AI and Data Science in Aviation Industry

A New York Times piece last year addressed the question, “Are you ready to fly without a human pilot?” which sparked a vigorous conversation on Facebook. Many users responded with comments that were quite emotional, and other users also volunteered their expertise on the aviation sector. Others claimed that people were more amenable to accepting … Read more

Understanding Kubernetes Resource Types – DZone Cloud

Note: This is the first of a five-part series covering Kubernetes resource management and optimization. We start by describing Kubernetes resource types. Before we dive into Kubernetes resources, let’s clarify what the term “resource” refers to here. Anything we create in a Kubernetes cluster is considered a resource: deployments, pods, services, and more. For this … Read more

Emerging Technologies Make Data Centers Efficient

The looming energy crisis is a black spot for industries where power consumption is commonly excessive and difficult to manage, the chief example being modern data centers. These facilities consume 10 to 50 times more energy per floor space than your average office building. While achieving an energy-efficient data center is possible, even the most … Read more

Why Your Database Needs a Machine Learning Brain

The past 10-15 years have seen organizations put vast resources into creating databases that let them understand their business better, spot trends earlier, and manage tasks more effectively. Indeed, a whole industry has now grown up around it, not just with database companies like Clickhouse, DataStax, MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SingleStore, or Snowflake, but with … Read more

Consequences of Bad Data – DZone Big Data

You may not have heard the term data downtime, but I’m willing to bet you’ve experienced it and the cost of bad data firsthand. Urgent ping from your CEO about “missing data” in a critical report? Duplicate tables wreaking havoc in your Snowflake warehouse, all titled some variation of “Mikes_Table_GOOD-V3.”? Or, perhaps you’ve unintentionally made … Read more

Using SingleStoreDB, MindsDB, and Deepnote

Abstract This article will show how to use SingleStoreDB with MindsDB using Deepnote. We’ll create integrations within Deepnote, load the Iris flower data set into SingleStoreDB, and then use MindsDB to create a Machine Learning (ML) model from the Iris data stored in SingleStoreDB. We’ll also make some example predictions using the ML model. Most … Read more

Document Clustering Through Hybrid NLP

A Complex Use Case It is common knowledge that up to 87% of data science projects fail to go from Proof of concept to production; NLP projects for the Insurance domain make no exception. On the contrary, they must overcome several hardships inevitably connected to this space and its intricacies. The most known difficulties come … Read more

Kubernetes as Sustainability Tool – DZone DevOps

A wise man once said “We used the cloud for our digital transformation. Why not use it for a sustainability transformation as well?” (Adrian Cockcroft, VP Amazon Sustainability Architecture 2021). All major cloud providers have undertaken significant efforts to improve the sustainability of the cloud but the ultimate responsibility for sustainable use in the cloud … Read more

Leveraging AI and Machine Learning Technology For Medical Imaging

Breast cancer has been prevalent among females for some decades. However, it is the most pernicious cause of mortality among women worldwide — the data released by premier medical research organizations states so. “In 2020, there were 2.3 million women diagnosed with breast cancer and 685 000 deaths globally. As of 2020, 7.8 million women … Read more