Top 10 Ways to Fix Instagram Not Letting Me Post (2022)

Instagram is a popular social media platform for sharing photos and videos. Users can also upload media that can be edited with filters and organized using hashtags. There are times when users are unable to upload their photos or videos due to technical difficulties. This article answers the notorious question of “why is Instagram not letting me post?”

The main issues can be

  • A slow internet connection may prohibit you from uploading photographs and videos to Instagram.
  • Instagram may fail to recognize the video or photo format you are attempting to upload. The content of your video or photo may be in violation of Instagram’s policies, or you may not have provided credit to the originator of the video/image.
  • It is possible that your Instagram account will be temporarily restricted, deactivated, or barred from posting activities.
  • If you can’t share photos or videos from your gallery, make sure Instagram has access to your device’s storage.
  • You used more than 30 #hashtags in a single post.
  • It’s possible that you’re attempting to post a photo that exceeds Instagram’s file size restriction.
  • It might also be the maximum aspect ratio that the image you’re uploading has passed.
  • If you are unable to publish a lengthy video, Instagram has established the following limits: 60-second video clips for posts, 15-minute video clips for IGTV uploads on mobile apps, 60-minute video clips for IGTV uploads on computers, and 15 -second video clips for Instagram stories.
Why is Instagram Not Letting Me Post?

why is instagram not letting me post on my Profile?

The first thing you should do in this circumstance is check your Application Background Refresh settings. If you go to another app while posting, the uploading process may pause or end automatically if the background refresh for Instagram is switched off.

The next issue might be that Instagram may temporarily restrict your account from spamming if you are often submitting multiple photographs and videos. Such a limitation may last a few minutes or an hour, but you will soon be allowed to submit photographs and videos again.

Also, ensure that the photo and video formats are compatible with Instagram’s approved formats.

Why Is Instagram Not Allowing Me to Post Stories?

There are two perspectives to take on this. If you share articles or posts from other people’s accounts, make sure the third-party account is public. Instagram does not allow you to share stories including content from a private account. To share stories from a public account, you must be tagged in the story as well.

If you have a sluggish internet connection, you may experience problems uploading articles. Stuck stories also do not enable you to modify or remove them, so if you are in a location with limited network coverage, consider connecting to a faster WiFi network or switching to your secondary network provider, if you have one!

Why is it that Instagram does not allow me to post music on my Stories?

If you are unable to publish music on Instagram stories, it is possible that you have not updated your Instagram app or that your country does not have access to Insta music capabilities. In this instance, a VPN can be of assistance.

Solutions To Fix The “Instagram Won’t Let Me Post” Issue

  1. Reboot your smartphone
  2. Reduce the size of your file
  3. Reset your network connection
  4. Clear Instagram cache memory
  5. Examine Instagram’s Photo/Video Policy
  6. Modify Instagram’s Data Settings
  7. Make More Room in Your Phone’s Storage
  8. Remove Apps that have access to your Instagram account
  9. Attempt to update and reinstall Instagram
  10. There is an issue with your account

1. Reboot your smartphone

  • The first and simplest approach is to reset your phone. A quick restart can resolve temporary software difficulties and perhaps resolve the Instagram posting problem.

2. Reduce the size of your file

  • If you try to submit photographs or movies directly from your high-quality camera, you may face an uploading problem. We seldom consider the Instagram file size restriction, but you should be aware of the critical size and aspect ratio before posting a high-quality photograph or video.
  • Uploading a 4K or UHD resolution file will take longer, but they will occasionally not be submitted due to being too huge in size or being unable to keep the uploading stream alive for whatever reason.

3. Reset your network connection

  • As previously said, one of the most typical causes for Instagram not allowing you to publish photographs and videos is an unstable or bad network.
  • If this is the case, you should try to re-establish the network connection. Put your device into flight mode or toggle your network status between off and on to see if this resolves the issue. If you’re using a router, ensure it’s turned on. Check that your device can connect to the internet via the router.

4. Clear Instagram cache memory

  • Mostly when a user flushes the application cache memory of Instagram the issues seem to get resolved. During runtime, Instagram apps generate and store cache on your phone.
  • The cache memory holds metadata related to your account from previous entries. Often cache memory leads applications not to perform the current activity. This can be one of the main reasons that are preventing you from posting photos/videos on Instagram.
  • For clearing the Instagram cache you need to open the app manager or directly access Instagram app storage settings.

5. Examine Instagram’s Photo/Video Policy

  • Instagram has rigorous guidelines about the types of photos that can be uploaded. They have sophisticated bots that can instantly recognize any image or video that violates their rules.
  • Instagram will not allow you to publish an image or video if it violates their guidelines.
  • In addition, if you are sharing anything that you do not own, you must provide credit to the originator of the post; Otherwise, copyright concerns may prevent you from uploading such photographs or images.
  • As a result, ensure that your films adhere to their policies and are free of copyright violations.

6. Modify Instagram’s Data Settings

  • Instagram offers data-saving features that restrict you from posting too many posts at once. Some of the bulk uploading options are disabled to preserve your internet data.
  • If you are unable to post on Instagram, it is possible that your data saver is activated. Even if it has nothing to do with single file uploading, you should consider it.
  • You may disable the Instagram data saver by going to your Account’s mobile data settings.

7. Make More Room in Your Phone’s Storage

  • If your phone’s storage capacity is full, you may run into this problem. Instagram makes an attempt to store posted videos/images to your local memory (based on save uploaded photos settings).
  • If the program maintains original material, saves posted movies, and saves posted photographs on your device, space must be made available for these images and videos to be kept. If your smartphone memory is full, you may be unable to submit a new image because the app will be unable to finish the storing procedure.

8. Remove Apps that have access to your Instagram account

  • Your Instagram account may be accessed by some applications on your phone. If you use Instagram and the program at the same time (even if they are operating in the background), they may clash and cause you to be unable to post on Instagram.
  • On Android, just drag the app and dump it in the trash icon to remove it. For iPhone, hold down the button and select the Remove App option.

9. Attempt to update and reinstall Instagram

  • As previously said, upgrading the Instagram app can resolve the majority of issues as well as strengthening the program’s security measures. Depending on your device, you may update the app either the Play Store or the App Store.
  • I find that uninstalling the software is sometimes more effective than upgrading. Flashes all of your phone’s data, lowering the likelihood of difficulties like Instagram won’t allow me to post.
install and uninstall the app, which will clear data

10. There is an issue with your account

  • Instagram will not hesitate to block a user’s account, either permanently or temporarily, if they violate its regulations. If nothing else works to remedy the publishing issue, it is possible that you have broken their rules in some manner and will be barred from submitting any new content in the future.

These are the simple remedies for Instagram that won’t allow me to post problems. All you have to do is an experiment to determine which solution works best for you. If you follow the procedures above, you should be able to publish photographs or videos on Instagram again.


Why Is Instagram Refusing To Let Me Post?

One typical cause of individuals suddenly being unable to post photographs to Instagram is a problem with the Instagram app’s cache memory. If Instagram won’t allow you to submit a photo, try upgrading the app, emptying the app cache, or taking a screenshot of the image to re-upload.

Why Can’t I Share An Instagram Story Post?

You may only share someone’s post from Feed to your story if their account is public and they have permitted resharing. It is not possible for everyone to share content from Feed to Stories.

Why Do My Instagram Posts Continue To Fail?

If your Instagram post is stopped on sending, it might be because your data limit is set too low. Go to “Profile” in the Instagram app. Go to “Settings” and then to “Account.” Scroll down to the “Mobile/Cellular Data Usage” section.

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