What Is the Role of Data Science in the Context of Web3? | by Rohith Teja | Mar, 2022

two bitcoins and a chart behind them
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Supervised Problem

  1. Web Scraping— Bitcoin users sometimes openly share their public key on the crypto forums. It can be for several reasons like hoping to receive a donation, asking a question, etc. This makes our job easy, and we can use this information to match the public key with the user ID of the forum.
  2. Transaction Fingerprinting — Here, we use transactional metadata to pinpoint the user with the highest accuracy possible. For instance, over the forums we find some chat discussing the transfer of X number of Bitcoins. We then move to our transactional database and cross-verify the approximate time and date of the transfer. The public key which matches with the transaction is picked this way.

Unsupervised Problem

  1. Features relating to currency — amount sent, received.
  2. Features relating to network — In-degree, Out-degree, clustering coefficient.
TSNE Visualization of Bitcoin transactional sub-graph
***** RF MODEL *****
ACC: Train: 1.0 Test: 0.987
ROC: Train: 1.0 Test: 0.935
F1: Train: 1.0 Test: 0.993
***** GCN MODEL *****
ACC: Train: 0.98 Test: 0.975
ROC: Train: 0.9 Test: 0.894
F1: Train: 0.99 Test: 0.986
TSNE Visualization of Bitcoin transactional sub-graph (Unknowns predicted)

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