Security vs. Performance in the SQL World

If you found yourself inside of the world of databases in one way or another, you already know a little about database security and performance. Database management systems certainly do come with benefits to your databases, but have you thought about what options you need to weigh from the security and performance perspectives for your … Read more

Building Reactive Java Applications with Spring Framework

If you’re a Java developer who uses the Spring ecosystem, you’ve probably seen the Spring Pet Clinic. In this workshop, we will walk you through a new reactive implementation of the Pet Clinic backend that uses Spring WebFlux and Apache Cassandra® (via DataStax Astra DB). The cloud-native database-as-a-service built on Cassandra fits the highly concurrent, … Read more

What You Should Know About Table Partition Pruning

Table partitioning is a very handy feature supported by several databases, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and YugabyteDB. This feature is useful when you need to split a large table into smaller independent pieces called partitioned tables or partitions. If you’re not familiar with this feature yet, consider the following simple example. Let’s pretend you develop … Read more

Internal Developer Platform in Plain English

Pros and Cons of Using Internal Development Platforms in the Cloud Computing World Internal Development Platform (IDP) is a brand new word in DevOps and product development. In this article, I’m explaining: What exactly IDP is How to involve it in your organization An overview of the existing IDP platforms on the market, their pros, … Read more

RSA Conference Recap for Developers

Internet security professionals flocked to the Moscone Center in San Francisco for the RSA Conference (RSAC). Previously planned to occur in February, this year’s event got moved to June 6-9 after organizers wanted to exercise an abundance of caution during the ongoing COVID-19 threat. Here’s a look at some of the themes and trends explored … Read more

Remote Debugging and Developer Observability

In this post, we’ll go over remote debugging — debugging production with developer observability tools and debugging asynchronous code, which presents its own unique challenges! This is actually material from four separate videos because I wanted to pool some ideas together into a single blog post, and the asynchronous stuff got pulled in. So without … Read more

A Playbook to Properly Implement Pay As You Go Pricing for Your API Product

Usage-based pricing, consumption-based pricing, and PAYG (Pay As You Go) are relatively new SaaS pricing models that enable you to drive top-of-line growth while also increasing net revenue retention over more traditional subscription pricing models such as a license. or seat-based pricing. With Pay As You Go, a customer only needs to pay for what … Read more

Low-Code API Delivers Developer Productivity

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of developers like the terms no-code and low-code (except maybe AI). DevOps has us wanting to move fast and automate everything, but we don’t want low-code platforms to replace developers’ jobs! In reality, like most things in tech, it’s poorly named. Especially in the API space, low-code is actually … Read more