How to Best Fit Filtering into Vector Similarity Search

Attribute filtering, or simply “filtering,” is a basic function desired by users of vector databases. However, such a simple function faces great complexity. Suppose Steve saw a photograph of a fashion blogger on a social media platform. He would like to search for a similar jean jacket on an online shopping platform that supports image … Read more

How Is Data Processed in a Vector Database?

In the previous two posts in this blog series, we have already covered the system architecture of Milvus, the world’s most advanced vector database, and its Python SDK and API. This post mainly aims to help you understand how data is processed in Milvus by going deep into the Milvus system and examining the interaction … Read more

Manage Your Milvus Vector Database With One-Click

Zilliz has been a pioneer who dedicated itself to enabling users in the face of a rapidly growing demand for unstructured data processing. Zilliz has now open-sourced a graphical user interface, Attu, specifically for Milvus 2.0, an AI-oriented vector database system designed for massive production scenarios. In this article, we would like to show you … Read more

What Are Vector Databases? – DZone Database

In this introductory article, we’ll introduce concepts related to the vector database, a new type of technology designed to store, manage, and search embedding vectors. Vector databases are being used in an extensive number of applications, including but not limited to image search, recommender system, text understanding, video summarization, drug discovery, stock market analysis, and … Read more