Most Popular Web Development Framework in 2022

Websites are an integral part of businesses in this digital world to establish a prominent online existence. Sophisticated and intuitive websites are a great way to attract users. To develop outstanding websites and applications, you need the correct web framework.

Many developers find frameworks like Vue, Meteor, Ruby on Rails, and Meteor extremely productive. Here we have presented the list of most popular web development frameworks in 2022. We will look at their features in detail to help you choose the perfect web framework.

Most Popular Frameworks for Website Development

A web framework is a platform that helps to create websites and web applications. It offers a wide range of code snippets, pre-written components, and templates. Frameworks are significant because they help in increasing your traffic.

1. Ruby on Rails

Experts consider Ruby Rails the best web development framework. If you want to develop a high-speed application, this dynamic web application framework is a perfect choice. Ruby on rails applications is ten times faster as it compromises everything to form a database drive app. A few websites that use this framework are GitHub, Shopify, Hulu, Airbnb, and Groupon.


ASP.NET is a web framework that helps build dynamic web applications for mobiles and PCs. It was built by Microsoft to build vibrant websites, applications, and services. For enhanced speed, power, and productivity, the programmers use ASP.NET Core, a novel version of ASP.NET. It is programmed in C# language. Some famous companies using this are Taco Bell, GettyImages, and Stack Overflow.

3. Django

Django is one of the most popular backend frameworks that help to develop a robust web app. It uses the DRY pattern and convention over configuration. Developers use the available tools and techniques to build a safe website. These tools help in implementing security features to provide the best web development.

4. Express

Express is an open-source framework supplying various features for mobile and website development. It is considered a minimal and flexible framework for backend development on Node.js. It uses Java language for programming, and many developers prefer it all over the globe. It also helps to build competent APIs. Companies that use Express for their projects are MuleSoft, Myntra, Uber, Accenture, and Myspace.

5. Angular

Angular is one of the top front-end web development frameworks used by developers. The Google Angular team manages this TypeScript-based open-source web app framework. Angular can construct numerous high-functioning web apps because these applications are easy to maintain. Websites like Upwork, Lego, Netflix, and PayPal use Angular.

6. Meteor

Meteor, also known as MeteorJS, is a framework that creates real-time mobile and web apps quickly. It uses JavaScript for yielding cross-platform code for iOS, Android, browsers, and desktops and supports instant prototyping. The cloud platform of Meteor, Galaxy, simplifies scaling, monitoring, and deployment. Currently, more than 19,000 websites use Meteor. WishPool, HaggleMate, and Telescope are a few to name.

7. Laravel

Laravel is a server-side framework with USPs, such as simplicity, elegance, and readability. Taylor Otwell developed this framework in 2011, which uses PHP language and functions on an MVC architectural model. You can use the API support containing a good quantity of packages to expand its reach. To see tutorial videos on Laravel, PHP, and front-end technologies, you can visit the official website of Laracasts.

8. Spring

The Spring Framework is invented by Pivotal Software and is one of the most used backend frameworks. Developers can create simple, flexible, and fast applications with the Spring Framework. It is built for the Java platform and has gained significant popularity in the Java Community due to the Enterprise JavaBeans model addition. An application built using Java can utilize its main features, and the extensions further help in forming apps on the Java Enterprise Edition platform top. The primary usage of Spring is for creating vigorous and high-performing applications. Deleokorea, Intuit, MIT, Zillow, and Zalando are some companies that utilize this framework.

9. Ember

Ember.js is a web development framework that uses a model-view-viewmodel (MVVM) architecture pattern. It is the newest JavaScript model form where developers can utilize general idioms and advanced practices to form single-page applications. Though it also supports mobile and desktop applications, it is considered the best web framework. Apple Music is an attribute of the iTunes desktop app and is an example of the Ember desktop application. The Ember community of developers is expanding super-fast, and its activity is releasing new features. The companies that utilize Ember regularly are Heroku, Netflix, Google, and Microsoft.

10. Vue

Vue comes on the list as one of the best frameworks for web development. It is the most high-performing JavaScript library of UI components. Using Vue, developers can create single-page applications and dynamic UIs super fast. The various components assist in developing a seamless user interface. It is a flexible framework where you can integrate multiple third-party solutions. It allows both one-way and two-way data binding. Developers can effortlessly use this open-source framework to amplify applications. Gitlab, Grammarly, 9GAG, and Behance are a few companies that use this framework.

Summing It Up

A web development framework provides tools to simplify the website development building process. Some web development companies consider the above web dev frameworks for creating a new website. Thanks for reading this web dev article. I hope you like it.


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