What Does A Grey Check Mark On Messenger Mean?

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging and video calling applications. When you send messages on Messenger, there are a number of icons and status icons that appear next to them. They help you know if a message was sent, delivered, or seen. If you are wondering What does the gray check mark on Messenger meanor How to find out if someone has blocked you on Messenger, this guide is for you.

What do the symbols on the messenger mean?

What does the empty gray circle on the Messenger desktop mean?

surely.  thank you!  Written on Messenger desktop - gray check mark on messenger

If you see a blank gray circle next to your message when chatting on the Messenger desktop, your message is being sent. You have to wait a bit until it turns into a gray circle with a gray mark on a white background (or a black background if it’s in dark mode).

What does the empty blue circle in the Messenger app indicate?

Thank you in writing for the Messenger app

This is equivalent to an empty gray circle. An empty blue circle in the Messenger app means your message hasn’t been sent yet. Don’t turn your phone into airplane mode if you see it. Let it turn into a blue circle with a blue check mark on a white or black background.

What does the gray mark in an unfilled gray circle on the Messenger desktop indicate?

surely.  thank you!  Written on the Messenger desktop with a gray check mark

This symbol indicates that Your message has been sent. It has not been delivered nor opened yet. If you want to disconnect from the Internet or close the tab, you can do so now because the message was sent by you.

What does the blue circle with a blue tick on a white background tell us in the Messenger app?

Thank you in writing for the Messenger app

Shows that the message has been sent and has reached the target recipient. After seeing this icon, you can rest assured that your Internet app and Messenger app are working fine.

What does the gray filled check mark mean on Messenger Desktop?

surely.  thank you!  Written with a full check mark on the Messenger site

A gray check mark with a white mark shows that your message has been delivered but not yet seen. This means that the chat has reached the recipient’s messenger. This also shows that the recipient’s Internet is on and that the possibility of their reply is higher, but this is not certain. Some people take days to respond even when you see a file gray check mark filled in Immediately after sending the message.

What does a blue check mark filled in in a conversation on Messenger mean?

Thank you written in Messenger chat

This means that the message has been delivered to the recipient. It tells you another important thing which is that the recipient’s device is logged into their Messenger and has an active internet connection on their mobile phone.

What is a small receiver profile picture on Messenger and app

surely.  thank you!  Written in Messenger chat

This status icon is identical for both the Messenger app and desktop users. A small display image of the sender means that the message has been viewed by the recipient. You can expect a response from them if it is an active conversation. If they don’t respond, you’ll still know they read your message.

Small senders profile picture on Messenger desktop app

Messaging conversation on the app

This means the same as above. The recipient has seen the message. Some people call it differently.

Several small profile pictures on group chat on Messenger Desktop

It appears that people, whose small profile pictures are visible, have seen the message. Feature small display image A visual status icon is useful here because you can see exactly who viewed the message by looking at these small display images.

What does the red triangle appear on my screen?

A red warning sign means that your message was not sent. You must try again. If the problem persists, check your internet connection or update your browser or Messenger app. It could also be a server issue, so check your social media.

What do 3 dots next to a message mean on Messenger Web or the main desktop?

If you hover your mouse pointer over a message, you’ll see a smiley face, a “Reaction” button, a “Reply” arrow button and three dots of a “More” button.

If you click on the three dots, you will get two options, “Remove” and “Forward”.

Remove, Forward options on Messenger

When you click Remove, you can delete this message from the chat. If it’s your message, you can either delete it for yourself or for everyone in the chat. If this is the sender’s message, you can only delete it yourself.

Options for deleting messages on Messenger

If you press the Forward button, you can send this message to anyone else.

How do you delete a message from the Messenger app?

  1. Tap and hold a message on the Messenger app.
  2. Click on “Remove”.
Message options in Messenger
  1. Now press “Cancel Send” If you want to delete for yourself and the recipient(s), or click “Remove for You” as this will remove the message only for you.
Remove a message from the Messenger app

What does the gray Facebook icon on Messenger mean?

While using the Messenger app, you may see a gray Facebook icon with some people’s profile picture. This means that they are not logged into their Messenger app and are only chatting through a web browser.

Your messages to these people will not be converted to Filled with gray checkmarks Because you are not logged into the Messenger app. The icons will either be an unfilled gray checkmark or a small profile picture icon.

How do you know if someone has blocked you on Messenger from the message status icons?

Facebook Messenger doesn’t have any built-in feature to tell you that someone has blocked you. This is for the privacy of the person who is prohibited. But with some tricks, you can guess if someone has blocked you or not.

Check Messenger Status Icons

Try sending a message to this person. If you see an unfilled gray check mark, this means that Message sent but not delivered. This usually means two things:

  1. The user is not logged into Facebook or Messenger. Once they are logged in, the status icon will turn into a gray filled checkmark or their small profile picture if they have seen the message.
  2. The user has blocked you. When someone blocks a user, they cannot receive their messages, so the blocked person will only see an unfilled gray check mark on the message they are sending.

Find it on Facebook while logged in

If you search for them while logged into your account and you can see their profile, they haven’t blocked you. But if you can’t find them even though you were ex-friends on Facebook, chances are that person has blocked you.

Find it on Facebook while you’re logged out

If you can’t find their Facebook profile when you log in but find it after you log out, that’s a sign that they have blocked you on Facebook.

Is it the gray check mark on Facebook Messenger that is blocked?

But before you can be sure that this person has blocked you, there may be another reason. Some people temporarily deactivate their Facebook accounts. Messages sent to a disabled account will also show an unfilled gray check mark.


Status icons next to a chat on Messenger help you identify a file Status of your message. You can instantly see if your message was sent, delivered, or seen. Make sure your web browser and Messenger app are up to date to avoid any connection issues.

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What does the gray circle with white tick mean on Messenger?

A gray circle with a white tick means that your message has been delivered but not yet seen. The equivalent in the Messenger app is a blue circle with a white mark (or black mark for dark mode).

How do you know if my messages have been sent on Messenger on iPhone and Android Phone?

If you see an unfilled gray check mark, a gray filled check mark, or a small profile picture of the receiver, your messages will be sent. You don’t have to worry unless you see an empty circle or a red triangle.

Why would you get one gray tick on Facebook Messenger?

An unfilled gray check mark means that your message has been sent. However, it has not yet been delivered or seen. In the Messenger app, you will see a file A blue circle is not filled with a blue tick.

What Messenger icons are shown?

– Blank circle: the message is in the sending state.
Unfilled gray checkmark: The message has been sent.
– Gray checkmark full: The message has been delivered.
– Small profile picture of the receiver: The message was seen by the receiver.
Red triangle: The message was not sent. Try again.

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