Mouse Right Click Not Working Issue: 10 Best Solutions

While using the computer, the mouse is considered one of the most integral tools. The usage of the mouse makes every functionality in the computer much easier. Most importantly, if you are using a computer, the mouse is the only way to navigate through the Windows 10 system with convenience.

mouse right click not working

Even though the right-click is not used as frequently as its counterpart, it is definitely considered an important button and can act up at times. Mouse right click not working? It happens and we have the solutions to fix this issue on Windows 10.

Why Is Right Click Not Working?

There can be several reasons as to why the mouse right-click is not working. In order to address the issue, a lot of factors should be considered. There can be faulty settings within the system itself.

Moreover, there can be a problem in the hardware, or else sometimes the software of the mouse should also be double-checked. An outdated support software in the touchpad or the mouse could be some of the reasons why the right click is not working.

Solutions To Fix Mouse Right Click Not Working

  1. Disconnect Mouse
  2. Update Mouse Driver
  3. Restart File Explorer
  4. Check Hardware Issues
  5. Update Windows 10
  6. Check Mouse Settings
  7. Scan for Malware
  8. Switch Off Tablet Mode
  9. Check Group Policy Settings
  10. Run DISM Tool

1. Disconnect Mouse

The first thing you can do is try disconnecting and reconnecting the mouse. There may be chances that fixing the input settings, will allow you to fix the functionality of the right-click.

If you have plugged it into the device, try unplugging it and putting it back. However, if it also has a switch with an ON or OFF option, you can also flick it back so that it can reset and reconnect with the system.

A majority of the time, there may be glitches within the system or the mouse. Disconnecting and reconnecting it again, will help you fix the issue.

2. Update Mouse Driver

The problem of the mouse right-click not working can also be due to the outdated driver of the mouse. Hence, you can try updating the driver to see whether it can fix the issue or not. You can update the mouse driver both automatically and manually.

If you want to update the driver automatically, you will have to install additional software. This software mostly recognises the drives or other applications in the system that requires updates.

However, if you want to do it manually, without the help of an external application, you can do so by following these steps.

  • Click on Cortana and type Device Manager window.
  • Once the context menus of Device Manager comes on the screen, click on Mice and other pointing devices.
Device Manager
  • After you select the same, you will have to double left click on it.
  • An additional window of its Properties will open. Click on the Driver tab.
  • Select on Update Driver.
update driver
  • Click on Search automatically for updated driver software from the window.

Once you do this, the system will search for the updates required for the mouse driver. You can then update the same. If required you can also restart the system and check whether the issue has been resolved.

Since most users fail to keep track of the updates for numerous drivers in their system, issues like this become common. Hence, updating the mouse driver will help avoid many issues with regard to the same.

3. Restart File Explorer

The problem of the mouse right-click not working can also sometimes stem from the File Explorer. Hence, you can try restarting it in order to address the issue.

  • Press X and Windows and select Task Manager. Alternatively, you can also press Ctrl+Shift and Esc
  • Select the Processes tab from the Task Manager window.
restart file explorer
  • Choose Windows Explorer from the context menu.
  • Click on Restart which will be seen on the right side corner.

After restarting File Explorer, you can check whether the issue has been resolved or not. Most of the time, restarting file explorer helps in fixing glitches within the system.

4. Check Hardware Issues

This method is similar to unplugging and plugging the mouse in the system. There could be a possibility of the USB port not functioning, hence if you plug it in a different port might resolve the issue.

If the issue is resolved then you will come to know that the USB port itself is faulty, which will have to be looked into. Moreover, if this method still does not work, you can try plugging in a different mouse.

Faulty mouse hardware

In order to check whether the mouse is functioning or not, you can try a different mouse. If the right-click is not working, then the problem might lie in the hardware of the previous mouse.

You might have to repair the mouse or replace it with a new one. If the other mouse is still not working, try plugging it into a different USB port. This will help you cross-check both the mouse and the USB port.

5. Update Windows 10

You might also want to check whether the system’s software is running on the latest version or not. Sometimes the issue might not be resolved even after updating the mouse driver. Then there are high chances that you will have to update the Windows as well.

In order to check any latest updates for Windows, you will have to navigate through the settings and search for Windows Update. You will be led to a different page that will have the Update status of the software.

Update Windows 10

The system will automatically check for updates if any and then you can install the updates accordingly. After the system’s update has been installed, you can restart the computer and check whether the mouse right-click is working or not.

6. Check Mouse Settings

There is a high possibility of the button settings being reversed by default. This would mean that while clicking on the right side, the functionality will be that of the left side and vice versa. Setting the primary button to the left is necessary, you can do this through the computer settings.

  • Click on the Start menu.
  • Select Settings and click on Devices
  • Click on the option Mouse.
  • You can then select on Left under the Select your primary button option.

This method will allow you to change the functionality of the mouse button and also fix the problem of the right click not working.

7. Scan For Malware

Sometimes several applications can prevent several functions in Windows to run smoothly. It is important to check if there is any malware within the system, as it can be a great threat sometimes.

You can easily scan for malware through Windows Security itself. Moreover, it will automatically detect the malware and suggest you remove it from the system.

However, there may be chances that Windows Security is unable to detect any malware in the system. You can use separate malware removal tools to check the system more thoroughly. Even though Windows Security can detect most malware, third-party malware tools scan more intricately.

8. Switch Off Tablet Mode

If you are currently using the Tablet mode on your computer, it could be one of the reasons why the right mouse click is not working. Switching off the tablet mode can help you fix the issue.

You can disable it through the following steps

  • Select the Action Center icon which is at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • If the Tablet Mode is not greyed out, click on it.
  • This will help you disable the mode.

This process is relatively easy and simple. Using the Tablet mode can disable certain functionalities of the mouse, hence disabling it might help fix the issue.

9. Check Group Policy Settings

If there is no right mouse click after restarting the File Explorer, you might want to check the group policy settings.

  • Click on Windows and R.
  • Type gpedit.msc form the keyboard in the Run dialog and press OK.
  • Click on the User Configuration and then the Administrative Templates.
Check group policy settings
  • Select Windows Components and on File Explorer.
  • Double click the policy named Remove File Explorer’s default context menu.
check group policy settings
  • Select the button Disabled and then click on Apply and OK.

You can then reboot the system and can check whether the right click is working or not after restarting.

10. Run DISM

The Deployment Image and Servicing Management fix several issues within Windows Microsoft. There can be misconfigurations or corruption within the system so by running DISM, you can fix the issue.

  • Press the Windows key.
  • Type cmd in the keyboard and select Command Prompt.
  • Click on Run as administrator.
  • Enter these commands in the popup window after that
Dism/Online/Cleanup-Image/Scan Health

After you do this, you can reboot the system and check the right mouse click functionality of your mouse.


All these methods will easily help you resolve the issue of the mouse right click not working. A majority of the time, the issues are related to software problems.

Only a few times, the issue lies on the hardware or the machine itself during those times, repairing or getting a new mouse is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Fix Right Click On Windows 10?

There are several ways that you could address this issue. Firstly, you can check whether the fault is on the hardware or not. If the hardware or machine is not the problem, you can try updating the mouse driver, Windows Microsoft, checking for malware and many more.

How Do I Enable Right Click On My Mouse?

You can click on the mouse shortcuts and then click on the Secondary click. This will help you choose the functionality of both buttons.

When I Right Click On My Desktop Nothing Happens?

You will have to check the system settings and remove the File Explorer’s default settings in order to enable the right click on your desktop.

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