What is Collision in Networking? – Detection & Avoidance

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What is collision in networks?

Collision is the condition or situation when two or more computers start sending electronic signals simultaneously. Thus, IT professionals use network access methods to deal with collisions.

If we talk about Ethernet networks, then a collision can occur if two or more network stations start transmitting signals in the wire simultaneously. Hence, to deal with this, these wires use CSMA/CD or Carrier Sense multiple access with collision detection method. And it’s placed in each terminal, so whenever any terminal can get to the wires, it detects it.

In short, a collision in computer networks is the scenario that begins when two or more computers start sending signals simultaneously. And to prevent such situations, as wiring, use the CSMA / CD methods.

How does collision work in networks?

When the station in the network sends the signal, it is found to be a collision. The station will stop transmitting the signal and cause a signal jam. Therefore, the other stations will stop their process from sending the signal to the other stations. These stations will wait for a random amount of time to start transmitting the same signal.

Therefore, if there is no collision problem, the signals will be transmitted easily. Collision can occur in the network if the physical layer is in the OSI model. And when there are multiple devices, they share the same media in the physical layer. Then a collision can occur where multiple stations may start transmitting information simultaneously.

What is collision in networks

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What is the collision domain in the network?

The collision domain in the network is where the collision took its place in the network. It is the local place in the network that obstructs the network. In simple words, the collision field in the network is where the collision error appeared.

Collision detection in computer networks

Collision detection is the standard problem of two or more objects that intersect together. This is the arithmetic error commonly seen in computational geometry. However, collision detection can mostly appear in computer games, robots, and similar components. Because of this, it can be divided into two parts, work on 2D and 3D elements.

Avoid collision in computer networks

Collision avoidance is a process that is mainly used in telecommunications and networking. It is the primary thing to do to avoid conflict over resources. Also, using this approach it is possible to prevent collisions or when two or more nodes start accessing the same resources. With this technology, the IT professional can ensure that the transmission of signals in the network passes without colliding with any other traffic within the network.

This method uses carrier detection schemas, random access times, and pre-scheduling schedules. Exponential regression is another excellent method used as a collision avoidance method.

Collision can also appear in wireless networks, and also occur in a wired network. Hence, to avoid these jam issues in the network and make it accessible for the smooth flow of information. Collision avoidance methods are great because these methods ensure the free flow of signals. Also, if there is already any signal being sent, another node will be alerted. This node will wait for a random timing to send the same signal again.


Therefore, in this article, we have had a detailed discussion about collision in a computer network. We also discussed some other key phrases used in such a context. Thus, we hope now that you have a clear idea of ​​​​the collisions in a computer network. And you know that this is a situation where two or more nodes start sending signals in the same network simultaneously. This is a situation that is technically called collision.

However, the area where the collision occurs is called the collision field. Collision avoidance is the method that prevents a situation from occurring in the event of a collision in a computer network. These methods can alert other nodes and tell them to wait until traffic is clear. Or there can be other collision avoidance methods to prevent such situations in the network.

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