Samsung R&D Interview Experience Bangalore (On-Campus) 2022

Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore visited our campus in January 2022 for a 6-month internship +Full time Network Software Engineer role

There were a total of 4 rounds: 1 Online Coding Round, 2 Technical F2F rounds, 1 HR round.

Online Coding Round: There was a total of 3 coding questions which we need to solve in 90 minutes and the difficulty level of questions was easy-medium level in the Online Technical Test which was held on the Co-Cubes platform. I don’t exactly remember the questions but only default test cases were visible to us. There were hidden test cases which were the most important aspect to shortlist for further rounds. Those who solved and passed all test cases of at least 2 out of 3 questions were shortlisted for the next round.

Technical Interview Round: After the online assessment test, 46 students were shortlisted among 150 students for the technical interview round. There were 2 technical rounds of 1 hour each and 1 HR round of 30 minutes.

Round 1: This round was a face to face interview round where the interviewer started with his introduction and asked me to introduce myself. He asked me a total of 3 DSA questions which were of Medium-Hard difficulty level. Questions are as follows:-


At first, I gave him Brute Force Approach then he asked me if I can further optimize. Then I explained to him the efficient approach which is Sliding Window Approach. He asked me to code and gave me some test cases to run. He was satisfied with the answer and asked me the time complexity which is O(n) where n is the length of the parent string. He then proceeded with the next question.


He asked me if I know merge sort or not. He then gave me to write pseudocode in my editor after I explained the logic. After that, he gave me a follow-up question.


I gave him the naive approach but he wanted me to tell him the min-heap approach which is the efficient approach to solve this question. He did not ask me to code after I explained him. After the first round around 30 people were shortlisted for the next round. and I was one of them.

Round 2: This round started with a brief introduction and then the interviewer opened my resume on his PC and started to ask questions based on CS Fundamentals and projects. He started with OOPS and continued asking DBMS, OS, Computer Network and asked me to explain my projects.

Questions that were asked :

1. He asked me in which language I am comfortable. I said C++. He then asked me the difference between C++ and Java.

2. What is Class and Object?

3. What is Public, Protected, and Private Access Specifier?

4. What are Structured Oriented and Functional Oriented Programming?

5. Difference between C++ and Python. Which of these languages ​​is function-oriented?

6. What is the difference between Threads and Processes?

7. Linux and Windows difference. What are a few commands in Linux OS?

8. Explain the OSI model and what are the layers in the OSI model?

9. What are Joins in DBMS?

10. What is Normalization and its different normal form?

11. What is RDBMS and NRDBMS?

12. What is the difference between NoSQL and SQL?

13. What is TCP/UDP?

14. What is the difference between IPv4 and IPv6?

15. How to configure IP address in windows?

After this, he asked me to brief all the projects and asked me to explain to him anyone project along with code. After I my project he said me that we were running out of time and asked me if I have anything to ask. With this, my round 2 was over and was held for around 60-70 minutes. I was shortlisted for HR Round I don’t exactly remember the number of students that were shortlisted.

HR Round: Next day, was both nervous and excited at the same time. HR joined the meet and asked me if I am nervous. Then, she started with her introduction and asked me to introduce myself. Then She asked, Why do you want to join SAMSUNG? and what if you get an offer from any other companies? She said looking in my resume that I was more towards research and Machine Learning, Will I go for higher studies if I get the chance? I said “NO”. In the end, she said to improve in a few areas and asked me If I have anything to ask? I asked her about her personal experience working with SAMSUNG. After this HR round got over.

Verdict: I was among the selected people and got selected for Intern + Full-time offer at SAMSUNG R&D INSTITUTE BANGALORE.


  1. Be confident about your abilities.
  2. Smile and accept that you are not sure about your approach.
  3. Discuss your approach first and always do Dry-Run on Editor.

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