Security vs. Performance in the SQL World

If you found yourself inside of the world of databases in one way or another, you already know a little about database security and performance. Database management systems certainly do come with benefits to your databases, but have you thought about what options you need to weigh from the security and performance perspectives for your … Read more

MySQL to DynamoDB: Build a Streaming Data Pipeline on AWS Using Kafka

This is the second part of the blog series which provides a step-by-step walkthrough of data pipelines with Kafka and Kafka Connect. I will be using AWS for demonstration purposes, but the concepts apply to any equivalent options (eg running these locally in Docker). This part will show Change Data Capture in action that lets … Read more

Major PostgreSQL Features You Should Know About

If you are already familiar with other SQL databases but new to PostgreSQL, then this article is perfect for you. It will help you understand the nuances and get started with PostgreSQL. Note: Most comparisons in this article are targeted towards MySQL since it is the closest open source database that PostgreSQL can be compared … Read more

Build a Query in MuleSoft With Optional Parameters

In this tutorial we will see how to: Define a RAML API specification to search products in a catalog database Establish and configure a database connection to query a MySQL database Build a query to support multiple optional filters Add optional sorting capabilities to our query at DB level 1. Define the RAML of a … Read more

How to Become an Open-Source Database Developer

Introduction Just like any other profession, becoming a database developer requires some effort and investment on your part. But with the right tools and resources at your disposal, it’s achievable. In this post, we’ll guide you through making that happen. So read on if you’re interested in making a career out of being a database … Read more

What Is Mysqld? – DZone Database

Introduction The MySQL Server has many different names and has been around for decades. Some people simply call it “MySQL,” some refer to it as “the MySQL daemon,” and others still elect to simply combine the two and call it “mysqld” (short for “MySQL daemon”). Regardless, the fact remains that it is both extremely popular … Read more

Node Sessions With Passport, Redis, and MySQL

HTTP and HTTPS are internet protocols that allow data to be sent over the internet by sending a request via a web browser. Because they are stateless, each request sent to the browser is independently treated. This means that the browser cannot remember the source of a request, even if the same user makes it. … Read more

Partitioning a Billion-Row Table of Using Context

In this article, you will learn how to use the semantics behind your data when you partition your database. This can drastically improve your application’s performance. And, most importantly, you will discover that you should tailor your partitioning criteria to your unique application domain. I have collaborated with a startup to develop a web app … Read more