NativeScript vs. Flutter: A Comparison

With the growing demand for lifestyle and communication apps, mobile app development has become a booming industry. Building apps for both iOS and Android requires having two different teams with different skill sets. This can be a challenge for companies that might not have the resources to invest in two other teams. This process can … Read more

NextJS Vs React: Key Differences and Advantages

Choosing the right programming language for a website or an application development has always been a hassle. When it comes to selecting between two awesome programming languages ​​such as NextJS and React, it’s debatable. Both tools are best suited for creating web applications. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to build a landing page, an … Read more

Practice on Pushing Messages to Devices of Different Manufacturers

Push messaging, with the proliferation of mobile Internet, has become a very effective way for mobile apps to achieve business success. It improves user engagement and stickiness by allowing developers to send messages to a wide range of users in a wide range of scenarios: taking the subway or bus, having a meal in a … Read more

Software Development With Innovative Technology

Continuous tech innovation is the new and persistent reality for businesses now. Companies are growing exponentially while automating their business workflows, streamlining business processes and smart marketing strategies, and delivering impeccable digital experiences to end customers. The evolving top-notch technologies, increasing business needs, and changing market trends have created a new era of digitalization. From … Read more

Importance of Mobile App Development

Reflect on the five things you don’t forget to carry when stepping outside. Is your mobile or internet-enabled handheld devices one of them? If yes, you belong to 95% of the world’s population. Modern phones are no longer only the means of calling someone but can provide premium services such as navigation, photography, music/video playback, … Read more

Reactive Programming: Integrate Into Application

According to Wikipedia, reactive programming (Rx) “is a declarative programming approach in computers that deals with data streams and change propagation. This paradigm allows users to easily specify static (eg, arrays) or dynamic (eg, event emitters) data streams, as well as indicating that an inferred dependence exists inside the related execution model, allowing for automatic … Read more

What Is BaaS and How It Can Help Fintech Startups?

Fintech applications are pretty tricky and expensive to build. Regulations, liquidity, and banking system integrations add an extra layer of complexity on top of the technical aspect. Starting a new PayPal or Revolut-like app requires having a business, legal, financial, and technical team. My research of the potential shortcuts for fintech applications indicated that building … Read more