Laravel Cron Scheduling and Its Secrets

Hi, I’m Valerio Barbera, software engineer, founder, and CTO at Inspector. One of the most useful features of Laravel is the tasks scheduling system. The official documentation clearly explains what it is for: In the past, you may have written a cron configuration entry for each task you needed to schedule on your server. However, … Read more

How To Use Vue Template Refs to Access HTML Elements

Vue gives us a lot of powerful features when it comes to manipulating the DOM. It simplifies the job of maintaining states, to creating UIs which are easy to maintain, and fun to use. One thing Vue does really well is removing the need for direct DOM manipulation. Sometimes, though, we still need to manipulate … Read more

Making Your Own Email Subscription Service with Node.JS

It’s common for websites to have a subscription button, where you can pass along your email address, and you’ll receive emails every week, month, or day. Sometimes, these are automated emails, and sometimes they are custom posts written by an editor. It’s also common to pay for this service, sometimes extortionately. In this article, I’ll … Read more

How to Build an Image Carousel Using Svelte

Svelte contains some inbuilt transitions that are useful to create an easy animation. Let’s learn about transitions in Svelte by creating an image carousel component. Image Carousel is a series of images that are moved one after another either automatically with a timer or manually using some buttons. Creating a Svelte Project You can use … Read more

Future JavaScript: Temporal – DZone Web Dev

I’ve written in the past about the many quirks of Javascript dates. The good news is that there are plans for an entirely new piece of Javascript functionality to clean up what Date() does wrong. That functionality is called Temporal. In this guide, we’ll be covering why Temporal is better than Date()and how to use … Read more

The Many Quirks of JavaScript Dates

JavaScript dates are weird. Famously, Brendan Eich wrote the first version of JavaScript in 10 days – and the Date function itself was no exception. It is based on code that was ultimately deprecated in Java. That means JavaScript has inherited a Date function which was found to be buggy and problematic in Java, leaving … Read more

How Javascript Generator Functions Work

Generators are functions that can stop halfway through execution, and then continue from where they stopped when you call them again. Even though they act differently from regular functions, they are still callable. Let’s look at how they work. How Generator Functions Work in Javascript Let’s look at a normal function first. In this example, … Read more