

Many companies offer internships where some standards are required to be met and have some standard of recruitment processes. What you need to do, is only prepare yourself to meet those standards. Don’t be stressed for any interview because a well-prepared aspiring candidate can get through any kind of recruitment process successfully. We are here to guide you for that. We have come forward with some advice to help you in this regard, only you need to follow the advice properly.

a) Decide Paid or Unpaid Internship

First, decide what you want, paid internship or unpaid. If you opt for an unpaid internship, then your chances increase and you can find many options, only to decide whether you can afford it or not. However, it is not so simple for everyone. Always remember that not every internship pays well, to get a well-paid internship, you will be required to face tough competition. So, if you need money too along with an internship, then prepare accordingly.

b) Selection of Company to Work

First, decide in which industry you want to work. This decision will help you a lot in finding an internship.

Second, there are two types of companies, one, like design agencies, that complete projects for others, and second, a self-independent company that has its internal design team that works for the company’s products and services.

On one hand, while working in UX agencies, you will get a wider range of experience while working on different projects that will help when you will start searching for a full-time UX designer job, on the other hand, is an independent company, You will get an opportunity to work on a variety of projects for a single brand.

So decide, what do you want to choose?

c) List Out Your Skills

Before you start searching for an internship, you must start making a list of the UX-based skills that you have already learned during your education and while doing personal projects. Compare this list with the job posting and find out which internship is suitable for you. Your skills should be a combination of both hard skills and soft skills.

d) What Do You Want To Achieve From an Internship?

There is always some motive in your mind at the time when you start searching for an internship. While searching for an internship, you must know about your goals, which means, do you want to gain UX design skills or just do it to get professional experience or are willing to acquire knowledge about the product design process.

Whatever it may be, you first analyze yourself and then apply for an internship according to your interest.

To make your way into the professional network, an internship is a right option. An internship enables you to make a professional network strong and a strong professional network always plays an important role in career growth. During an internship, you will get a chance to meet many scholars of that field who can help you in bringing your knowledge to a higher level. You would also be able to get some referrals from your network to secure a job of your choice because nowadays referral from the UX expert is one of the fastest ways in the design industry to land a job.

Your well-developed UX portfolio and brand can let you get an internship fast in comparison to those who are lacking in it. The design projects that you have developed in your academic, and any other UX-relevant experience, should be a part of your portfolio.

5. Make a Structured Portfolio

Your branded portfolio should be such that it communicates about your design style, and expresses your design process. Be away from the malpractices while developing a branded portfolio that means don’t try to take credit for such UX projects that you never worked on. Your few good UX projects are good enough to fulfill your desire for an internship.

Create a branded presentable, readable, impressive, and effective resume. Your resume should be able to showcase your UX design skills and any other experience. Lastly, ensure that it is well designed.


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